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Xim (16220 points) (27214)
[FR, 29yo] | Hardcore GB player

Member Since: 03 Mar 2016, 14:20
Last Login: 29 May 2018, 20:22
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.68
Average Completion: 91.30%
Site Rank: 963 / 69460 users (Top 2%)

Last seen in
Warrior LV 0, Black Belt LV 0, White Mage LV 0, Black Mage LV 0

Last 15 games played:

80% complete
Darkwing Duck (Game Boy)
Last played 2017-01-07 13:01:36
Earned 10 of 25 achievements, 150/400 points.
The Tower
What Lurks In the Woods
The Stinky Truth
The City Never Sleeps
The New Bridge
Stacked with Justice
The Terror That Flaps in the Night
I am Darkwing Duck
Bonus The new Bridge
Bonus The city
Bonus The sewers
Bonus The Tower
Bonus The Warehouse
Bonus The Woods
Bonus F.O.W.L\

8% complete
Final Fantasy (NES)
Last played 2017-01-07 13:00:17
Earned 1 of 26 achievements, 5/400 points.
A Seemingly Useless Trinket
Pirate Bay
Sleeping Prince
Blood Ruby
Rotten Earth
Molten Fire
Class Upgrade
The Lost City
Floating Fortress
Heroes That Never Were
Holy Power Over the Dead
Meditation Under the Extremes
Fried Kalamari
Classic Hero
Epic Finale
Rage Against The Machine
Of Mighty Magic
Mjolnir Cometh
The True King
Light Within The Chaos
Puzzle Fantasy

200% complete
Mario's Picross 2 (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-07-21 20:36:19
Earned 33 of 33 achievements, 400/400 points.
Picross Master
Quick Picross vol. 6
Welcome to Canada
Day at the Beach
Quick Picross vol. 5
Picross Manga
Moon Runes
Gallery of Tourism
Quick Picross vol. 4
Love Stinks
At your Local Shopping Mall
Around the City
Hidden Mysteries
Of Myths and Legends
Quick Picross vol. 3
Male-Dominated Careers
Familial Ties
Quick Picross vol. 2
Self Amusement
Familiar Terrirtory
Double the Size, Double the Fun
Hidden Rewards
Forest of Illusion
Daily Activities
The Land of Make-Believe
Sports Before E-Sports
Elementary Learning
Quick Picross vol. 1

0% complete
Last played 2016-06-22 19:42:54
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

200% complete
Batman: The Video Game (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-06-14 16:45:35
Earned 31 of 31 achievements, 400/400 points.
4-B Master
Beat The Game
Beat 4-2
4-2 Master
Beat 4-1
4-1 Master
Beat Area 3
3-2 Master
Beat 3-1
3-1 Master
Beat Area 2
2-3 Master
Beat 2-2
2-2 Master
Do You Expect Me To Talk?
Beat 2-1
2-1 Master
1-B Master
Beat Area 1
Beat 1-3
1-3 Master
Beat 1-2
1-2 Master
Short to be a Superhero?
Compensating for Something?
Beat 1-1
1-1 Master
Wave to the Crowd

200% complete
Adventure Island (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-06-11 17:32:14
Earned 28 of 28 achievements, 400/400 points.
Dinosaurs are dangerous
Dinosaur pilot
How to tame dinosaurs
One in a kind Island
Low Score
Where did you learn to fly?
Sky Lord
Dark and groovy
Flying Fox
Ice Skating
Double Hit
Ant Lion
Much Cleaner
King Hermit Crab
Spring Fun

200% complete
Mega Man V (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-06-04 21:22:55
Earned 43 of 43 achievements, 400/400 points.
Shiny Jewel
Unchanging Armor
Double Weapons!!!
Cute Jewel
Pretty Jewel
Ray of Power
The End of the StarDroids
Blues of Life
Third Killer from the Past
Second Killer from the Past
MegaMan Re-Captured
ProtoMan In Space
First Killer from the Past
The Shortcut in the Star
Shift Into Turbo!!
For the Weapons
Magnetic Items
Take this, loser!
Deity of the Sky
Secret Chamber
PC Lover
Real Jewel
Can you outrun my dashing speed!?
God of Underworld
Does it ring a bell for you?
God of Agriculture
Clear my way, you propeller scum!
God of Sky and Thunder
A Little Help
Yellow Devil Take 3
Better Rust Out Than Wear Out
God of the Sea
Which Weapon do you Choose?
God of War
What Are You Bubbling Over?
PC Fan
Goddess of Love and Beaty
Everything Belongs to me!
Messenger of the Gods

200% complete
Mega Man IV (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-06-01 16:08:25
Earned 44 of 44 achievements, 400/400 points.
Unarmed  Robot
Now What?!
The End of the Robots
P-Chips Savior
The Perfect File
Pixel by Pixel
Ray of Hope
More Than Half
PC Lover ver.IV
Buster Gun
Now are Two?
Smaller Duplicates
Defense System
Cracker Bomb
Force Tower
Steam Robot
Train Tower
Traveling Plate
Wall of Stone
Rock Tower
Easy Plate
Fire Weapons
Exploding Tower
Hot Plate
Mirror Force
Crystal Tower
Sparkling Plate
The First Round
Sky Base
Black Plate
PC Fan ver.IV
Sandy Robot
Subterranean Pyramids
Ancient Plate
Shiny, Shiny!!
Cyber Center
Dark Plate
Water Central
Wet Plate

200% complete
Mega Man III (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-05-19 04:25:24
Earned 30 of 30 achievements, 400/400 points.
Defeated for Third Time
Proof of Power
To Wall to Wall v.2
Rolling Screw
A Real Punk
Free of Dust
Junk Shoot
No More Holes
Piercing Bomb
Between the Souls
Power of Dead
Life for a Dead
Undersea Battle
Underwater Missile
Undersea Challenge
To Wall to Wall
Two Vs One
Bouncing Laser
Gemini Damage
A Real Shuriken
Master of Ninjustu
King of Ninjustu
Freezing Thunder
King of Snakes
Climbing Snakes
Master of Snakes

0% complete
Last played 2016-05-18 05:43:03
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

200% complete
Mega Man II (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-05-16 06:31:34
Earned 30 of 30 achievements, 400/400 points.
Clash of the Crash
Overthrown Again
Very Close
Very Funny!
Mega Man from the Future
Piercing Attack
Prickle in the Spike
Weird Attraction
Magnetic Tour
Memory Test
A Little Dizzy
Over the Top
Robotic Fist
Tough Guy
The Less Possible
Wall Bomb
Triple Tornado
Higher Than the Clouds
The Last Two
A Shield of Grass?
Throat Full of Grass
Rolling Disks
Rusty Robot

129% complete
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-05-15 11:23:54
Earned 22 of 34 achievements, 250/400 points.
A New Future
Holy Barrier, Mirror Force
The Second Boomerang
Not Quick Enough
Shiny Flashes
Time Trooper
Bubble Lead
Another Flame Weapon
A Lighter Off
Mr. Mega Potato
Blazing Blaze
Floating Disk
Flame Thrower
Too Frozen
Ice (not) Climber
Plasma Thunders
No Longer Sharp
Power Up The Revolution
Freeze It At All Costs, Soldier!
Hell Has Frozen Over
Mega Man Uncut
Mega Man Unplugged
Unfrosted Mega Man
Mega Man Raw
Compound Crusher I
Compound Crusher II
He Wants Revenge
A Loaded Gun

200% complete
Trip World (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-05-14 16:32:44
Earned 13 of 13 achievements, 400/400 points.
World 5
Mega Yacopu
World 4
Tall Yacopu
World 3
World 2
Tail Yacopu
Mini Yacopu
Fish Yacopu
Flight Yacopu
Ball Yacopu
World 1
Flower Yacopu

200% complete
Donkey Kong Land III (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-04-29 14:16:30
Earned 43 of 43 achievements, 400/400 points.
Race Against Time
Tube Run
Jungle Run
Cave Run
Falls Run
Machine Run
Cliff Run
Tree Run
Coral Run
River Run
Snow Run
Mill Run
Stilt Run
Watch Collector
Bonus Coin Master
The Finish Line
DK Coin Master
The Lost World
Flushed Out
Game Over?
Card Matching Wizard
Tin Can Valley
Not Krazy Enough
Ellie the Elephant
Great Ape Lakes
Bug Repellent Not Required
Bonus Coin Collector
DK Coin Collector
Blackforest Plateau
His Future Was Bleak
Taking a Hike
Squawks the Parrot
Barbos Blitz
Primate Plains
Squitter the Spider
Enguarde the Swordfish
Trolling Koin
All KONGs Accounted For
First Bonus Coin
Lonesome DK Coin

200% complete
Daedalian Opus (Game Boy)
Last played 2016-04-28 16:39:39
Earned 21 of 21 achievements, 400/400 points.
Daedalian Opus
Stage 36
Stage 35 mastered
Stage 31 mastered
Stage 32
Stage 28
Stage 27 mastered
Stage 23 mastered
Stage 24
Stage 19 mastered
Stage 20
Stage 15 mastered
Stage 16
Stage 11 mastered
Stage 12
Stage 08
Stage 07 mastered
Stage 03 mastered
Stage 04
Stage 02
Stage 01 mastered

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