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TioRyu (50262 points) (86596)
Da hadouken Ryu...

Member Since: 01 Aug 2018, 14:26
Last Login: 16 Oct 2018, 00:16
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.72
Average Completion: 51.35%
Site Rank: 209 / 69248 users (Top 1%)

Last seen in
Kano vs Sub-Zero fighting in "The Courtyard"

Last 5 games played:

83% complete
Metal Slug 3 (Arcade)
Last played 2018-10-15 22:50:13
Earned 35 of 84 achievements, 156/400 points.
Super Vehicle VI
MS3 Quartermaster VIII
Metal Chug IV (Jupiter King)
Carry Out III
The Great Rescue VIII
MS3 Quartermaster I
MS3 Quartermaster IV
Assault Theme
Metal Chug I (Huge Hermit)
MS3 Rocket Artillery
MS3 Anti-Tank Artillery
Hard Water
Carry Out II
The Great Rescue IV
Super Vehicle IV
The Great Rescue III
MS3 Quartermaster III
The Shallow Sea
Metal Chug III (Monoeye UFO)
The Midnight Wandering
Super Vehicle II
Super Vehicle III
MS3 Infantry
Metal Chug II (Monoeyes)
MS3 Mystic Ops
Super Vehicle I
Metal Squab
Blue Water Fangs -The Island of Dr.Moreau-
The Great Rescue I
Marine Diver
The Great Rescue II
Carry Out I
The Unknown World
The Japanese Army
The Cenotaph
First Contact
Super Vehicle V
Super Vehicle VII
Super Vehicle VIII
Super Vehicle IX
Super Vehicle X
Super Vehicle XI
Super Vehicle XII
The Great Rescue V
The Great Rescue VI
The Great Rescue VII
The Great Rescue IX
The Great Rescue X
The Great Rescue XI
The Great Rescue XII
The Great Rescue XIII
MS3 Quartermaster II
MS3 Quartermaster V
MS3 Quartermaster VI
MS3 Quartermaster VII
MS3 Quartermaster IX
MS3 Quartermaster X
MS3 Quartermaster XI
MS3 Quartermaster XII
MS3 Quartermaster XIII
MS3 Modern Infantry
MS3 Response Force
MS3 Special Ops
MS3 Commando
Metal Haunt
Metal Rag
Carry Out IV
Carry Out V
Metal Chug V (Sol Dae Rokkerr)
Metal Chug VI (Hairbuster Riberts)
Metal Chug VII (Hi-Do)
Metal Chug VIII (Rugname)
Metal Chug IX (Fake Rootmars)
Metal Chug X (Cloning Machine)
Metal Chug XI (Rootmars)
Munition Slug
Mulligan Slug
Metal Jug
Combatant Foundation
Metal Slugger
Metal Slug 3 1CC

17% complete
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
Last played 2018-10-14 22:12:04
Earned 2 of 24 achievements, 20/400 points.
Floor II
Floor I
Ace Floor I
Ace Floor II
Floor III
Ace Floor III
Floor IV
Ace Floor IV
Floor V
Ace Floor V
Floor VI
Ace Floor VI
Floor VII
Ace Floor VII
Floor VIII
Ace Floor VIII
Floor IX
Ace Floor IX
Ace Floor X
Spare Magic
More Magic ?
Save Lala
Mission - Eggerland

173% complete
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
Last played 2018-10-14 14:53:45
Earned 39 of 45 achievements, 330/400 points.
A True Hero
For The Seventh Time
Final Stretch
Super Fusion Battle
Some Gut You Have
A Special Gift
What is a Pit?
Mega Bolt Man
Elevator of Doom
Floating Friend
Turbo Mode
Burning Hot
Go Back To Dracula\
Balancing the scales
Spring Season
Surprise Boxer
Welcome To The Discount Store
One big screw
Who Needs This Much Energy?
Ghosts \
Slice N Dice
A Game Too Early
Frozen Circuit
A Quick Escape
A Trusty Companion
Trashingly Bad
Trash Belongs in The Junkyard
Thunder Cloud
Sorry To Burst Your Bubble
Hope of the world
Growing Stronger
RUSHing to the Scene
Spare Refrigerator
Vegetable Cutter
Vampire Killer
Fratricidal battle
Buster Duel
One Last Dance

29% complete
Pirates Of Dark Water, The (SNES)
Last played 2018-10-13 18:32:50
Earned 3 of 21 achievements, 15/327 points.
Dragons Maw
5 Live
Score 100,000
Atani Palace
Mobo Island
True Pirate
Pirate of the Dark Water
7 Live
9 Live
Score 300,000
Score 500,000
Score 700,000
Score 850,000

53% complete
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Arcade)
Last played 2018-10-13 15:32:25
Earned 12 of 45 achievements, 103/400 points.
Team SF2
Yoga Fire!
Team SF Alpha
Shadaloo Doll
Street Fighter Pathway
Unbeatable Team
Team Combo
We Can\
X-Men Pathway
Team Hyper Combo
Destroying the Apocalypse
Optic Flash
Ororo Monroe
Southern Belle
Magnetic Tempest
The World Warrior
Interpol Agent
Psycho Crusher
I Do It For My Country.
Team Children of The Atom
Team Passion
Team Shadaloo
Team Lone Wolf
Team American
Team Wrestling
Team Satsui no Hado
Team Belle
Team Anti Xavier
Team Zoning
Team Claw
Team Muscle
Team Agent
Team Villain
Team The Guys
Team Fanatic
Team Clone
Two Worlds, One Destiny...
X-Perfect Fighter

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Recent comment(s):
15 Aug 20:43 2018
Muito Legal, suas conquistas, quer me aceitar como seu amigo.
16 Aug 15:59 2018
ja ta adicionado.

Site Awards

MASTERED Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (SNES)
MASTERED R-Type (PC Engine)
MASTERED ~Unlicensed~ Street Fighter 3 (NES)
MASTERED Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Game Boy Advance)
MASTERED Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
MASTERED Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Joreishi wa Nice Body (SNES)
MASTERED Art of Fighting (SNES)
MASTERED Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (SNES)
MASTERED Valis (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Show do Milhao (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Venom and Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (SNES)
MASTERED Valis III (Mega Drive)
MASTERED Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (SNES)
MASTERED Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)

Completion Progress

Venom and Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (SNES)
50/50 won
Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (SNES)
49/49 won
R-Type (PC Engine)
6/6 won
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (SNES)
9/9 won
Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle (SNES)
10/10 won
Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters (Mega Drive)
13/13 won
Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Mega Drive)
14/14 won
Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)
14/14 won
Art of Fighting (SNES)
16/16 won
Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Joreishi wa Nice Body (SNES)
20/20 won
Comix Zone (Mega Drive)
20/20 won
Show do Milhao (Mega Drive)
21/21 won
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Game Boy Advance)
24/24 won
~Unlicensed~ Street Fighter 3 (NES)
30/30 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (SNES)
33/33 won
Valis III (Mega Drive)
36/36 won
Valis (Mega Drive)
36/36 won
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Game Boy Advance)
35/36 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Mega Drive)
23/24 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (Mega Drive)
22/23 won
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Mega Drive)
19/20 won
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)
15/16 won
Altered Beast (Mega Drive)
14/15 won
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Mega Drive)
13/14 won
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
22/24 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
22/24 won
Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (Arcade)
28/32 won
Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)
20/23 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
39/45 won
Final Fight 2 (SNES)
13/15 won
Aero Fighters (SNES)
19/22 won
King of Fighters ''95, The (Arcade)
50/58 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)
18/21 won
Ghost Chaser Densei (SNES)
28/33 won
Aladdin (SNES)
33/39 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist (Mega Drive)
22/26 won
Alien Storm (Mega Drive)
11/13 won
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Arcade)
37/44 won
Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)
14/17 won
Mega Man II (Game Boy)
24/30 won
Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive)
18/23 won
Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)
14/18 won
Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
13/17 won
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Arcade)
19/25 won
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Arcade)
72/96 won
Double Dragon (NES)
21/28 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
17/23 won
Mega Man III (Game Boy)
22/30 won
Contra: The Alien Wars (Game Boy)
16/22 won
Punisher, The (Arcade)
36/50 won
Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)
34/48 won
Kirby's Dream Land (UE) (Game Boy)
12/17 won
Double Dragon (Game Boy)
7/10 won
Golden Axe III (Mega Drive)
16/23 won
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (SNES)
16/23 won
Disney's Aladdin (Game Boy Advance)
27/40 won
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Game Boy Advance)
26/39 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)
14/21 won
Captain America and the Avengers (Mega Drive)
8/12 won
Chuck Rock (SNES)
9/14 won
Art of Fighting (Mega Drive)
12/19 won
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (SNES)
22/35 won
Gouketuji Ichizoku (SNES)
10/16 won
Marvel Super Heroes (Arcade)
27/44 won
Punisher, The (Mega Drive)
19/31 won
Super Bomberman (SNES)
22/36 won
Metal Slug X: Super Vehicle-001 (Arcade)
23/38 won
Monster In My Pocket (NES)
15/25 won
Batman Returns (SNES)
9/15 won
Blackthorne (SNES)
15/26 won
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
21/37 won
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
17/30 won
Knights of the Round (SNES)
14/25 won
Enduro (Atari 2600)
5/9 won
Mega Man (NES)
23/42 won
Ninja Warriors (SNES)
19/35 won
R-Type III - The Third Lightning (SNES)
10/19 won
Final Fight (Arcade)
26/50 won
Mortal Kombat (SNES)
17/33 won
Mortal Kombat II (Mega Drive)
18/35 won
GunForce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (SNES)
9/18 won
Fatal Fury 2 (Mega Drive)
8/16 won
Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter (Mega Drive)
19/38 won
Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES)
10/20 won
Undercover Cops (SNES)
12/24 won
Splatterhouse (PC Engine)
11/23 won
Addams Family, The (Mega Drive)
7/15 won
Joe and Mac (SNES)
17/37 won
Mega Man IV (Game Boy)
19/44 won
Thunder Force III (Mega Drive)
12/28 won
Street Fighter II'': Hyper Fighting / Street Fighter II'' Turbo: Hyper Fighting (Arcade)
11/26 won
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (SNES)
13/31 won
Metal Slug 3 (Arcade)
35/84 won
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Mega Drive)
17/42 won
Goof Troop (SNES)
11/28 won
Ariel: The Little Mermaid (Mega Drive)
9/23 won
Tiger-Heli (NES)
5/13 won
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (CD) (PC Engine)
18/49 won
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive)
13/37 won
Arrow Flash (Mega Drive)
7/20 won
Black Belt (Master System)
9/26 won
Mega Man (Game Gear)
10/29 won
Battletoads and Double Dragon (Mega Drive)
4/12 won
Guilty Gear X Advance Edition (Game Boy Advance)
18/54 won
Kid Chameleon (Mega Drive)
8/24 won
Midnight Resistance (Mega Drive)
9/27 won
Final Fight One (Game Boy Advance)
9/28 won
Ninja Gaiden Shadow / Shadow Warriors / Ninja Ryukenden GB (Game Boy)
8/25 won
1942 (NES)
6/19 won
King of Dragons, The (SNES)
17/55 won
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)
16/55 won
Mortal Kombat II (SNES)
12/42 won
Run Saber (SNES)
6/22 won
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Arcade)
12/45 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
11/43 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)
12/48 won
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (SNES)
4/16 won
Battletoads (Mega Drive)
3/12 won
Revenge of Shinobi, The (Mega Drive)
8/33 won
Castlevania: Dracula X (SNES)
7/29 won
P.O.W. - Prisoners of War (NES)
6/25 won
Alien vs. Predator (SNES)
5/23 won
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Master System)
9/42 won
U.N. Squadron (SNES)
6/28 won
Double Dragon II (Game Boy)
2/10 won
Sunset Riders (Mega Drive)
3/16 won
Contra (NES)
7/40 won
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams / Street Fighter Zero (Arcade)
4/23 won
Columns (Mega Drive)
2/12 won
1943: The Battle of Midway (NES)
3/19 won
Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64)
11/70 won
Vigilante (Master System)
2/14 won
Pirates Of Dark Water, The (SNES)
3/21 won
Pac-Man (Atari 2600)
2/14 won
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for The Future (Arcade)
6/46 won
Pulstar (Arcade)
4/36 won
Dahna - Megami Tanjou (Mega Drive)
2/18 won
ShockMan (PC Engine)
2/19 won
Advanced Busterhawk Gleylancer (Mega Drive)
3/30 won
M.U.S.H.A. (Mega Drive)
3/30 won
Flintstones, The (Mega Drive)
2/21 won
Contra: Hard Corps (Mega Drive)
8/85 won
Truxton (Mega Drive)
3/33 won
Zero Wing (Mega Drive)
3/34 won
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
2/24 won
Adventures of Batman and Robin, The (Mega Drive)
1/13 won
Ninja Gaiden (Master System)
4/62 won
Donald in Maui Mallard (Mega Drive)
2/32 won
Side Pocket (Mega Drive)
1/16 won
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive)
3/49 won
The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)
3/50 won
DJ Boy (Mega Drive)
1/17 won
Pole Position (Atari 2600)
1/17 won
Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (SNES)
1/22 won
Golden Axe (Master System)
1/25 won
Kanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan Tsugi (NES)
1/27 won
Hang-On (Master System)
1/30 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
1/36 won
F-Zero X (Nintendo 64)
1/45 won
Mega Man 64 (Nintendo 64)
1/62 won

Recent Progress