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YouGotHitByGunner (2260 points) (2594)

Member Since: 05 Oct 2017, 18:11
Last Activity: 01 May 2020, 02:00
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.15
Average Completion: 72.62%
Site Rank: 8731 / 71296 ranked users (Top 13%)

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Chapter 1 - Serdian War | Exploring Opening | Play Time: 0:20.26

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0% complete
Legend of Dragoon, The (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-02-21 00:15:40
Earned 0 of 108 achievements, 0/857 points.
Just One More!
Double Slash Master
Volcano Master
Burning Rush Master
Crush Dance Master
Madness Hero Master
Moon Strike Master
The Flaming Swordsman
Harpoon Master
Spinning Cane Master
Rod Typhoon Master
Gust of Wind Dance Master
The Howling Lancer
Whip Smack Master
More and More Master
Hard Blade Master
The Dread Swordswoman
Double Punch Master
Flurry of Styx Master
Summon Four Gods Master
Five-Ring Shattering Master
Hex Hammer Master
The Electrifying Martial Artist
Double Smack Master
Hammer Spin Master
Cool Boogie Master
Cat's Cradle Master
The Scalding Warmaiden
Pursuit Master
Inferno Master
The Mountainous Berserker
Tears from Above
Halfway There
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stardust
The Verdant Knight
Together Once More
A Picture of Health
Duck, Duck, Goose
No Ordinary Keepsake
A Humane Execution
You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.
Capitalist Hijinks
Draconic Medicine
Cheaters Never Prosper
Duel with the Berserker
The Iron Giant
Simple Geometry
Monkeyball Master
You're the Man Now, Dog
Three of These Things Don't Belong
Threading the Needle
Lending a Fist
Item Miser
Later, Buddy
The War's End
What's in Your Wallet?
The Perky Dancer
The Key to a Balanced Attack
No Flinching!
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Save 'Em
My Bride to Be?
Tectonic Dominion
Slap Chopper
The Flash
Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho!
Magician's Hat-Trick
Everything but the Kitchen Sink
The Band Gets Back Together
Muggles Do It Better
Swift as a Coursing River
And Thus, Boy Met Girl
The Boy Who Cried "Kamuy!"
Passing the Torch
Tag, You're It
The Final Countdown
Only the Dauntless May Wield Me
Considerate Regicide
One Spirit to Rule Them All
Boom, Butterfly Effect
Confidence, or Recklessness?
Vengeance Begets Vengeance
The Will of the Fallen
The Tale That Time Forgot
Courage Need Not Be Remembered
Last Calamari
Savan's Final Hope
Protectionist Parliamentarian
Trespassers Will Be Ignored
No Lines, No Waiting
Jury Nullification
What Happens After Death?
Lonely No More
The Protector
A Bloodlust Slaked
Just Petals in the Wind
A Watery Grave at Last
Ful, Losei Dovahkiin?
A Dealer with the Devil
The Power of Soa Compels You!
This Time, It's Really Goodbye
Pesticide Embargo
The Power of Two
If Only He Never Had a Name...
Leave No Trace
Measure Twice, Cut Once
King of Dragoons
Severing the Chains of Fate

6% complete
Dino Crisis (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-02-09 19:44:09
Earned 2 of 65 achievements, 10/565 points.
Should Have Packed One of These [m]
Rick, You're Not Gonna Believe This
Locker Room Talk [m]
Oh, You've Got to Be Kidding Me [m]
That's No Lizard, It's a Dinosaur!
So, Do We Have Power Yet?
Dr. Regina, MSc
And That's How T-Rex Got to SM Odyssey [m]
Judge, Jury and Executioner [m]
How Convenient [m]
Crainiac [m]
Comrade Tom
Farewell, We Hardly Knew Ye
Dr. Kirk?
Aggressive Elevator Pitch
No Time for Small Talk [m]
Medicine For a Good Samaritan [m]
Ain't No Free Lunch [m]
Miniature Foreshadowing [m]
It's a Unix System! I Know This! [m]
The Code Did Not Matched [m]
I'll Take Them All Out One By One [m]
You Can't Do This! I Have Rights!
I'm a Bit Busy Right Now [m]
What is That?!?!
In a Hurry [m]
Look at This Absolute Unit
300 IQ [m]
I Come In Peace [m]
Elevator T-Rex [m]
Am I Late? [m]
Lost and Found [m]
We'll Both End Up as Dino Droppings
I'm Chillin', Tryna Stack These Hexillions [m]
CSI Ibis Island [m]
Spoken Like a True Devil
Dr. Regina, PhD
DIY Third Energy Generator
Off-The-Shelf Third Energy Generator
Let's Go Out With a Boom
Ooooo, Shiny! [m]
Going Home Empty-Handed
What Do You Mean Our Real Mission?
The Professional
Fine, I'll Do It Myself
By The Book
Just a Quick Detour
Best Ending
Ultimate Final Boss [m]
Make Dino Go Boom [m]
Thanks, I Still Hate It [m]
Just Like That Movie [m]
Regina Custom [m]
Master Alchemist [m]
I've Seen It All
Say No to Matching Outfits
Flinstones Cosplay
Alternate Timeline
Pre-Historic Tech
Triassic Extinction
Jurassic Extinction
Cretacious Extinction
You're Extinct!
No Weapon Run

0% complete
~Z~ Pokemon - Blue Version (Game Boy)
Last played 2020-02-02 19:53:18
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

29% complete
Emmy (PC-8000/8800)
Last played 2020-01-19 23:38:09
Earned 1 of 7 achievements, 5/100 points.
Friendly Chat
Romantic Night
Get the Mood Going
Koko Made
Tell Me About Yourself
The Right Words

200% complete
~Unlicensed~ Microsoft Windows 98 (NES)
Last played 2020-01-18 06:42:00
Earned 20 of 20 achievements, 50/50 points.
Sleeping on the Mouse
Soft Reset
Like A Buffet of Sadness
Digital Art Museum
A Plea For Help
Windows 98 Seconds Edition
Cookieless Clicker
Maturity Level 100
The Real Microsoft Office Experience
No Sound Drivers Installed
The Key to Freedom
Buyer's Remorse
But Can It Run Doom?
Hopelessly Helpless
Internet Explored
Super Redundacny 64
Invasion of Privacy
The Windows 8 Award
Dumpster Diving
Deng Approves!

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