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SonOfTheSky (29780 points) (78050)

Member Since: 10 Oct 2016, 18:53
Last Login: 19 Jun 2019, 01:22
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.62
Average Completion: 44.52%
Site Rank: 552 / 55110 ranked users (Top 2%)

Last seen in
Playing Pokemon Stadium Wrong Rom, use (U) (V1.1)

Last 5 games played:

17% complete
Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)
Last played 2019-06-19 02:10:37
Earned 6 of 69 achievements, 30/400 points.
Chaotic Alliance
Doctor Death
Opening the Portal
Innocent Until Caught
Demon Invasion
Devil Summoner
Damsel in Distress
The Girl of My Dreams
Road to the Heavens
Road to the Abyss
I am the Master
Land of the Dead
Back to Earth
Demonic Fusion
A Soft-Hearted Team
Femme Fatale
Demon in a Jar
Black Baron
The Mad Scientist
Sentenced to Death
Doing the Devils Work
The Jailer
Lord Yama Downfall
The Golden Apple
The Nymph
The Messian
The Archangel
The Gaian
Above Good and Evil
True Neutral
Turtle Rider
Octopus Rider
The Four Heavenly Kings
The Preserver
The Demon King and his Son
Total Annihilation
The Flame of God
The Left Hand of God
The Guardian of the Tree of Life
Commander of  Messians Army
Ruler of Muspelheim
Duke of Hell
The Fierce Lion
Lord Asura
Mission Impossible
Lawful Good
Chaotic Evil
True Neutral
Memory Upgrade I
The Evil Summoner
To the Rescue
Until we Meet Again my Love
Memory Upgrade II
Memory Upgrade III
Demon Summoner
Grass-cutting Sword
Demon Summoner II
Demon Summoner III
Demon Summoner IV
Tyrant Beelzebub
Lord of Flies
A Sword from Heavens
Junior Summoner
Advanced Summoner
High Summoner
Master Summoner

6% complete
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
Last played 2019-05-05 19:41:45
Earned 1 of 36 achievements, 15/400 points.
Car Smasher
Super Street Fighter
Demolition Man
Barrel Breaker
Where is The Champion?
Ryu Perfect
Sumo Harmony
Honda Perfect
Little Jimmy
Blanka Perfect
Guile Perfect
Happy Final
Ken Perfect
Rest in Peace, Father...
Chun-li Perfect
For the Glory of Mother Russia
Zangief Perfect
Supreme Yoga Master
Dhalsim Perfect
Home Sweet Home
Fei Long Perfect
The Way of the Dragon
T.Hawk Perfect
Dee Jay Perfect
Is He my Lover?
Cammy Perfect
Balrog Perfect
Blood and Beauty
Vega Perfect
Sagat Perfect
The World is Mine!
M. Bison Perfect

0% complete
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2019-05-05 19:37:08
Earned 0 of 41 achievements, 0/400 points.
Double Jump
Jumping Off Their Heads
Time Has Stopped
Super Jump
Creaking Skull
Great Armor
Big Golem
J Who?
Normal Chaos
Level 10
Level 20
Level 30
Level 40
Level 50
That Was Easy
Yellow Soul Collector
Blue Soul Collector
Red Soul Collector
Your Clock is Useless
Hey! Get Back Here!
Sword of Light
The Sword in the Stone
Lazer Gun
Sword of Many Slashes
Deep Pockets
Eater of Souls
Infinite MP!
HARD Exclusives
Party Like It\
Belmont Legend

174% complete
~Hack~ Mega Mario World: Another Universe (SNES)
Last played 2019-04-20 18:52:45
Earned 34 of 39 achievements, 321/400 points.
Treasure Hunter World 8
Big Spiny
Master Big Spiny Castle
Treasure Hunter World 7
Big Buzzy Beetle
Master Big Buzzy Beetle Castle
Treasure Hunter World 6
Boom Boom
Master Boom Boom Castle
Master Clawgrip Castle
Treasure Hunter World 4
Black Yoshi
Blue Switch
Master Kirby Mario Castle
Master Golden Koopa Castle
Treasure Hunter World 3
Master Big Mask Koopa Castle
Big Mask Koopa
Red Switch
Kirby Mario
Treasure Hunter World 2
Green Switch
I should not transform into a Tanooki?
Golden Koopa
Treasure Hunter World 1
Yellow Switch
Take me for a ride
Road to success
I need one of those
The Classic Mushroom
What r u doing here?
Fifty Perfect
Big Morton Koopa Jr.
Master Big Morton Koopa Jr. Castle
All Exits
Master of another universe

174% complete
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
Last played 2019-04-20 17:38:24
Earned 20 of 23 achievements, 300/400 points.
Donatello Clear
We Got It, Sensei
Leonardo Clear
The Baby Turtle
The Kicker Turtle
Michelangelo Clear
The Final Shell-Shock!
Where No Turtle Has Gone Before
Neon Night-Riders
Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee
Skull And Crossbones
I can do this all the day
Prehistoric Turtlesauras
Uff, this is easy
Sewer Surfin\
Wow, another life
Alleycat Blues
Big Apple, 3 AM
Raphael Clear
The Final Challenge
So Many Turtles!!

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MASTERED Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening (Game Boy)
MASTERED Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
MASTERED Kirbys Dream Land (Game Boy)
MASTERED Dragon Warrior (NES)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)
MASTERED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (NES)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy)
MASTERED Donkey Kong Land III (Game Boy)
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MASTERED Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)
MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES)
MASTERED Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Game Boy)
MASTERED Yoshi (Game Boy)
MASTERED Super Mario World (SNES)
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MASTERED Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

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~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (NES)
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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy)
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Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy)
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Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening (Game Boy)
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Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
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Super Mario World 2: Yoshis Island (SNES)
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Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
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Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
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Dragon Warrior (NES)
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Donkey Kong Land III (Game Boy)
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Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)
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Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (NES)
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~Hack~ Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land (SNES)
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Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)
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Mega Man X (SNES)
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~Hack~ Mega Mario World: Another Universe (SNES)
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Mega Man Xtreme (Game Boy Color)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
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Dr. Mario (NES)
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Kirby's Adventure (NES)
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Super Mario Kart (SNES)
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Pokemon - Blue Version (Game Boy)
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Tetris (Game Boy)
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Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy)
19/25 won
Dragon Warrior II (NES)
42/59 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall Of The Foot Clan (Game Boy)
12/18 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES)
10/15 won
Panic Restaurant (NES)
13/28 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
33/72 won
Snake Rattle n Roll (NES)
19/42 won
Kirby's Pinball Land (Game Boy)
12/27 won
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
27/66 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
15/38 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
12/31 won
Dragon Quest VI (SNES)
40/105 won
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
27/77 won
Blaster Master (NES)
9/26 won
Monsters, Inc. (Game Boy Color)
7/23 won
Gargoyles Quest: Ghosts n Goblins (Game Boy)
9/31 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
25/88 won
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES)
15/55 won
Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
18/68 won
Mega Man 2 (NES)
22/84 won
Pac-Man (Namco) (NES)
3/12 won
Metroid (NES)
6/25 won
Pinball (NES)
5/21 won
Mega Man X2 (SNES)
12/54 won
~Hack~ Super Mario World: The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest (SNES)
8/40 won
Wario Land II (Game Boy)
4/20 won
Double Dragon (Game Boy)
2/10 won
Mario Bros. (NES)
4/21 won
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy)
7/37 won
Galaga (NES)
3/16 won
Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)
11/59 won
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Game Boy)
6/34 won
Duck Tales (Game Boy)
1/6 won
Tetris Attack (SNES)
7/50 won
Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link (NES)
4/29 won
Ninja Gaiden II - The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES)
5/39 won
Ninja Gaiden Shadow | Shadow Warriors | Ninja Ryukenden GB (Game Boy)
3/25 won
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (NES)
5/42 won
Final Fantasy (NES)
3/26 won
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance)
5/45 won
Final Fantasy V (J2E) (SNES)
13/119 won
Mega Man 6 (NES)
4/37 won
StarTropics (NES)
3/28 won
Final Fantasy Legend (Game Boy)
4/40 won
Joust (NES)
1/10 won
Fire Emblem: The Sword of Flame (Game Boy Advance)
8/87 won
Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)
6/69 won
Goonies II, The (NES)
3/38 won
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)
5/69 won
Metroid: Fusion (Game Boy Advance)
3/43 won
Duck Tales (NES)
4/64 won
Earthbound Zero (NES)
3/48 won
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)
2/33 won
Mega Man 3 (NES)
5/83 won
~Hack~ Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (SNES)
2/34 won
Final Fantasy V Advance (Game Boy Advance)
4/71 won
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
3/58 won
Tetris DX (Game Boy Color)
2/40 won
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
5/106 won
Advance Wars (Game Boy Advance)
3/92 won
~Hack~ Pokemon - Glazed (Game Boy Advance)
3/100 won
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SNES)
1/36 won
Castlevania (NES)
1/40 won
Pokemon - LeafGreen Version (Game Boy Advance)
1/42 won
Mega Man 7 (SNES)
1/45 won
M.C. Kids (NES)
1/52 won

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