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Member Since: 25 Oct 2019, 22:58
Last Activity: 03 Apr 2020, 14:50
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Albert is in Atlas Summit - Level: 42, Wanzer: X-D, Primary: SG-05, Partner: None

Last 5 games played:

196% complete
Front Mission: Gun Hazard (SNES)
Last played 2020-04-01 09:41:51
Earned 110 of 112 achievements, 882/910 points.
Final Brotherhood Demonstration
The Secrets Of Stars
Always Ready For Support
If You Appear Ahead Of Us, Get Ready For Death!
SS Operation - 2nd Melody
The Secrets Of Area 102
Heavy Hand - Left Left
The Secrets Of Area 101
Let Roadies Take Care Of This!
F. I. V - If Only One Remains, Am I The Weak Or The Strongest?
World On My Shoulders
Say No Rouanet Law
Military Intelligence V -  Medal Of Honor
Great White Emporium
Territorial Integrity IX - Sentinel Downed
Steel Titan Operation
Cash Airlines
Sentinel Slowed
A Weapon, A Vernier And Endless Courage!
F. Infantry IV - What Is The Difference Between Blood And Oil?
Constellations Of The Zodiac
Military Intelligence IV - You'll Never See Me Cry
It's Important To Be Ready For Battle
Suicidal Act Of Heroism
Territorial Integrity VIII - The Asphalt Jungle
Society's Intelligence Center
Restored Communication
Know Your Place V - Burning Flames
Team Tornado In The Brazilian Base
Meteor Storm!
God, Make It Rain
Maybe I Don't Like It, But I Have No Choice....
Metal Militia
Best Of Intentions
I Am A Winner On Land, Sea And Air.
Territorial Integrity VII - Voodoo Child
My Master's Will
If The Surprise Element Failed, Let's Clean All
Man Is A Wolf To Man
Frontline Infantry III - Morality Is Unnecessary On Battlefield
Know Your Place IV - Born In Bergen
Fury Of Earth-Wind
Beyond Control
I Learned Wanzers Scare People ...
Territorial Integrity VI - Skating On The Lake Of Blood
Hu Hu He ... Until Death Can Be Fun
Beep Beep Boop Beep!
Workaholic ? No, It Looks More Like A Strange Fetish ...
Shark Bite
High Speed On Steam
Military Intelligence III - Repulsive Impulse
Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
Underwater Fissure
Do Not Forget The Treasures!
Underground War
Oxygen - 0 Percent
Fleet Disabled
Big Rigs - Over the Road
Oil Bath Mantra
Human Life Will Always Be The Priority
If You Fight For It, It's Okay To Die
Territorial Integrity V -  Voodoo Child
Thirst For Revenge
Harlequin Forests
Noctoscop Is Really Useful
Frontline Infantry II - Awaiting The Robotic Valkyries
Buried But Not Forgotten
Flaming Moths Revenge
Know Your Place III - Field's Master
Military Intelligence II - Chess Of The Gods
New Toys Will Not Be Lost
15 kHz On Purple
Killing Heat
For My Honor - End Of The Nightmare
Territorial Integrity IV - Home Sweet Home
Crimson Blow Conspiracy
I'll Want See You Burn In Hell!
No Money Can Pay For My Honor ...
Safad's Delivery
How Many Lives Will Be Lost In This War?
Territorial Integrity III - Dig Your Own Grave
One Man Army
Know Your Place II - Courageous Soldier
CANNONS To The Left Of Them! CANNONS To The Right Of Them!?
Upward Specialist
Frontline Infantry - Forged By Fire And Blood
Codename "Bomber"
In The Sights Of Omni Plasma
Tracking Important Things In The Steel Maze
Cruelty Is NOT The Essence Of Humanity
Military Intelligence - March And Shout
Territorial Integrity II - Bloody Ice Stones
Steel Fists - Two Against One
Oh, So Rare - Snowflakes
Kindness Generates Kindness - Welcome My Dear
Cutting White Sky
Bone Dart Operation
Territorial Integrity - Mercenary Steps
The Future Of The Nation - In Training
There's No Right Side, But I'm On The Winning Side
Fun Things In The Factories
Stephen King Bible
Chemically Protected
Fearless Carrier Base Pilot
Hold My Hand Brenda!
Know Your Place - Fingertips
This Was A Strange Way Of Trying To Rescue Someone
Presidential Assistance
A Mercenary's Iron Legs
Seraphic Law

70% complete
Great Battle V, The (SNES)
Last played 2019-11-25 16:17:41
Earned 28 of 80 achievements, 170/750 points.
Explosion Proof
The Right Side Is Moving Forward
Mohal, I Swear... I WILL Get You Some Payback!
You Should Be Haunting Some Mountain
Reward For What? Where Is Mohai ...?
Chinese Fafnir Debits
Guns, Galvestones And Money
Cutting Sword Of Justice
Farewell To The Sun
The Same Feelings In Another Dimension
Atmospheric Pressure
The Hunting Season Is Open
Over The Hills And Far Away
We Have No Time To Take A Nap?
Stars Of Justice
One Shot At Glory
Ready, Fire, Aim! ...?
My Dear Little Sister
Rich But Humble
Reserved Wagon
Be My Guiding Star
I'm Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train
Is It Too Early For A Drink?
No Chance For Evil
Just Take My heart When You Go
The Righteous Tread A Lonely Trail
Enter God! - This Hand Of Mine Is Burning Red!
From The Wind To The Fire
Power Transition
Don't Be Late For The Climax!
Night Of Nightmares
Angel's Boneyard
See You After 16-Bits - Goodbye!
Send More! Training Shooting on Mobile Target
Master... Why Things Have To Be This Way?
The Strong Do Not Look Down
Sometimes Relaxing May Be The Answer
Hill Of Regrets - Lamentations
So Broken
Roots Of Evil - Back To The Chaotic Reality
Fighting In The Moonlight
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel May Be You
An Untold Love Story
Enter RX! - My Rider Kick Is Ready To Got!
Give Me More! I Will Not Back Down Now!
Outlaw Cowboy
Portrait of Authority
Ultra-Atomic Laser
The Weak Don't Deserve My Attention
Bad Wolf God Breath
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Laughter
Mohal... I've Finally Avenged You...
Enter Man! - Nobory Escapes From My Slash Beam
Justice Must Prevail
Character Is Like A Tree And Reputation Like A Shadow
By My Badge, You Will Be Defeated!
Bring It On, Punks!
Money, Like Power, Corrupts
Inflamed Hearts
Back In The Day
Seasoning Of Life
Drawing Strength From Courage
Our Friendship Will Burn Brightly Forever!
Snake Blood To Quench Thirst
Incoerent Master
Desert Striker - Lunar Jump
Llumu Qhimil Wishes
DG-Cell Infused Gundarium Alloy
Suicidal Tendencies
Current Local Time - Late
Ghosts Of My Past
Living And Dying - Time For Change
We Waive Divine Interventions
Heart Of Texas
Calling Attention
Starlight Sonata
Public Enemy No 1
You Own It, You Better Never Let It Go

73% complete
SD The Great Battle: Aratanaru Chousen (SNES)
Last played 2019-11-25 15:59:33
Earned 20 of 55 achievements, 111/415 points.
Episode 3 - Infiltrate The Enemy Spaceship!
Psycommu System
People Quickly Change Sides When It's Interesting
Our Hearts Beat As One
Anno Domini - Celestial Being
Episode 2 - The Terror of Shocker's Return!
The Infernal Commander
I Shall Teach Proper Etiquette!
Shockers Guys Do Not Deserve To Live!
That's The Way It Is With Me! The Duel Is Declared!
Prepare To Die! ...Die! ...Die!
You Ssssssshall Not Passsssss!
High As If We Could Touch The Sky
Episode 1 - Go Forth, SD Heores!
Farewell For Now
Who Dares To Invade My Domain?
I'm Not Garamon!
The Regretful Space Ninja
First Heroic Act
Especial 1 - Taro's Impending Execution
Especial 2 - The Hellish Lava Zone
Crossover - The Mad Designs of The MS Labs !
Season Finale - Bloody Battle! SD Heroes VS Dark Brain
Strike The Socker's Base!
Next To The Milky Way
I Don't Believe That There Isn't An End
Five Forces On Magma - A Killing Heat
Finally Together! The End Is Near...
It's Written In The Stars - Happy Ending
Who Is This Guy? And Why Is He Helping Us?
Despicable Me
Steel Yourself!
Thank You For Saving My Cousin!
Please! Save Knight Gundam!
Roar Is Very Solicitous
Hahahahaha! It's At Your Own Risk!
How Amusing! Haha
Only Sevene Managed To Defeat Us!
Here Comes The Unmatched On Universe
*Squeal* Time Of Redemption *Squeal*
In The Spider Web
Execution Issssss Inevitable
Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee, Stung A Man Upon His Knee
Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
Seal Of Quality
Food ... Food ... Food ...
Diamond Studded
Playtime's Over. Prepare To Die!!!
The Two Faces of Evil
Hellraiser - Reborned From Hell
Almighty Ruler Of The Universe
Compati Heroes UP
Perfect Judgment
No Matter Who Is The Enemy, Together We Are Invincible!

142% complete
Golden Axe (Mega Drive)
Last played 2019-11-19 09:05:18
Earned 17 of 24 achievements, 139/284 points.
Through Fiend's Path
Good Knight
Help The Villagers
Bad Brothers
Rider 2
Clear The Duel Stage 12
Clear The Duel Stage 11
Clear The Duel Stage 10
Clear The Duel Stage 9
Clear The Duel Stage 8
Clear The Duel Stage 7
Clear The Duel Stage 6
Clear The Duel Stage 5
Clear The Duel Stage 4
Clear The Duel Stage 3
Clear The Duel Stage 2
Clear The Duel Stage 1
The Castle Entrance
Prepare For The Final Showdown
It Isn't Over
Golden Axe Warrior
Legendary Golden Warrior

32% complete
Super Castlevania IV (SNES)
Last played 2019-11-03 12:00:06
Earned 6 of 37 achievements, 25/570 points.
Beating A Dead Horse
Jousting Champion
Hearty Adventure
Whip it Good
Fighting Vipers
Blood From A Stone
Phantoms Of The Opera
Axed Him A Question
A Jolt To The Bolt
Completely Batty
That's A Wrap
Lil' Slogger
Big Gargoyle
Don't Fear The Reaper
Vampire Killer
Who Are You?
Nobody's Here
Perseus Would Be Proud
Perfect Vipers
Cranial Carnage
Rock Solid Performance
Classically Trained
Sir Dies A Lot
You're The Real Monster
All That Glitters
Big Slogger
Tons Of Fireballs
Defy Death
Bloody Tears
Parable With Sunshine
Dracula's Death
Centuries-Old Knowledge

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