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Daigonjo (26266 points) (81166)
It's a perfect shot! Chilean dood, 25, N64 adept.

Member Since: 24 Jun 2018, 06:38
Last Activity: 26 May 2020, 09:41
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.09
Average Completion: 84.52%
Site Rank: 920 / 71337 ranked users (Top 2%)

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Case: Turnabout Samurai | Day 1 - Investigation

Last 5 games played:

74% complete
Gyakuten Saiban (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-03-27 09:21:51
Earned 7 of 19 achievements, 50/130 points.
Here's my "bling"!
Nobody can stop me!
I'm not guilty!
What's happened?
She really liked you!
I know he is innocent!
That was easy!
What happened with this hero?
What does that mean?
That was close...
It happened again!
I'm the real hero!
The Jealous Samurai!
Edgeworth's secret
The DL-6 Case?
Our last hope!
The truth behind the incident 15 years ago...
I'm Phoenix Wright!
We are a team!

197% complete
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Game Boy)
Last played 2020-03-20 02:28:48
Earned 76 of 77 achievements, 458/468 points.
It's Mr. Mime Time!
Literal Pile of S***
Saved a Trip to the Islands!
The Real Number One
The Problem with Parasect
Can You Dig It?
King of Fighters
Smell You Later! [m]
Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above
Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love [m]
Do we REALLY have to do this now?
Fish Out Of Water
You're not getting away from me that easily
No need for the B Button
Take care of Bulbasaur!
Charmander - The Stray Pokemon
Safari Perfectionist
Really Loves Me!
Just Like Ash
Best Friends Forever
The Long Way Gauntlet [m]
Depressed Pikachu
Pikachu Loves Me!
Just Give Me 5 More Minutes
Unite All Peoples Within Our Nation [m]
Not the most appropriate arena...
Cheery Mood
Hug Me!
Protect the World From Devastation
Make it Double! [m]
Scared of Ghosts
Who Needs Flash?
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!
Signature Move [m]
Happier Pikachu
Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Clefairy Used Attract [m]
High Five!
Suprised Pikachu Face [m]
Gatekeeper of the Nugget Bridge
Better Bring Full Heal
Prepare for Trouble! [m]
Look, I'm Dancing!
Jigglypuff Used Sing
You're lucky I'm feeling generous today
Smug Little Rat
Ear Twitches
Angry Ear Twitches
Gotta Catch em'
Pokemon - I Choose You!
Friendly Pikachu
So Happy
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Not Mad, Just Dissapointed
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
Gotta Catch 'em All - Yellow
That's Shocking!
Going All the Way
Showdown in Pewter City
The Water Flower of Cerulean City
Electric Shock Showdown
Pokemon Scent-sation
The Ninja Poke-Showdown
Psychic Showdown
Volcanic Panic
Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!
Pokemon Master!
Preparing to Be the Very Best
King of the Dojo
The Tower of Terror
The Sleeper Awakens
Uno, Dos, Tres
Creation Gone Wrong
Gatekeeper of Victory Road

200% complete
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-03-18 02:39:08
Earned 42 of 42 achievements, 384/384 points.
Spiral Mountain
They're just codes, lass!
What's a Hollow Honeycomb?
Stoped and Swoped
Mystery Unsolved
Witch Exterminator
Show me the honey!
The Last Cheat
Fine Feathered Cheat
Grunty's Lair
Pieces of a puzzle
Click Clock Wood
Banjo wants honey
Bright Skull
The Quiz Master
Rusty Bucket Bay
Mad Monster Mansion
Banjo the Pumpkin
Banjo the Washer
Strange Banjo
Slim Banjo
Big Kazooie
Big Hands and Feets
I'm the Egg Cheater
Big Head Banjo
Jigsaw Maker
Gobi's Valley
Freezeezy Peak
Move Master
Banjo the Cute Walrus
I just wanted to save...
Bubblegloop Swamp
God Tier
Banjo the Crocodile
Clanker's Cavern
Steel Lungs
To infinity and beyond!
Treasure Trove Cove
Lives Collector
Mumbo's Mountain
Banjo the Termite

200% complete
Banjo-Tooie (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-03-18 02:12:27
Earned 71 of 71 achievements, 751/751 points.
Mechanical Mud-Muncher
Tower of Tragedy
Dancing all night
Metal Banjo
A bee, not a wasp!
Until Threeie
Guffo's Trash Can
Zubbas Hive
Eyeballus Jiggium Plant*
The power of briefs
Haunted Cavern
You are indeed the chosen one!
May the worst win
Ready for some Jiggies
Crispy Bacon*
Calamari Bonanza
Lava World*
Behold the power of the mighty Jiggywiggy
Leave that to Mamma-Mia Bros.
Proud father*
You must be the pizza delivery boy
Evil cybotic-ness
Shaman Impersonator
Music Notes
Saucer of Peril
Nineteen Eighty-Four*
Hot 'N' Spicy Dragon
Pot O' Gold
Rainbow Road
Clinker's Cavern Challenge
Aww, isn't it cute?*
Something like a collection
Heading for the recycling plant
Dodgem Challenge
The dinner has already cooled
Me precious boils!
Lord Ke Kaz Kaz
Important Anglerfish
Impaired Welding Torch
Piece of cake*
Do you have an idea of how much they cost?!*
You're due to be extinct soon
Disgruntled Pterodactyl
Ordnance Storage Challenge
Hey...It's me, Mr. Jiggy
Breegull Bash
The Death Egg
The fish is man's best friend
Oh dear, not more intruders!
Looks like trouble...
Mayan Kickball
Balloon Burst
Hoop Hurry
Strange Inflatable Thing
Even better than Phelps
We should sit down and talk about this
Boiler Monarch
Mayan god of target shooting
Just the local Jiggy hunters
Despotic Totem God
Targitzan's Temple Challenge*
Minion with a mission

200% complete
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Last played 2020-03-17 00:12:55
Earned 77 of 77 achievements, 600/600 points.
Systematic Destruction
Death to the Queen
The Battle atop Mt. Woe
It's a Trap!
Calm Under Pressure
A Forest Springs to Life
The Hero's Grave
Taste the Rainbow
Marle and her Father (II)
Marle and her Father (I)
Mother Brain is in this?!?
Solar Eclipse
The Wings of Time
Seek the Hidden Path
The Battle atop Fiendlord's Keep
The Battle for Zenan Bridge
Frog of War
Toxic Avenger
Omega Flare
Secret of the Forest Ruins (II)
Secret of the Forest Ruins (I)
Master of War
Clono Trigger
Doll Collector
Crazy Cat Lady
No Need for Friends
To Far Away Times
The Chrono Trigger
A Glimmer of Hope
Dark Eternal
The Shadow Mage
The Shadow Fades to Dust
Dalton Minus
Before Escape
Meet the Dream Team!
Before Tragedy
Breaking the Fourth Wall
Discovered Nu's Scratch Point!
What the Prophet Seeks
Countdown to Extinction
Bow Down to your Lizard Masters!
A Black Wind Howls
Hero of Time
But the future refused to change...
...Do I even WANT to know?
Through the Ages
True Power
What Could Have Been
Tata the Hero
I am the wind
Good Night
Outta Time
Spin Strike
The Bitter Truth
Wait 3 Days
The Green Wedding
Grand Dream
Poyozo Dance
Now You're Playing with Power!
Ticket Hoarder
Metal Joints
Don't spend it all in one place
Seeing Stars
Best Invention EVER

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