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Member Since: 30 Jul 2020, 00:49
Last Activity: 23 Oct 2020, 00:18
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Average Completion: 100.00%
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Last 5 games played:

200% complete
Clock Tower (SNES)
Last played 2020-10-16 02:35:33
Earned 38 of 38 achievements, 358/358 points.
Secret Key
Not Tonight
No escape
Clueless Jennifer
And there will be the light
That's a huge fall
Ann is pushed
That is supposed to be the best one?
Like Clock-Work
Lotte is sacrified
Nice place to hide it...
Unpleasant Surprise
High Voltage
Taxidermy materials
Lotte is shot
Lady Luck
Within Reach
Stranger Days
The Room
Curtains are open
The Box or the Nest
The Glass
Armored Laura
Cleaning out
Hamburger time
Ann was stabbed
Washing hands in a different way
Wrapped parrot
Dark Noise
Ann is drowning
Laura is tied
Careful, Jennifer...
Good Smell

200% complete
Breath of Fire II (SNES)
Last played 2020-10-14 21:59:18
Earned 91 of 91 achievements, 550/550 points.
Happy Ending [m]
Fly Me to the Moon [m]
Hero Sacrifice
The Fated Child
Ryu vs Barubary [m]
Dragon Armor Set
Friends for Ever [m]
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies [m]
Soul Unions Experiment III - the ED-209
Soul Unions Experiment IV - the Ghoul
Soul Unions Experiment V - the Dragon
Devil Shaman
Union of Shamans [m]
End of Days [m]
Passionate Patty in Pursuit for Gold
Soul Unions Experiment I - the Frogman
Soul Unions Experiment II - the Rodent [m]
Soul Unions Experiment VII - the Fairy
Holy Shaman
Earth Shaman [m]
Family Reunion [m]
The Fall of St. Eva Church [m]
The Golden Dragon
True Believer [m]
Heretic [m]
Soul Harvester
A Sword from the Stars
Fishing Lessons V
Fishing Lessons IV [m]
Fishing Lessons VI
Fishing Lessons II
Fishing Lessons III
The Power of the Great Bird
The Windian Legend
Paladin of St. Eve
Harvest Moon
Soul Unions Experiment VI - the Djinni
Wind Shaman
Secrets of the Past
How to Burn Fat in 10 Minutes
Honey I Shrunk the Kids!
Portal to Nowhere
Grass Man
Upa Upa Upa!! [m]
The Voice [m]
Friends from the Past
Inside Grandpa
Thief vs Thief [m]
Passionate Patty
The Imposter
It's Awful But I'll Take Another Bite
Time Traveller
Chop Chop [m]
Dinner for Schmucks [m]
Ignoring the Rules [m]
The Power of the Dragon
Ordinary Town [m]
Water Shaman
Wooden Town [m]
Arabian Town [m]
Prince Charming
Witch Hunt
Fire Shaman
Renew [m]
Village Hero [m]
Hero or Failure? [m]
Child In A Well
Damsel in Distress
Fishing Lessons I
Nasty Naughty Boy [m]
The BodyGuard [m]
Baba Yaga
Taking The Garbage For A Walk
Bad Mojo
Breath of Fire [m]
Palo Peach Puti
Hunting Lessons
Destined Child

200% complete
Animaniacs (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-24 01:58:12
Earned 98 of 98 achievements, 650/650 points.
I Haven't Been This Upset...
Are They Even Trying?!
Draculee, Draculaa
Don't Look At Me Like That.
Wh... What is THIS?!
Promise Me Something, Pinky. Never Breed.
The Munimaniacs XIX (Editing Room)
The Animuggers XI (The Robot Again)
The Munimaniacs XVIII (Mine Cart Ride)
The Munimaniacs XIII (Gorilla Domain)
Kiki's Kitten
Nice Decorating. Let Me Guess, Satan?
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
The Munimaniacs XIV (The Jungle)
A Door in Adventure
No No No! It's Easy. I'll Conjugate With You.
E.C. (Extra Cartwheely)
The Jungle Crook
Bungle in the Jungle
Goodnight Everybody! (Adventure Studio)
The Munimaniacs XVI (Dracula's Castle)
The Animuggers X (Ralph in Dracula's Castle)
Didn't You Use to Teach Math on Sesame Street?
Okay Lady, I Love You. Buh-bye!
The Munimaniacs XV (The Jungle Pit)
And What's So Special About It? I'm Not Wearing Any Pants!
The Animuggers IX (Crocodile)
Kongo Bongo
The Munimaniacs XII (The Pirate Armada)
The Munimaniacs XI (Bay of the Jaws)
How Come I Always Get the Booby Prize?
Gee, I Never Thought About That
H.M.S. Yakko
Bon Voyage-y!
Pirate Prinipoly Popoly... Pi... Per
Goodnight Everybody! (Aquatic Studio)
We Surfed the Seven Seas, Now It's Time to Catch Some Z's
Though I Be a Pirate Swine, I Have to Draw the Line...
Early To Rise and Early to Bed...
The Animuggers VIII (Ralph on Armada)
A Door in Ocean
We're Not Acting. We Really Are Like This.
Never Mind That. Just Give Me the Bird
The Grate Fall
The Never Molting Story
Mindy in Wonderland
The Munimaniacs IX (Crumbling Wall)
Goodnight Everybody! (Fantasy Studio)
The Throne? How Do You Lift the Lid?
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana...
No One's Laughing Now And By The Way Your Lower Jaw's Missing
How do you do... That Thing With Your Mouth?
A Door in Fantasy
The Munimaniacs X (Castle Anvilania)
The Animuggers VII (Ralph in Castle Anvilania)
The Munimaniacs VIII (Enter the Dogragon)
The Munimaniacs VII (White Rabbit Chase)
A Clockwork Orangeade
Toy Shop Terror
The Munimaniacs VI (The Gearchase)
A Door in Sci-fi
Box of Kittens
The Munimaniacs IV (Ironworks)
You Have a Nastey Drooling Problem
Stop Playing With My Bust!
It's a Great Big Universe...
Elevator Traction
Death Star Bowling
Goodnight Everybody! (Sci-fi Studio)
The Munimaniacs V (Space Station)
The Animuggers VI (Ralph at the Space Station)
The Animuggers V (The Robot)
The Animuggers II (Ralph in Studio Grounds)
The Animuggers IV (Ralph at the Landing Site)
The Munimaniacs II (Eggplantiens Planet)
The Animuggers III (Eggplantien)
The Animuggers I (Ralph in Studio HQ)
The Munimaniacs I (Headquaters)
A Door in Headquaters
The Munimaniacs XVII (Cargo Elevator)
Give Me Back My Paperweight!
Space Probed
The Munimaniacs III (Death Star Bowling)
Oh My...
Call It a Hunch, Sibs, But I Think We've Been Abducted...
Gotta Watch My Figure. Hey, Somebody's Gotta Watch it!
Duh! Where Are They?
Bumbie's Mom? She's... WAAH!
We Break Loose and Then Vamoose
The Goodfeathers
Helloooooo Nurse!
Dot Is Cute and Yakko Yaks, Wakko Packs Away the Snacks
He Was a Chicken, I Tell You! A Giant Chicken!

200% complete
Breath of Fire (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-18 23:15:13
Earned 63 of 63 achievements, 625/625 points.
The Goddess of Destruction
The Manipulator
The Great Digger
Hello Sister
The Dark Emperor
The Hidden Clogs
Fishing Lessons I
The Ultimate Power
Dragon Lord's Trials III
Dragon Armor Set
Fishing Lessons V
Hero Bow
Lost in My Mind
General Cerl
Fishing Lessons IV
General Mote
Fashion for Womens Only II
Now I Am Immortal
Wisdom from the Past IV
Fashion for Women Only
Wisdom from the Past III
The Awakening
The Dreamer
Bad Omens
The Fly That Hates Cheese
Wisdom from the Past II
Dragon Lord's Trials II
Fishing Lessons II
Fishing Lessons III
Fishing Time
The Sorceress
The Sleeping Beauty
Oxy Lady
Throwstick Hunter
Warriors of the Iron Forge
Wisdom from the Past I
The Beast
Maritime Disaster
The Legendary Hero
Life Armor
Tomb Raider
Street Fighter
Innocent Until Caught
Dance Fever
If Only I Were a Few Years Younger
The Hiccup Man!!
Dragon Lord's Trials
The Sacrifice
The Trial
The General
The Betrayal
Damsel in Distress
The Fallen Knight
The Frog King
Wake Up Warrior

200% complete
Brain Lord (SNES)
Last played 2020-08-29 04:15:21
Earned 50 of 50 achievements, 425/425 points.
A New Dragon is Born
Tough Warrior
Demon King Castle
Fairy King
Fire Ball
Flame Ring
Dragon's Wisdom
Fairy Trainer
Dragon's Lair
Volcano's Gem
Goblin Annihilated
Ice Cream Murderer
Holiday on Ice
Frozen Castle
City in Trouble
Save the Ani.. Children
Robot Annihilated
Aerodynamic Properties
Ancient Civilization
Magic Shield
Cockroach Annihilated
Magic Missile
Keep Your Money Safe
There is No "Map" Item
Magic Shot
Ancient Tower
Pest Control

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