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Member Since: 19 Aug 2019, 19:13
Last Activity: 09 Aug 2020, 01:32
Account Type: [Developer]

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Last 5 games played:

50% complete
Gex: Enter the Gecko (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-09 00:17:37
Earned 15 of 60 achievements, 67/430 points.
Operation Ant
That's all folks
The Power of the Force
The Past is Wild
Pig isn't my appetite
Child's Play
Congratulations you're the 1000th visitor
Mmmm... buttery
Teriyaki Boyz
That's the sweet stuff, darling!
Happy Hour
Aku Bros
Is it just me or am I ENGULFED IN FLAMES??
Freezy Gecko
Rusty Bucket Cave
Calling Orson
Alone at the Altar
King of the Monsters
There goes my Taxes
Screens up
All right! It's tail time!
Gecko. Gex Gecko.
Sweet like candy!
Three more and I'll have the whole set
Need it! Need it! Need it!
Evolve or get out of my way, pal
Judo-chop baby yeah!
Lock and load, little lizard
Faith Hope Unity
Hello there, my secret friend!
Secret Gex HTML
He sure is a funny Gex
Slip of the tongue
Gex, can you read me?
Have fun storming the castle!
Heeeeeeeeere's Gexy!
Parkour through the web
Is this the Year of the Gecko? [m]
I don't think that's good air
Gecko stew, anyone?
Fried Bacon
Neon Gex-esis Evangelion
Hero of the Media Dimension
Gecko Ruins
Horror Maze
Chase in the alleys
I always enjoyed learning a new tongue
So this is New Jersey
Should've taken a left turn
Past the sacred lake
This is bugging me out
Up the load
Soylent green is geckos!
It beats the Matterhorn, what you going to do?
Please die carefully
Let's get it on!

0% complete
Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-08-07 20:53:17
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

200% complete
~Demo~ King's Field III: Pilot Style (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-06 00:22:49
Earned 9 of 9 achievements, 20/20 points.
Broad Sword
Earth Shield
Silver Ring
Item Collector
Useless gear
Captain training
Guardian of the Sword
Queen's Field
Moonlight Sword

200% complete
Parasite Eve II (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-03 22:25:11
Earned 77 of 77 achievements, 715/715 points.
Nightmare Mode
Rank L
Rank S
Scavenger Mode
Eve's end in great style
The fall of the Ultimate ANMC
Rank A
The GOOD end [m]
Bounty Mode
Parasite Energy 5
A friend in need 2 [m]
Sea Diver perfectionist
Chaser became chased
Too easy...
Just like a Spider
He saved us...
Normal-Replay Mode
K9 [m]
Thanks Rupert! I certainly will need this. [m]
Underground Parking Puzzle
Pierce's Memo [m]
Knight GOLEM
Parasite Energy 4
Sorry for killing your toy, Eve.
Puppet Stinger
GOLEMs awakening
Sea Diver
What is this for?
Pyramid Puzzle
Solution: Red
Solution: Yellow [m]
Solution: Blue [m]
Parasite Energy 3
Yoshida's PC
Damn you! [m]
Parasite Energy 2
A friend in need [m]
My car was better
Full Moon Gate
Glutton (again)
Recycling garbage
Damn it! It hurts.
A good use of that [m]
Zombie Blizzard Chaser
Blizzard Chaser
Disc 2
For me?
Enemy without face
I don't like Coke [m]
Full tank
It's really safe?
My beautiful car!
You again?
Gray Stalker
At rock bottom
Man's best friend
My name is Madigan. Kyle Madigan.
Desert Hospitality
Welcome to Dryfield!
Are you serious?
Parasite Energy 1
Raise the bridge [m]
A bomb!? [m]
Black Card [m]
You owe me one
A new species?
I'm not afraid of you

0% complete
Wild Arms (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-07-30 14:03:04
Earned 0 of 156 achievements, 0/1075 points.
 Golden Mushroom Chicken
Cave of secrets 1
To cure Tony's father
Seek not Lolithia...
Pocket Watch
We will do it!
A wandering youth
A girl from an abbey
A treasure hunter
Sealed Library
We deserve it
Strike Ball [m]
Chicken Run [m]
Lucky Mole Catching [m]
Time Trial Run [m]
Red Balloon
To the rescue [m]
Secret Passage
A new Cecilia...
Cave of Secrets 2
Guardian Shrine
Separate Ways
Sonic Buster
The power of the Guardians
Meteor Dive
Cave of Secrets 3
Orga Widow
This is Elw technology
Cage Tower
Prism Laser
Night Gaunt
What are you doing?
A drunken fool
Crystal Bud
Chaos [m]
Magic Wand
Mother's awakening
A human that speaks my tongue!
Cave of Secrets 4
Calm Down
Courage and Stupidity
Cybergeist [m]
Captain Geist
Sweet Candy
Blue boxes
Arnica Herb
The quest to the Guardian Blade
Rocket Launcher
Zed 2.0
The truth about the Guardian Blade
Soul and Void
Level 25  - Rudy
Level 25 - Jack
Level 25 - Cecilia
Passed the test! - 1
Separate ways again
Mage Fox
The Malice and Virtue
One of the eight Powers
The Earth Golem awakening
Internal pressure
Luceid [m]
Promise me, Rudy.
Passed the test! - 2
Smart kids! [m]
The power of Rune Drives
Twin Orbs
Tear Drop
Magic Vase
Lady Harken
Guilty Blade
Advanced Magic
Lady Harken 2
Magnum Fang
The Giant's Ocarina
Boomerang 2
Luceid 2 [m]
High Guardian
Passed the test! - 3
Gate Generator
Elw Dimension
Phazer Zapp
You are not alone
Ready to take off!
We must think this time
Dual Cast
Cave of Secrets 5
Power Glove
Mech Drake
Black Market
Protowing enhanced
Thanks Happan, we owe you one.
Demon Prophet
The Guardian of Castles
A present from Drake
Wild Bunch
The last battle...
Ka Dingel
Benevolent heart
Meet an old friend again...
The King of the Survival Arena
Angol Moa
Boomerang 3
Luceid 3 [m]
Level 50  - Rudy
Level 50 - Jack
Level 50 - Cecilia
Alhazad's true form
Double Attack
Arch Smash
ARMs collector
Master of the Fast Draw
It's Magic!
Guitar of Maya
Passed the test! - 4
Monster Zed
Boomerang Flash
Ragu O Ragula
Fury Shot
Zeikfried 2
A new beginning
Zeik Tuvai
To protect Filgaia...

User Wall

Recent comment(s):
30 Nov 23:46 2019
Kkk eae man, e a platina do Show do Milhao vol.2 ?
1 Dec 0:00 2019
T me preparando pra fazer esse tambm. Sabe n tem que estudar bastante kkkk vlw!
2 Jan 20:25 2020
Thanks for the upcoming Dino Crisis 2 set!
3 Jan 0:00 2020
Hope you enjoy the set my friend. Hugs!
3 Jan 16:37 2020
DC2 was one of my fav childhood games so I'm really looking forward to mastering it here, hope it goes live soon :D
18 Jan 15:08 2020
Oi, tudo bem? Dificuldades com o set do Dino Crisis 2? Esta muito complicado ou voce tem mais ou menos uma previsao de soltar de novo o set pra gente testar? Otimo dia pra voce!
18 Jan 23:20 2020
Opa amigo, ta tranquilo estou conseguindo fazer as modificaes necessrias. Estou demorando pq estou fazendo um ajuste geral de todas as conquistas e pq hj tinha ido viajar nao tive tempo. Mas creio que amanha eu consiga lanar de volta. Abraos!
19 Jan 14:02 2020
Ah, obrigada. Otimo domingo pra voce e sua familia.
8 Apr 5:07 2020
Mano, muito obrigado pelos achievements de Donald duck Goin' quackers. Namoral, ficou excelente! No PS1, eu amo os jogos da Disney kkk
8 Apr 12:35 2020
Que bom que gostou amigo, fico feliz em poder contribuir. Um grande abraco!
24 Apr 12:30 2020
best achievements developer) you make sets with my favorite ps1 games. Now I am waiting for the achievement for Tarzan
24 Apr 12:41 2020
Thanks my friend. I'm happy for have people with appreciate my Works.
23 May 15:31 2020
Vlw cara muito obrigado por arrumar as conquistas do Dino Crisis 2, espero encontrar outros achievements feitos por vc.
23 May 16:27 2020
Fico muito feliz pelo reconhecimento amigo, espero que goste das minhas conquistas em outros jogos. Precisando pode contar comigo. Um abraco!

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Awarded on 22 Mar 2020, 21:16
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MASTERED Parasite Eve II (PlayStation)
Awarded on 03 Aug 2020, 22:11
MASTERED ~Demo~ King's Field III: Pilot Style (PlayStation)
Awarded on 06 Aug 2020, 00:48

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