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Playing Suikoden

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33% complete
Suikoden (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-11-23 18:18:27
Earned 15 of 92 achievements, 90/800 points.
Luck is a Matter of Timing
The Lepant Family
Treasure Hunter - Gouran
For Your Troubles
Spin, Spin, Spin
The Good Buddies
The Fortress in the Lake
Treasure Hunter - Toran
The Soul Eater
Hero of Rockland
Errand Boy
Early Bird - Fortune Crystal
Dragon Fang Staff
Iron Wall Rosman
You Make Me Proud
Black Rune, Pink Balloon
A Blessing to Your Choice
Yes, Sir...
When the Dead Come Home
Forgive Me
A Drill?
Fight at the Floating Fortress
Monster of Monsters
Fall of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao
Early Bird - Prosperity Crystal
Big Showdown in Little Kaku
Back for Dinner
Hellion's Gift
Not in Front of Tengaar!
Broke Ass Adventurers
Dragon Whisperer
No Runes Allowed
The Sixth General
Clive's Bane
Three Against Three
Stars that Wander Freely Across the Skies
The Adventurers
The Black Golds
The Children of the Runes
The Experts
The Ninjas
The Pirates
The Soldier Beauties
The Archers
The Cooks
The Engineers
The Fellows
The Tricksters
The Merchants
The Secret Factory Team
The Kobolds
The Magicians
The Old Soldiers
The Invulnerable Defenses
The Knights Party
The Strategists
The Narcissists
The Wild Geese
Magical Weaponry
Heaven Fang Staff
My Killer Blade...
Eagle Eyes
Elephantine Memory
Artistic Freedom
The Librarian Army
What to Play, What to Play
Interior Decorator
Teleportation Expert
Protecting Kids Through College
Putting Kids Through College
Bathhouse Wishes
Nature Lover
Bloody Tears
The Other Side
Treasure Hunter - Village of the Hidden Rune
Treasure Hunter - Shasarazade
Treasure Hunter - Arlus
Treasure Hunter - Great Forest
Treasure Hunter - Dana
Treasure Hunter - Lorimar
Treasure Hunter - Kunan
Treasure Hunter - Dragon Knights' Domain
Crowley's Legacy
Tir the Terrible
Why is this Big Rock in My Castle?

36% complete
Guardian Legend, The (NES)
Last played 2020-09-02 10:04:06
Earned 18 of 100 achievements, 89/700 points.
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology III
First Jares Culture Infiltration
Overseer Terminator VIII
The Guardian Legend, Part 3 - The Silicon Jungle
Warlord Executioner II (Emilva)
Second Goplas Culture Infiltration
Overseer Terminator III
Overseer Terminator VI
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology II
The Guardian Legend, Part 2 - Marine Pandemonium
Overseer Terminator IV
First Goplas Culture Infiltration
The Guardian Legend, Part 1 - Deep Blue
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology I
Naju Surface Hub Infiltration
Overseer Terminator I
Overseer Terminator II
The Guardian Legend, Prologue - The Gateway
The Guardian Legend, Part 4 - Storm of Verdancy
The Guardian Legend, Part 5 - Metagalactic Space
The Guardian Legend, Part 6 - Absolute Zero
The Guardian Legend, Part 7 - Inside the Alien Planet
The Guardian Legend, Part 8 - Belly of the Beast
The Guardian Legend, Part 9 - Petrified Death
The Guardian Legend, Part 10 - Spinal Cord
The Guardian Legend, Finale - The Last Corridor
The Guardian Legend, Reprise -  The Guardian of the Galaxy
The Guardian Legend, Epilogue -  The Guardian of the Earth
Second Jares Culture Infiltration
First Bastos Culture Infiltration
Second Bastos Culture Infiltration
First Muros Culture Infiltration
Second Muros Culture Infiltration
First Eitis Culture Infiltration
Second Eitis Culture Infiltration
Goplas Colony Domination
Jares Colony Domination
Bastos Colony Domination
Muros Colony Domination
Eitis Colony Domination
System D.P. Integral
System D.P. Complete
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology IV
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology V
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology VI
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology VII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology VIII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology IX
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology X
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XI
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XIII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XIV
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XV
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XVI
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XVII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XVIII
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XIX
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XX
Supremacy of the Terrestial Technology XXI
Overseer Terminator V
Overseer Terminator VII
Overseer Terminator IX
Overseer Terminator X
Overseer Terminator XI
Overseer Terminator XII
Overseer Terminator XIII
Overseer Terminator XIV
Overseer Terminator XV
Overseer Terminator XVI
Overseer Terminator XVII
Overseer Terminator XVIII
Overseer Terminator XIX
Overseer Terminator XX
Overseer Terminator XXI
Overseer Terminator XXII
Warlord Executioner 0 (Naju Hub Defence System)
Warlord Executioner I (Blue Floc)
Warlord Executioner III (Blue Gurgle)
Warlord Executioner IV (Majitto)
Warlord Executioner V (Zubuzu)
Warlord Executioner VI (Satellite)
Warlord Executioner VII (First Muros Hive)
Warlord Executioner VIII (Red Zod Buuz)
Warlord Executioner IX (Blue Zast Zanegar)
Warlord Executioner X (Red Zast Zanegar)
Warlord Executioner XI (Green Gurgle)
Warlord Executioner XII (Red Floc)
Warlord Executioner XIII (Blue Rar Fumezul)
Warlord Executioner XIV (Blue Rar Guloyar)
Warlord Executioner XV (Green Rar Guloyar)
Warlord Executioner XVI (Red Gurgle)
Warlord Executioner XVII (Second Muros Hive)
Warlord Executioner XVIII (Blue Zod Buuz)
Warlord Executioner XIX (Red Rar Fumezul)
Warlord Executioner XX (Red Rar Guloyar)
Warlord Executioner XXI (???)
Smiling Sun
Blue Lander Challenge
Red Lander Challenge

197% complete
Wild Arms (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-04 01:24:48
Earned 154 of 156 achievements, 1064/1075 points.
To protect Filgaia...
Zeik Tuvai
A new beginning
Zeikfried 2
Ragu O Ragula
Angol Moa
Boomerang Flash
The King of the Survival Arena
Monster Zed
A present from Drake
Passed the test! - 4
Guitar of Maya
Arch Smash
ARMs collector
Double Attack
Alhazad's true form
Level 50  - Rudy
Level 50 - Cecilia
Level 50 - Jack
Meet an old friend again...
Benevolent heart
Boomerang 3
Luceid 3 [m]
Ka Dingel
The last battle...
Wild Bunch
The Guardian of Castles
Demon Prophet
Thanks Happan, we owe you one.
Black Market
Protowing enhanced
Mech Drake
Power Glove
Cave of Secrets 5
Dual Cast
We must think this time
Ready to take off!
Fury Shot
You are not alone
It's Magic!
Phazer Zapp
Elw Dimension
Gate Generator
Magnum Fang
Lady Harken 2
Passed the test! - 3
High Guardian
Boomerang 2
Luceid 2 [m]
The Giant's Ocarina
Advanced Magic
Guilty Blade
Lady Harken
Magic Vase
Tear Drop
Twin Orbs
The power of Rune Drives
Smart kids! [m]
Promise me, Rudy.
Luceid [m]
Internal pressure
Passed the test! - 2
The Earth Golem awakening
One of the eight Powers
The Malice and Virtue
The truth about the Guardian Blade
Zed 2.0
Rocket Launcher
Level 25 - Cecilia
The quest to the Guardian Blade
Arnica Herb
Mage Fox
Separate ways again
Level 25 - Jack
Level 25  - Rudy
Soul and Void
Blue boxes
Sweet Candy
Captain Geist
Cybergeist [m]
Courage and Stupidity
Calm Down
Cave of Secrets 4
A human that speaks my tongue!
Mother's awakening
Magic Wand
Chaos [m]
Crystal Bud
What are you doing?
A drunken fool
Night Gaunt
Prism Laser
Cage Tower
This is Elw technology
Orga Widow
Cave of Secrets 3
Meteor Dive
The power of the Guardians
Separate Ways
Guardian Shrine
Cave of Secrets 2
Sonic Buster
A new Cecilia...
Secret Passage
To the rescue [m]
Red Balloon
We deserve it
Lucky Mole Catching [m]
Chicken Run [m]
Strike Ball [m]
Time Trial Run [m]
We will do it!
A treasure hunter
Seek not Lolithia...
A girl from an abbey
Sealed Library
Pocket Watch
A wandering youth
To cure Tony's father
Cave of secrets 1
 Golden Mushroom Chicken
Passed the test! - 1
Master of the Fast Draw

64% complete
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest | Mystic Quest Legend (SNES)
Last played 2020-04-30 03:45:59
Earned 30 of 94 achievements, 72/356 points.
Hope You're Not Afraid of Heights!
Water is a Rude Method of Waking Anyone Up...
Well-Balanced Teleport
Captain Nemo
Now I Can Slide Down Curtains!
Long Island Iced Tea
Sergeant Zack
Freedom of Speech
She Predates 'Friends' by Two Years
Fire It Up
Charmed, I'm Sure
Battlefield Tourist
Steel Yourself
But What About the Dragon Claw?
It'll Cure What Ails Ya
No Grinding Allowed!
Rocket Jumper
Intensive Training Course
But Isolde is Nowhere to be Found
Healing Salve
I'm a Lumberjack...
Palette Enthusiast
The Stig
She Talks to Trees... Then Cuts Them Down
Robert Smith
Drink Up!
Doin' it By the Book
Wrong Game
Battlefield Expert
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Heal Me
An Arctic Specialty
Daisy Cutter
Benefits of Nobility
The Melty Man
Simon Can't Rescue You From This One
Shield of Fertility
Frozen Dairy Treat
Rock 'n' Roll!
Hold the Sauerkraut
Better than a Lock Pick
Just Throw It!
Make Like a Tree and Get Outta Here
Twin Teleport
Finally, a Lightning Bolt That's Not OP
Underground Wolverine
Got to Word Your Wish Just Right
Rescue By Demolition
Breaking the Seal
Elsewhere Known as "Holy"
There's a Reason We Don't Use DOS Anymore
See Through the Smoke
Traditionalist [m]
Well, Now You Can Afford Elixir
Every EVA Suit Needs One
Second Labor of Heracles
Blessing of Helios
Fujita Power
Does He Carry a Boombox With Him?
Paul Bunyan
Everybody Just Wants to be Batman
Late Sleeper
Whacking Day
Tellah's Bane
Named for a Kaiju Villain
Pendant of Eros
Solar Powered
Celtic Faerie
You'd Better Have Done This First...
Nuke it From Orbit
No Farcical Aquatic Ceremony Required
Amphora of Caelus
I Know a Guy Who Owns a Rock
You Had it in Bed With You?
I'm Wearing the Hat, So I'm the Captain Now!
Infinite Teleport
Lonely Island
Gift from Mother Earth Herself
You Have Your Bow, I'm Not Giving You Any Bombs
Protected by Athena
Bleached Bones
Much Harder to Melt Stone
It Only Has Two Legs, So It's Not a Dragon
With Guidance from the Crystals
We're Here to Pump You Up

0% complete
Chaos Seed - Fuusui Kairoki (SNES)
Last played 2020-04-22 00:15:51
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

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