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ggodeny1 (17640 points) (55034)
Jogos antigos são melhores do que os novos

Member Since: 12 Jun 2020, 03:14
Last Activity: 04 Aug 2020, 17:27
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.12
Average Completion: 84.88%
Site Rank: 1488 / 76814 ranked users (Top 3%)
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Last seen in
ShadeMan, 1 Lives, RH

Last 5 games played:

62% complete
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
Last played 2020-08-04 14:24:44
Earned 14 of 45 achievements, 64/390 points.
Elevator of Doom
Spring Season
A Game Too Early
Sorry To Burst Your Bubble
Trash Belongs in The Junkyard
What is a Pit?
Today's Forecast is...
Frozen Circuit
A Trusty Companion
Hope of the world
Mega Bolt Man
Cyberpunk 20XX
Spare Refrigerator
A Quick Escape
Thunder Cloud
Trashingly Bad
RUSHing to the Scene
Burning Hot
Turbo Mode
Slice N Dice
Vegetable Cutter
Floating Friend
Surprise Boxer
Welcome To The Discount Store
Who Needs This Much Energy?
Ghosts 'n' Robots
Go Back To Dracula's Castle
Vampire Killer
Balancing the scales
A Special Gift
Fratricidal battle
One big screw
Growing Stronger
Let's settle this
Buster Duel
Some Gut You Have
Super Fusion Battle
Final Stretch
One Last Dance
For The Seventh Time
A True Hero

173% complete
Gex: Enter the Gecko (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-04 00:58:15
Earned 52 of 60 achievements, 334/430 points.
Parkour through the web
Gecko. Gex Gecko.
Heeeeeeeeere's Gexy!
Have fun storming the castle!
This is bugging me out
There goes my Taxes
Up the load
So this is New Jersey
Chase in the alleys
I always enjoyed learning a new tongue
Gecko Ruins
He sure is a funny Gex
It beats the Matterhorn, what you going to do?
Soylent green is geckos!
Evolve or get out of my way, pal
Please die carefully
Need it! Need it! Need it!
Lock and load, little lizard
Sweet like candy!
Screens up
All right! It's tail time!
Calling Orson
Should've taken a left turn
Past the sacred lake
Judo-chop baby yeah!
Three more and I'll have the whole set
Alone at the Altar
Operation Ant
Gecko stew, anyone?
Horror Maze
Fried Bacon
Rusty Bucket Cave
Freezy Gecko
Neon Gex-esis Evangelion
King of the Monsters
The Power of the Force
The Past is Wild
That's all folks
Pig isn't my appetite
Slip of the tongue
Child's Play
Teriyaki Boyz
Congratulations you're the 1000th visitor
Mmmm... buttery
That's the sweet stuff, darling!
Is it just me or am I ENGULFED IN FLAMES??
Aku Bros
Happy Hour
Faith Hope Unity
Hello there, my secret friend!
Secret Gex HTML
Gex, can you read me?
Is this the Year of the Gecko? [m]
I don't think that's good air
Hero of the Media Dimension
Let's get it on!

200% complete
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-07-29 16:46:00
Earned 80 of 80 achievements, 540/540 points.
Ski Crazed Platinum
Hot Coco Relic
Hot Coco Platinum
Hot Coco Gem
Mad Bombers Platinum
Orange Asphalt Platinum
Eggipus Rex Platinum
Tell No Tales Platinum
Bye Bye Blimps Platinum
Tomb Wader Platinum
Making Waves Platinum
Road Crash Platinum
Area 51 Platinum
Rings of Power Platinum
Flaming Passion Platinum
Gone Tomorrow Platinum
Sphynxinator Platinum
Deep Trouble Platinum
Dino Might Platinum
Hangem High Platinum
Under Pressure Platinum
World 2 Boss Dingodile
Bug Lite Platinum
Future Frenzy Platinum
Double Header Platinum
World 1 Boss Tiny
High Time Platinum
Midnight Run Platinum
Tomb Time Platinum
Hog Ride Platinum
Gee Wiz Platinum
Bone Yard Platinum
Orient Express Platinum
Toad Village Platinum
World 5 Gems
Extra Gems 2
World 3 Gems
Eggipus Rex Gem
Eggipus Rex Relic
Extra Gems 1
World 2 Gems
Purple Gem
Secret World Gems
Rings of Power Relic
World 4 Gems
Area 51 Relic
Gone Tomorrow Relic
Yellow Gem
Ski Crazed Relic
Bug Lite Relic
World 5 Boss Neo Cortex
Mad Bombers Relic
Flaming Passion Relic
Green Gem
Orange Asphault Relic
Tomb Wader Relic
Bye Blimps Relic
Blue Gem
World 4 Boss N Gin
Future Frenzy Relic
Tell No Tales Relic
Sphynxinator Relic
Double Header Relic
Road Crash Relic
World 3 Boss N Tropy
High Time Relic
Deep Trouble Relic
Dino Might Relic
Red Gem
Midnight Run Relic
Tomb Time Relic
Hog Ride Relic
Hangem High Relic
Gee Wiz Relic
Making Waves Relic
World 1 Gems
Bone Yard Relic
Orient Express Relic
Under Pressure Relic
Toad Village Relic

188% complete
Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-07-29 16:45:34
Earned 122 of 130 achievements, 1110/1250 points.
Mr. Death
After While, Crocodile!
Really. DAMN Good!
The Hard Way
Ew, This Place Smells Like a... Oh [m]
Let Me Live
I Have to Find You
Dead People
I've Been Workin' on the Railroad
I Still Love You
... SON OF A BITCH!!! [m]
Flare Up [m]
Zombies Are People Too
Game Over, Big Guy!
Would You Cut It Out?!
It's Not Easy Being Green
Snake? Is that You?
You're Such a Cutup!
Knife to Meet You!
I'm Sorry... [m]
I Can Take Care of Myself! [m]
I Can't Do It! [m]
Now I'll Show You Why They Call Me 'Redfield'
Iris My Case
Sharing is Caring
Going Green
Just a Box
A Cut Above the Rest
How Knife of You to Drop In
Knife to See You Again
See Ya Later, Alligator!
A Slice of Life
Casual Friday
No Papers, No Entry
"Leon! You Killed the Zombie Vickers!" "He Was a Zombie?"
Final Xam
It's a Gas! [m]
Put a Leash On Her
So How's Your First Day Been?
I'm Sensing a Pattern
Half the Man He Was
Xtreme Parkour [m]
Don't Go Alone!
What a Nice Man
Please Forgive Me, Claire
X Gon' Give It to Ya!
This Place IS Safer [m]
Good First Day
Hurry Back!
Some Sort of Prehistoric Computer?
True End
No Time to Waste
These Puns Couldn't Get Any Cornea
Remember Your Training
My Fee is Way Too Good
The Xtra Mile
Be Back Soon
Bad Security [m]
Nothing More
I Don't Want to Lose You
An Eyedeal Relationship
Smile! [m]
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
Traditionalist of Unlocking [m]
I'm Fired! [m]
I Need a Bandaida
You Were Wong to Do It
Pipe Down!
I Am So Smrt! [m]
An Xtra Meeting [m]
Sherring the Love
Zombies Aren't the Only Things Out There
SYLVIA!!! [m]
You Didn't Invite Me, So I Crashed
Made in Heaven
My God Has Protected You
Smokin' Weed [m]
Loose Ends
Survival Hentai [m]
Someone to Rely Upon
That's Just How Eye Roll
My Stomach...
The Truth
Apprentice of Unlocking [m]
Daddy's Little Girl
You Make Me Sick!
Gateway of Doom? Awesome! Let's Go!
It's Coming After Me!
I Just Wanted Some Water...
Can You Come out Tonight?
Prom Flashbacks [m]
Just the Fax, Ma'am. Just the Fax
Don't You Worry, Girlie!
Raccoon City's Finest
Think Fast!
What's This Thing?
Far From Finished
It's Over
Your Star Pupil
So This Is What Everyone's Been Dying For
MOTHer [m]
Somethin' That Might Interest Ya!
We're Leaving Together
Lending a Hand
I Am Into Bandage
Girl Talk
A Light Unto My Path [m]
Packing [m]
Split Up
Catch Up Later [m]
The Bitch in the Red Dress
Annoying Bird. I Am the Great LEON! [m]
Appreciate the Little Things
Night of the Living Claire
Party's Over
Tough Break, Pal [m]
Grim Reaper
Even the Zombies Won't Eat It
Good Second Day
She's the Bomb!
Butterfly Effect
Punchin' Boulders
Let's Blow This Joint
Special Training

188% complete
Dino Crisis 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-07-27 04:08:13
Earned 45 of 48 achievements, 409/430 points.
Colosseum Fully Loaded
Walking Library
Friend is for These Things
The Greatest Dino Hunter on Earth
Hasta la Vista, Babys!
Like a Submarine
In War it's Worse!
Dino Colloseum
Extra Crisis
The Terror of the Jurassic Era!
Hell yeah!
Well done!
War Weapon
Will Not Be in Vain...
T-Rex 2.0
Knowledge is Power
With the Mask is Easy
Tools Improvement
Guided Missile
All this Confusion for a Mask?
Run Forrest, RUN!
Making my Way
Hard Skin
It might come in handy
To Break Rocks
Deep Sea Fishing
The Mosasaurus in Jurassic World is Much Bigger Than This
Combo Breaker
The Worst Travel in a Boat I Have Had
Ready to Go
AHA! I found you!!!
This Card is Mine!
Better known as Egg Robber
Finally Free!
Purifying the Air
You're big but not two!
Lock and Load
It's a trap!
Upgrade my favorite weapon
Dino File?
Welcome Committee
Blue Raptor
You google it? [m]
Dino Expert

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