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HuruKotsi (1610 points) (3922)

Member Since: 29 Sep 2019, 21:20
Last Activity: 05 Apr 2020, 02:59
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.44
Average Completion: 28.89%
Site Rank: 10301 / 67557 ranked users (Top 16%)

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56% complete
MediEvil (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-05 02:59:43
Earned 14 of 50 achievements, 95/400 points.
Pods slayer [m]
Truly an archer now [m]
The first dragon gem
Just like Thor [m]
Finally a new sword! [m]
The guardian is no more.
This might be useful [m]
An early secret [m]
Not as powerful as Mjollnir [m]
Glass or flesh, what
A good taste [m]
Crossbow [m]
Well... It
The Gravekeeper [m]
Fortesque is going backwards [m]
Murderer [m]
Jack the Ripper [m]
A golden crucifix ?!
Puzzle master
The demon slayer [m]
Sir Daniel Fortesque the savior [m]
A courageous skeleton... [m]
Finally out !
The brave soul [m]
Spear or not to spear [m]
Cave and dragon
A useful crossbow. [m]
The best sword is the first one [m]
The captain is fishy
The Arm of power [m]
Burn your enemies [m]
The champion
Come at me, monsters! [m]
This may hurt [m]
The lumberjack [m]
Well equipped skeleton [m]
Roast Chicken [m]
The melee magician [m]
Wait... Magic arrows?! [m]
A new armour!
Fear my magic! [m]
Do you have some fire? [m]
Totally invincible [m]
The second dragon gem
The chalice is half-full! [m]
Yep, they
The world is saved?
The hero of Gallowmere [m]

14% complete
Croc 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-03-29 04:06:03
Earned 7 of 98 achievements, 23/1118 points.
Kidnapped Gobbo
Croc Vs Dantini Boat Race
Croc Vs Dantini Boat Race - Trophy
Gobbo say and Croc do!
Croc acrobat
Take the binoculars
Swap Meet Pete
Kidnapped Gobbo - Trophy
Kidnapped Gobbo - Immortal Crystal
Scary Mine
Scary Mine - Trophy
Scary Mine - Immortal Crystal
Stolen birdie
Stolen birdie - Trophy
Stolen birdie - Immortal Crystal
Soveena the Squid
Soveena the Squid - Immortal Crystal
Soveena the Squid - Untouchable
Cannon Boat Keith
Cannon Boat Keith - Immortal Crystal
Cannon Boat Keith - Untouchable
Secret Mine
Secret Mine - Immortal Crystal
Unfinished Snowman
Ice Trapped Gobbos!
Ice Trapped Gobbos - Trophy
Ice Trapped Gobbos - Immortal Crystal
Stop the Roger Red Ant!
Stop the Roger Red Ant! - Trophy
Stop the Roger Red Ant! - Immortal Crystal
Chase the Choo Choo Train
Chase the Choo Choo Train - Trophy
Chase the Choo Choo Train - Immortal Crystal
Hang Glider Valley
Hang Glider Valley - Trophy
Hang Glider Valley - Immortal Crystal
Snowman Contest
Snowman Contest - Trophy
Snowman Contest - Immortal Crystal
Flavio the thermal fish
Flavio the thermal fish - Untouchable
Lava Lamp Larry
Lava Lamp Larry - Untouchable
Secret Ice Cap
Secret Ice Cap - Immortal Crystal
Ginger Soda
Grand Theft Wheels (Jungle)
Grand Theft Wheels (Jungle) - Trophy
Grand Theft Wheels (Jungle) - Immortal Crystal
Grand Theft Wheels (Mine)
Grand Theft Wheels (Mine) - Trophy
Grand Theft Wheels (Mine) - Immortal Crystal
Race Day at Goldrock
Race Day at Goldrock - Trophy
Flaming Forest
Flaming Forest - Immortal Crystal
Flaming Forest - Trophy
Venus Fly Von-Trappe
Venus Fly Von-Trappe - Immortal Crystal
Venus Fly Von-Trappe - Untouchable
The Village Masher
The Village Masher - Untouchable
The Village Masher - Immortal Crystal
BURP Champion
Save Gobbo babies!
Save Gobbo babies! - Immortal Crystal
Save Gobbo babies! - Trophy
Up the Waterfall
Up the Waterfall - Immortal Crystal
Up the Waterfall - Trophy
Puzzle Dungeon
Puzzle Dungeon - Immortal Crystal
Goo Man Chu
Goo Man Chu
Secret Maze
Secret Maze - Immortal Crystal
Beat Croc 2!
Secret Sailor Village
Secret Sailor Village - Immortal Crystal
Secret Cossack Village
Secret Cossack Village - Immortal Crystal
Secret Caveman Village
Secret Caveman Village - Immortal Crystal
Croc Master

2% complete
Pokemon - Black Version (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-03-27 17:09:26
Earned 1 of 90 achievements, 5/1165 points.
Long-Awaited Day
Mysterious Trainer
Pastoral Road
School-Based Learning
Trio Badge
Appraisal Trio
Protective Determination
Basic Badge
Insect Badge
Oneself Revision
Appraisal Insect
Plasma Sovereign
Bolt Badge
Appraisal Bolt
Quake Badge
Freedom Wings
Ideal Dreams
Jet Badge
Appraisal Jet
Freeze Badge
Pokemon Ambition
Legend Badge
Appraisal Legend
Ideal Versus Reality
Dethroned Megalomaniac
League Champion
Pokemon Assistant
Deep Meditation
Sinnoh Champion
Gamefreak Morimoto
Vast White Pokemon
Iron Will Pokemon
Cavern Pokemon
Grassland Pokemon
Cyclone Pokemon
Boundary Pokemon
Drowsing Pokemon
Blazing Pokemon
Sun Pokemon
Elemental Monkey
Larva Egg
Rarest Fish
First Prototurtle Bird Pokemon
Sea Lily Pokemon
Shrimp Pokemon
Spiral Pokemon
Shellfish Pokemon
Fossil Pokemon
Shield Pokemon
Head Butt Pokemon
Cottonee & Petilil
Minccino & Basculin
Boldore & Emolga
Ditto & Rotom
Cinccino & Munchlax
Aftertrade Aya
Aftertrade Naoki
Big Stadium Baseball
Big Stadium Soccer
Big Stadium Football
Small Court Tennis
Small Court Basketball
Single Battle Institute: Beginner Rank
Single Battle Institute: Novice Rank
Single Battle Institute: Normal Rank
Single Battle Institute: Super Rank
Single Battle Institute: Hyper Rank
Single Battle Institute: Elite Rank
Single Battle Institute: Master Rank
Double Battle Institude: Beginner Rank
Double Battle Institude: Novice Rank
Double Battle Institude: Normal Rank
Double Battle Institude: Super Rank
Double Battle Institude: Hyper Rank
Double Battle Institude: Elite Rank
Double Battle Institude: Master Rank
Battle Subway: Single Subway
Battle Subway: Super Single Subway
Battle Subway: Double
Battle Subway: Super Double Subway
Battle Subway: Multi Train
Battle Subway: Super Multi Train
Side-Quest: Looker
Royal Unova
Black Empoleon
Riches Family
Abyssal Ruins

200% complete
Ape Escape (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-03-16 02:22:29
Earned 68 of 68 achievements, 600/600 points.
Peak Point Matrix
Nobkey in Space III
Spellector VI
Monkey Madness Time Attack
Monkey Madness Complete
TV Tower Time Attack
City Park Time Attack
Crumbling Castle Time Attack
Wabi Sabi Wall Time Attack
City Park Complete
Crumbling Castle Complete
Wabi Sabi Wall Complete
Sushi Temple Time Attack
Cryptic Relics Time Attack
TV Tower Complete
Specter Land
Spellector V
The Present Day
Hot Springs Time Attack
Frosty Retreat Time Attack
Snowy Mammoth Time Attack
Coral Cave Time Attack
Crabby Beach Time Attack
Dark Ruins Time Attack
Thick Jungle Time Attack
Sushi Temple Complete
Hot Springs Complete
Frosty Retreat Complete
Snowy Mammoth Complete
Coral Cave Complete
Crabby Beach Complete
Cryptic Relics Complete
Dark Ruins Complete
Nobkey in Space II
Nobkey in Space I
Spellector IV
The Recent Past
Spellector III
Speedy Spike Revisted
Dimension X Revisited
The Ice Age
Thick Jungle Complete
My Nobkey is Fight! II
My Nobkey is Fight! I
My Nobkey is Fight! III
Spellector II
Molten Lava Time Attack
Molten Lava Complete
Fossil Field Time Attack
Fossil Field Complete
The Primitive Age
Nobkey on Ice III
Nobkey on Ice II
Nobkey on Ice I
Spellector I
Speedy Spike
Dimension X
The Cenozoic Era
Extra Life
Primordial Ooze Time Attack
Primordial Ooze Complete
Shanking the Monkey
The Prehistoric Era
Spellector 0

0% complete
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-03-12 03:56:56
Earned 0 of 56 achievements, 0/800 points.
[Asteroids] Small Chunks
[Asteroids] Meteor Masher
[Asteroids] Rock Smasher
[Asteroids] Asteroids Master
[Asteroids Deluxe] Tiny Rocks
[Asteroids Deluxe] Bigger Meteors
[Asteroids Deluxe] Rocky Road
[Asteroids Deluxe] Biggest Meteors
[Asteroids Deluxe] No Asteroid Can Stop Me
[Asteroids Deluxe] Asteroid Warrior
[Battlezone] Trainee
[Battlezone] Cadet
[Battlezone] Veteran
[Battlezone] Captain
[Black Widow] Slightly Irritating Black Widow
[Black Widow] Admittedly Cranky Black Widow
[Black Widow] The Deathly Black Widow
[Black Widow] Living Up To Its Name
[Black Widow] Black Widow of Steel
[Centipede] Squash Them Like Bugs
[Centipede] Segmented Mayhem
[Centipede] Squshing Them Kindly
[Gravitar] Low Gravity Leeway
[Gravitar] Earth Shattering Kaboom
[Gravitar] Hyperspace Smash
[Gravitar] I Have Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds
[Missile Command] The Initial High Score
[PONG] Classic Victory
[PONG] Flawless Victory
[PONG] Piece o
[PONG] A Tough Contender
[PONG] Mastered The Paddle
[Space Duel] Spirals of Doom
[Space Duel] Cubes of Destruction
[Space Duel] Lack of Gravity is a Minor Setback
[Space Duel] The Intergalactic Blue Danube
[Space Duel] Bring Your Buddy To Space Day
[Space Duel] Teamwork Makes Great Work
[Space Duel] Space Duet
[Space Duel] Two
[Space Duel] Space Duel Master
[Space Duel] Best Space Friends Forever
[Super Breakout] Holey Cavity
[Super Breakout] Double Trouble
[Super Breakout] The Bricks Just Keep Coming!
[Tempest] Down The Tempest Black Hole
[Tempest] Going Under
[Tempest] The Long Descent
[Tempest] Descent To Madness
[Tempest] Small Change
[Tempest] Moderate Score
[Tempest] Quarter Pounder
[Tempest] Scoring Big Bang
[Tempest] Mastered the Tempest
[Warlords] Smash This!
[Warlords] It

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