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62% complete
Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)
Last played 2020-07-28 06:16:24
Earned 41 of 130 achievements, 283/1136 points.
You Are What You Wear II - Boom Boom Pow
Vanishing Vanity II - You Can't Go Up
Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant?
I Have No Pockets For Anything Else!
Guided Mighty Bomb
A Matter Of Honor IV - Requiem
My Father's Mantra Was ... R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L, L - BOOM!
Corridor Of The Damned
You Are What You Wear X - Smell Of Sulfur
You Are What You Wear VI - Napalm
Sixth Generation
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Forget The Problems
My Logbook - Strength And Resilience
Fire And Gunpowder
Eclipse In The Dark
A Matter Of Honor II - I'm Glad You're Alive
Strange Radioactive Oasis
Gift From Distant Lands VII - My Bombering Things
Gift From Distant Lands IV - Purple Rain
Gift From Distant Lands III - Short But Useful
Gift From Distant Lands II - Up Here You Look So Small
Gift From Distant Lands -  Blue Is Blue
Gunpowder Shoots
Eat You Up
None Of This Is Water
A Matter Of Honor - Better Late Than Never
Missile's Freefall
Do Not Care About Other People's Things
The Best Of Me
Out Of Thin Air - Excessive Tiredness
Vanishing Vanity - Human Poison
Carpe Diem
Radioactive Bombs
You Are Greedy!
High Sensitivity
If You Want To Be A Hero, You Must Dress Appropriately
Ignition Of Fire
Easy To Find, Hard To Get
Exploding The Crypt Entrance
You Are What You Wear - Trying To Get Noticed
Climatic Explosion
Shrapnel Grenade
Fireworks In The Sky
Highly Flammable
Some Fresh Air In The Chaos
Three Days Of Fever
Spontaneous Combustion
Burning Wick
Where's The Belzebut!?
You Are What You Wear III - Free From Dogmas
You Are What You Wear IV - Beware The False Dichotomy
You Are What You Wear V - Smoke Bomb
You Are What You Wear VII - Evading Danger
You Are What You Wear VIII - Appropriate Costumes
You Are What You Wear IX - Minerva
You Are What You Wear XI - Belladonna
You Are What You Wear XII - Carbon Fixation
You Are What You Wear XIII - Fire Pendulum
You Are What You Wear XIV - Reflection Of Yourself
You Are What You Wear XV - Dance Of Attrition
You Are What You Wear XVI - Cotton Is Lighter
You Are What You Wear XVII - The Emperor's New Clothes
Gift From Distant Lands V - Be Quick Or You Won't Succeed
Gift From Distant Lands VI - Enjoying The Ride
Don't Be A Landmine - Versatility And Different Ways To Go
Don't Be A Landmine II - Left By The Ancients
Don't Be A Landmine III-  Phoenix
Fire On The Floor - Ready To K-Boom
Fire On The Floor II - Floating Like A Helium Balloon
Be Quick Or Be Dead - Unseemly Proposal
Be Quick Or Be Dead II - Thunderbolt
Be Quick Or Be Dead III - Tropicaliente
Be Quick Or Be Dead IV - Secrets Inside Secrets
Be Quick Or Be Dead V - Silver Mountain
Be Quick Or Be Dead VI - Unfair Dynamics
Be Quick Or Be Dead VII - Volcano Of Souls
Well-Tempered Clavier - I Want More!
Well-Tempered Clavier II - Room Of Fire
Summer Breeze - Polluted Clouds
Summer Breeze II - Flying Sky High
Summer Breeze III - Vaporwave
Blue Mighty Chilli Pepper
Like A Kangaroo - Light As A Feather
Like A Kangaroo II - See What No One Else Sees
Like A Kangaroo III - Fire Flow
Where Should I Start?
Compulsive Hoarding - No Control
Compulsive Hoarding II - Midas Song
Compulsive Hoarding III - Malicious Breath
Compulsive Hoarding IV - Cacophony
Wishes - Luck or Fate?
Wishes II - In Search Of Wealth
Oh, I Finally Made It!
Taste Of Success - Don't Look Back
Taste Of Success II - Cunning As A Bunny
My Royal Treasure - Everything Is Cataloged
My Royal Treasure II - Royal Scepter
My Royal Treasure II - Hero's Crown
My Royal Treasure III - Love Is The Greatest Treasure
My Royal Treasure IV - All In The Family
Vanishing Vanity III - In The  Dry forest
Vanishing Vanity IV - Difficult Choice Of Future
Vanishing Vanity V - Climbing The Fire Mountain
Vanishing Vanity VI - Acquired Experience
Vanishing Vanity VII - Blackthorn
Vanishing Vanity VIII - Coliseum Columns
Vanishing Vanity IX - I Wanna Sleep In That Cotton Clouds
Vanishing Vanity X -  Incendiary Corridor
Vanishing Vanity XI - Amidst The Meteor Storm
Vanishing Vanity XII - Unknown Sculptures
Vanishing Vanity XIII - From Gray To Baby Blue
Vanishing Vanity XIV - Light Of Hope
Vanishing Vanity XV - Geomagnetic Reversal
Vanishing Vanity XVI - Barbecue Flavor
Vanishing Vanity XVII - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Out Of Thin Air II - Wind Curve~
Out Of Thin Air III - Running Out Of Trouble
Predicting And Changing The Future
A Matter Of Honor III - Your Suffering Is Over Now
A Matter Of Honor V - Hold My Hand
My Logbook II - Don't Create A New Pain, Forget All Past Suffer
My Logbook III - Success Stories
Hop Little Bunny, Hop And Stop!
Secret Of The Century
Blood Sacrifice
Tears Of Happiness
~ No Easy Way Out ~
Live Your Life To Overcome Your Demons
The Hero's Trajectory

133% complete
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-07-28 06:08:39
Earned 37 of 55 achievements, 239/400 points.
Cold As Your Eyes
In-Fighter Destroyer
The Punch That Can Stop Time
It All Started With Just Ten Leaves ...
I Did It! I Really Did It, Coach!
Is This ... What It Means To Be Strong?
Kame Sakusen
Kamogawa Genji Soul
Korakuen Hall Feelings
There Are No Falsehoods In Boxing
Kumi, We Will Never Worry About Money Again
Let All Your Anguish Explode
Promise And Commitment
Father, Your Boxing Brought Me To The Top!
Let's Go To Gaiant Echo Sing Takamura's Favorite Song Tonight!
Thailand Memories
Dakedo Warazuni Tada Oimotome
Why Does He Count So Slowly?
Yagi-San Will Be Happy With The Popularity Of The Gym
A Man Who Rules With His Left Rules The World
Born wild
Kamogawa Sakki
Kitto Kono Mama No Pain Trance Continue
Nani Mo Mietenai Keredo... Why?
Dare Ka O Kizutsukete Jibun Mo Kizutsuite
Ano Giniro No Hikari No Naka De
I Want This Only -  Sagashi Motomeru
Sore Ga Start Way!
Get Life Jikan Wa Sonna Ni Naize
Mitsuketai Girigiri No Shoubu De
Sagasou Kotae Wa Kikanaide
First Step
Punch Drunk Syndrome
I Can Still Fleece Staring At The Blue Corner ...
Tonde Yukeru Yo ...
The Strength Of The Lone Wolf
Talent And Discipline Describe Me
You Have Always Been My Goal ... Thank You Master
Boy, One Day I Lost Too ... From Now On You Will Grow Up
Speed Star
You Are All Weak!
~ Mix UP ~
Mother, Wait For Me
No Matter Who Is, I Will Never Lose To An In-Fighter!
Date-San, Did You See Where I Got To?
Japan Is Too Small For Me
The Wind Brought Me This Belt
Don't Come Crying Just Because I'm Southpaw
I Was A Riot, Then I Met Boxing ...
Yuuzora No Kami Hikouki
From Heels To Wrists
Perfect Angle And Timing
Hey Orthodox, Come Get Ge!

107% complete
Columns III (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-07-26 15:50:04
Earned 24 of 45 achievements, 171/451 points.
........ *** Grunts *** ........
Rest In Peace Troubled Soul
The Dead Don't Die
Now, It's My Turn. Are You Sure You're Strong Enough?
How Much Is A Snake Skin Worth?
Hello There! Ready For A Match?
Purifying A Tormented Spirit
Master Goldsmith II - Amethyst
Ah, Hah! Here Comes My Dinner
Not All These Surprises Are Pleasant
Every Jewel Has Its Value
Refining Ores
Oh, Here You Are. Let's See How Good You Are!
Breaking The Backbone
Drink More Milk Dear
You Can't Go In!
Close Your Eyes And Pretend It Didn't Happen
Master Goldsmith - Lapis Lazuli
Who's Afraid Of Spiders? Eek!
The Curse Of Ambition
Eight Arms And A Small Brain
Who Are You?
Crushing The Evil Forces
It's Time To Pawn All
Don't Come! Or I'll Sting You!
You're Going To Lose! My Magic Will Destroy You!
You Were Good Until Now, But You Can't Defeat ME!
You've Made It! But Beware...
Making Soup Is Not A Good Idea
I've Never Seen So Much Ectoplasm
I Am The Antidote To Your Poison
As I Climb Onto Your Back, I Will Promise Not To Sting
Light The Fire, She Is Ready
It's Time To Change The Bandages
This Sculpture Would Look Beautiful In My Room
The Scorpion's Suicide
The Magic Of Skepticism
Presence Of Osiris
A Dethroned Pharaoh
It Would Be Nice If Time Came Back, But That Is Not The Reality
Your Ego Is Your Prison
Experienced Archaeologist
Master Goldsmith III - Diamond
Professor In Geology
All That Glitters Is Not Gold

0% complete
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-23 22:24:00
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

10% complete
Ranma ½: Akanekodan Teki Hihou (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-20 22:10:52
Earned 7 of 73 achievements, 37/740 points.
Every Second Beside You Is Like Being In Heaven, My Love
Scalded Cat Fears Cold Water
See You In Three Months, Lost Baka!
Come On Akana, Let's Eat!
Akane, You Are So Uncute!
It's Time To Distribute The Treasures
School Rumble!
Ranma-Honey, This Is For You!
Puns With Keys Are Not Funny
Where I Am? Akane ...? Shampoo ...?
Let's See How Far Ryoga's Sense Of Direction Will Lead Me ...
Tom-Cat Bath Time
Being Courteous Is The Foundation Of Adulthood
Lince's Eyes
Who Would Have Thought It Would Be So Easy ...
We'd Never Run, RAT-SUME!
No Time For Glory ...
Pagan Offerings
A Peach Of My Heart ...That Gives All
Hey, Ryoga, Stop Running In Circles!
Real Skills Are Like This, Black Wizard!
YaaaY! Ranma Come For Shampoo! s2
Hero Syndrome VS Sense Of Direction
Let The Gung-Ho Girl Shine!
RANMA !!! You Made Your Old Man So Happy !!!
Pop, You Really Are Stupid!
It Seems That The Black Wizard Was Bewitched
The Curse Of Jusenkyo Is Not Enough
For The First Time This Curse Was Useful
Daydreamer Hawaiian Party
Let's Go! ( I'm Glad They Are Well ...)
Do You Think Your Life Is Hard? Try To Walk With Ryoga
Akane, My Love! - Ranma, My Darling! - HAHA HA HA!!
Ranma, Shampoo Likes Mirrors!
Super What? Go Cry To Your Mother!
Ah-Looo-Haa, Keikis... !
Oh Boy, They're Always So Stubborn ...
The Wind That Brought You Will Take You Away!
Do You Think That Some Thunder Will Scare The Tendo's Heiress?
... Our Day Will Come Ranma ...
Akane... Wait For Us!
Nothing Is More Important Than ...
We're Not Kidding Today ...
Nekomimi Nyan Nyan !
Dai-Ryo-Ja!    *Sob, Sob*
Neko-Ken Panikku
Cat Death's Twilight
Make Your Choice, Muko-Dono
Do You Have the Courage To Face Yourself?
Unlucky Charm
Bark, Aunf! (All I Wanted Was A Cup Of Tea)
I'll Turn You Into A Roast Chicken!
Cute Kitty Purring ~ *
Unholy Lands
Flawed Judgement
Anything Goes Success When We Are Together
She Gives Me Strength To Overcome My Fears
Leave Me Alone !!! ... (I Hope These Happy Days Last Forever)
He's A Woman, She's A Man
My Heart Is Sweet And Stubborn
Get Ready For The Kiss Of Death!
Ranma! It's Time For Our Duel! Shishi Hokodan!
Ranma !!! Look...! IT'S HAIR !!!
Time Brings Knowledge, Study Makes The Sorcerer's Wisdom
Marked By Jusenkyo, Masters By Training
If I'ts Belongs To No One, Why Can't It Be Ours?
You Can Hide Them, But I'll Find Them All!
Eyes Wide Open
It's Easy To Get Lost In Thought, But I Will Not Do It
Now I just Need A Bucket Of Cold Water
Uhhh! Oink Oink Oink!
Well... I Was Around Here...
Airen! Purr Purr Purr!

0% complete
Golden Axe (Master System)
Last played 2020-07-20 12:54:00
Earned 0 of 25 achievements, 0/500 points.
You Can Close Yourself In Your Shell
Across The Skies
The Most Just And Strong Ruler of All
Victory Is Mine - Walking Through The Forest
Tracing A New Course - Chaos In The Village
Fighting For Freedom - On The Turtle's Back
Who Would Cry For A Loner? - The fiend Path
Experience On The Battlefield - The Castle Entrance
And After That I Had A Nice Dinner
Rawr! - Ice Breath
Let's Barbecue Tonight!
What's The Use of Being Strong If They're Slow?
Do You Really Want To Walk With The Dead, Dear?
Again In Bad Company - The Silver Knight
Hyaa! ... *This Really Was A Challenge*
You Were A Worthy Opponent But Your Heart Was Lost
Only The Strong Will Stand Up - No Jokes
Rais Fonorgrei! - Br Wink
Burn Baby Burn - HA HA HA HA!
Let Me Sleep Human !!!
Do You Believe In Magic? Magics!
I Am A Warrior My Mind Is Set To Kill
I'll Walk Over You And By My Sword You Will Die!
Life Or Death Is On The Line
How Far Can You Go By Power?

13% complete
Golden Axe Warrior (Master System)
Last played 2020-07-16 07:36:27
Earned 5 of 55 achievements, 95/600 points.
Thank You Friends, I Really Appreciate The Help
The Maximum Power In My Hands
Looting The Whole World
Fundamental Rights of A Warrior
A Complete Warrior Has To Know The Ways of Magic
This Is Ideal For Me Because I Am A Viking
You're A Fool And You Don't Know
The Path of Victory Is Paved By Blood
Here Is Your Apple, My Brother
Great! Now I Can See Your Moves
I Eat Green Dragons On Tuesdays
Humpf ... What A Waste of Time
You Should Give it To Me Since I'm Risking My Life
I Hope This Rope Really Is Magic
Say Hello To Your Brother In The Hell
It Was A Good Experience ... What's Next?
It Not Too Heavy, But Can Be Useful
I'm Sorry About Your Sister, But 50 Horns ...
I Was Not Afraid Water But My Equipment Would Rust
Magic Is Not Something New To Me, Now Die!
I Will Not Leave Any Villains Alive
You Can Call Me Bloody Knight!
Try To Flee Now Cowards!
Your Defense Is Not That Strong
Swear On The Dead I Will Not Fall
Growing Mentally
100 Horns? Do Not Call Me Buddy!
Yay! Finally Something Good Happened
Yuki Will Not Be Forgotten
I Knew That One Day I Would Defeat You Salamander
I Need 2 Minutes Rest
Now My Defense Is Perfect ***Not That I Need it***
Thank you Princess! We're Gonna Have Our Revenge
I Sail Over The Sea Without Fear
The Souls of My Loved Ones Still Burn In My Heart
Nothing Can Stop Me Now! ...
What !? So My Blood Is ...
Perfect! Heavy And Powerful ... Just What I Needed
Highlighting My Good Side
At Least Now I Can Save Some Horns
You're Just Another Illusionist From Darkness
I Feel Like A Berserker ... It's Almost Over
Super Fantastic!
You May Be Giant But Still Weak
The Cry of A Warrior
Purify Weird Soul
There Is No Dignity In A Battle Without Blood ...
What Does A Warrior Do After The War?
It's Important To Know How To Negotiate ... Sometimes ...
Horns Horns Horns
I Wonder What I'll Do With All This
Life Is To Be Lived Without Regrets
My Mind Is Clear
Unfortunately, I Will Not Go To Valhalla ...
Fireproof - The Warrior Prince

6% complete
Robotrek (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-15 14:47:39
Earned 7 of 120 achievements, 22/900 points.
Berserker Strike
Oops, Wrong Button! ...
I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball ~
Heavy Nightcrawler
Cerebral Hard Drive Data Recovery
Applied Mechanical Engineering
Total Dedication To His Work
Like Father, Like Son
I Am Just A City Boy
A Good River Is Nature's Life Work In Song
Corkscrew Punch
The Price Of Life
Err ... I Didn't See Anything
Last Blast Fishing
A Special Gift
Rask? ... Count Prinky?
Like John And Mary
A Man Of Science Does Not Fear The Supernatural
Everything I Want To See
Language Of Non-Humans
The Grateful Little Mouse
It's Time To Create Again
Drawn To Artificial Lights
Living Dead Doll - Over My Dead Body
One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
Beach, Shade And Fresh Water ... That's What I Need!
Tourist Tour - Deity Is Happy!
This Is Not The Type Of Vacation I Expected ...
Nothing Else Will Be Hidden From Me!
Why Am I Feeling An Uncontrollable Urge To Eat Cheese?
I Hope There Are No Side Effects ... Squeak! Shoot
No More Divine Furies
Technology Is Always Welcome
I Can't See, But I Can Feel
Arrogance Is Not A Sign Of Intelligence
Dreams And Reality
Exploring Genetic Engineering
Thinking Of The Needy
The Secret To Happiness Is Helping Others
Minimum Security Prison
Your Mask Fell Off - Rose's Biggest Fan
Heroic Acts And The Real Personality Of The Wicked Lady
Memories Of My Homeland
Helping Deities With Technology
Merciless Nature
Playing A Prank On The Little Ones - Boo ... Boo!
The Recluse Programmer
Dealing With Winter Depression
You Would Be A Delicious Mediterranean Dish
From One Father To Another Father's Son
He's So Overprotective! Cluck!
Two Hearts And A Story
Connection To Cyberspace
Cleaning The Memory Stick
Below Zero Search
Ritchie Weikath On Stage
Back In The Day
Angel Investor
Feel Like I've Been Here Before
Back To Black
Okay, Let's Go ... (What Is This Girl Talking About?)
Flowering Future
Restoring Damaged Friendships
Wind Lullaby
See You In A Few Years
Too Worried To Care About Myself
No, What Happens When She Gets Mad? Heh '
No Honor Among Villains
Say Che-e-e-e-se!
Creations From The Past
I Don't Know What Is Real Anymore ...
Another Rudolph Fentz
The Past ... Space ... I Just ... ~ Rocket Man ~
Historical Record Of The Universe
Advanced Civilization
The Fearless Three
... Bagu Bagu Bagu ...
~ A Ray Of Hope ~
The Wind Has No Destination
Secrets Of Outer Space
Domino Effect
Against The Flow Of Time
News! ~ * Rococo Boy Saves World! *
A Remnant Of Time
Self-Taught Inventor
Creative Intelligence - Enthusiastic Beginner
Creative Intelligence II - Knowledge Is Power
Creative Intelligence III -  Eidetic Memory
Creative Intelligence IV - Quintenix's Greatest Mind
Creative Intelligence V - Create To Inspire
Brains And Hands - White Flame
Brains And Hands II - Black Rainbow
Brains And Hands III - Gray Atmosphere
Brains And Hands IV - Red Heaven
Let's Play Capture The Flag?
Only Here You Can Find The Highest Quality Garbage!
Creativity Is Not Explained
Easy Life Is What I Want For Myself
Ending Credits Are Not Enough
Those Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones
~ DARPA Robotics Challenge ~
Nowadays Money Is Worth Nothing
Crescent Moon
Steel Tormentor
Magnum Break
Kree Nakoorie
Feel Thor's Wrath
Cracking The Cosmos
Ten Ton Meteor Strike
The Whole World Shaking
Razor Ruddock Smash Punch
Hand Of God
Auto Shot Pack
Rainbow Wave
Mushroom Cloud
Goodbye Dirty Shoes
Metal Barricade
Firebird Shock Wave

0% complete
Pokemon - Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-07-15 03:10:10
Earned 0 of 49 achievements, 0/485 points.
Just Heating Up
You Aren't Half Bad
You Are Pretty Decent Actually
You're Pretty Good
The Ultimate Ball [m]
The Rock-Loving Honors Student
A Big Wave in Fighting
The Cheerfully Electrifying Man
One With a Fiery Passion that Burns
A Man in Pursuit of Power
The Bird User Taking Flight into the World
The Mystic Combination
Artist, and Lover of Water
Volcanic Showdown
Panic in the Institute
Not So Secret Hideout
Awaken, My Master!
From Zero to Hero
The Birth of a New Champion
Heavy Weather
Sky High
The Stone Titan
The Ice Titan
The Iron Titan
Roaming for Eons
Eco-Friendly Trainer
Dethroning the Trick Master
Ancient Crafting
Treasure Deliverer
Hoard Lord
Machine Collector
Not Totally Scammed
Pest Control [m]
Successful Transition
Size does Matter
Chain of my Chains
Mysterious Feature
Renowned Trainer
Owning Wally
Epic Sweep
Champion of Champions
Squishy Son of a Fish
Professional Catcher [m]
Gotta Catch 'em All - Ruby

26% complete
Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-14 13:07:52
Earned 16 of 121 achievements, 100/1000 points.
The Dangers Of The Night Forest
Physical Strength Doesn't Work Against My Speed
Breaking The Mousetrap III - Serene Wind
The Hungry Mouse III - I Want Truffle And Cheese Ravioli!
I Don't Wanna Dieeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Cactus Thorn -  Shining Like The Sun
Speed Of Light - Speedy Gonzales
In Perfect Harmony - Minimum Contact
It A Beautiful Day For Running In The Sun
The Hungry Mouse II - Cooking A Fondue
Me Siento Enamorado
Comer Para Vivir ~ Vivir Para Comer
Breaking The Mousetrap - Freedom For All!
The Hungry Mouse - Ahhh ... A Tartiflette
Arriba Arriba Andale Arriba - Yeppa
~ Fiesta Y Juerga ~
Exceeding Speed Limits
Lost In The Dark Castle Hallways
Barefoot In The Snowy Mountain
Running To The Milky Way
Facing The Kittens Fleet
The Hungry Mouse IV - How Is Brie And Mushroom Risotto Recipe?
The Hungry Mouse V - Another Macaroni Gratin, Please!
The Hungry Mouse VI - Nachos With Cheese Is The Dish Of The Day
The Hungry Mouse VII - Romeu E Julieta! Yay!
The Hungry Mouse VIII - Who Doesn't Like A Banquet?
The Hungry Mouse IX - Better Than A 3-Star Menu
The Hungry Mouse X - This Mascarpone Ice Cream Is Delicious!
The Hungry Mouse XI - I'll Make A Cheesecake To Warm My Heart~
The Hungry Mouse XII - My Little Piece Of The Moon!
The Hungry Mouse XIII - Acme's Galactic Galaxies Taste
The Hungry Mouse XIV - Each Wave Makes Me More Hungry
The Hungry Mouse XV - Every Day Is A Good Day To Eat!
The Hungry Mouse XVI - A Simple Mac And Cheese To End The Meal
The Hungry Mouse XVII - Now I'm Satisfied! Thank You!
Breaking The Mousetrap II - You're Welcome, Little Friends!
Breaking The Mousetrap IV - Forest Wanderer
Breaking The Mousetrap V - I Go Out At Night
Breaking The Mousetrap VI - We Have Mice Rights
Breaking The Mousetrap VII - Gracias Amigo!
Breaking The Mousetrap VIII - The Bats Were Bullying Us
Breaking The Mousetrap IX - Thought I Would Be Left Behind ...
Breaking The Mousetrap X - No One Will Become A Popsicle!
Breaking The Mousetrap XI - Now Let's Make A Snowball Fight
Breaking The Mousetrap XII - The Breathing Space
Breaking The Mousetrap XIII - Don't Fall Into A Black Hole
Breaking The Mousetrap XIV - Seasickness~
Breaking The Mousetrap XV - The Mice On The Boat
Breaking The Mousetrap XVI - Head North Friends!
Breaking The Mousetrap XVII - The Last Will Be The First
As Time Goes By - Sunset At Noon
As Time Goes By II - My Beautiful Sunshine
As Time Goes By III - Poisonous Mushrooms
As Time Goes By IV - Verdant Agony
As Time Goes By V - Picking Wild Flowers
As Time Goes By VI - Mexican Horizon
As Time Goes By VII - Holding The Sombrero
As Time Goes By VIII - Bath In The Cauldron
As Time Goes By IX - Aged Furniture
As Time Goes By X - Lighting The Fireplace
As Time Goes By XI - When You Are Small, Any Snow Is Blizzard
As Time Goes By XII - To Infinity And Beyond
As Time Goes By XIII - Space Maneuvers
As Time Goes By XVI - Swimming In The Wild Ocean
As Time Goes By XV - Message In The Bottle
As Time Goes By XVI - Calling The Coast Guard
Speed Of Light II - It A Beautiful Day For Running In The Sun
Speed Of Light III - A Shadow Of The Night
Speed Of Light IV - Merciless Nature
Speed Of Light V - The Splinters In My Foot Don't Bother Me
Speed Of Light VI - Fighting In The Heights
Speed Of Light VII - Confusions At Construction
Speed Of Light VIII - My House Has No Roof Or Walls
Speed Of Light IX - Count Gonzales
Speed Of Light X - The Mouse In The Maze
Speed Of Light XI - Dodging Snowflakes
Speed Of Light XII - Totally White
Speed Of Light XIII - Gravitational Field
Speed Of Light XIV - Entering The Space Fissure
Speed Of Light XV - Heaven Come Down
Speed Of Light XVI - Swimming In The Salt Pool
Speed Of Light XVII - Surfing On Summer Wave
Speed Of Light XVIII - Don't Drink Rum If You're Running!
Speed Of Light XIX - Today Is The Day To Bathe The Kittens
Speed Of Light XX - Ignoring The Needy
In Perfect Harmony II - Ultraviolet Ray
In Perfect Harmony III - So Natural When It Could Be
In Perfect Harmony IV - Lots Of Strong Root
In Perfect Harmony V - Respect For Living Things
In Perfect Harmony VI - Alternative Rat Society
In Perfect Harmony VII - Controlling Stress
In Perfect Harmony VIII - No Pushing In The Dark
In Perfect Harmony IX - Real Life Pitfalls
In Perfect Harmony X - Making A Beautiful Snowman
In Perfect Harmony XI - Why Fight If We Can Sledding Together?
In Perfect Harmony XII - Earth Conflicts Must Stay On Earth
In Perfect Harmony XIII - Oxygen Is Short, But We Can Share
In Perfect Harmony XIV - Your Friend From The Seven Seas
In Perfect Harmony XV - Playing Naval Battle
In Perfect Harmony XVI - Peace For All
Cactus Thorn II - Clove And Cinnamon
Cactus Thorn III - Speed Friction
Cactus Thorn IV - Serenade To The Moon
Cactus Thorn V - Call Me Global Warming
Cactus Thorn VI - Spicy Meteor
Cactus Thorn VII - Spiral Water Splash
10000 Volts - Don't Be "Shocked"
It's Bath Time Kitten!
Uhhz, I'm Really Dizzy~
Mexico's Fastest Kick~
The True Wild Wind!
The Terror Of The Los Gatos Bandidos
It Is Not Enough For Lunch!
Livin' La Vida Loca
Oh, How Lucky! My Favorite Juice For Free Here! ...
Bailando Con La Catrina~
Tatsumouse Senpuu Kyaku
How Many Lives Will Be Lost If I Die?
My Dream Is Come True! - Alone In A Bistro
Senor Speedy, You Are So Brave!
Small As A Poor Mouse

0% complete
Ranma ½: Chounai Gekitou Hen (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-08 02:16:02
Earned 0 of 25 achievements, 0/430 points.
Here's Ranma!
Akane! Where's The Teapot!?
Enter Genma, The Rude Master!
Enter Kodachi, the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast!
Enter Kuno, The Night-Prowling Knight!
Enter Kocho, The Principal of Furinkan High School!
Enter Shampoo, The Gung-Ho Girl!
Enter Ryoga, The Eternal Lost Boy!
You Don't Have My Skills!
You Are So Uncute!
The Mysterious Horse!.....? Or Panda?
The Black Rose!
I'm A Shooting Star!
These Are The Rules
You Must Die For The Amazon Law
Who Are You Calling P-chan?
Enter Happosai, the Lustful Lecher!
This Ol' Gal's, The Leader of The Amazon Tribe!
Anything Goes Martial Arts
Cat Cafe Debts
OVA Without Protagonist
Jusenkyo Pool Party
I Came To The Tournament To Win
Restrictions Of Furinkan
Report Card

200% complete
Great Battle V, The (SNES)
Last played 2020-07-07 06:01:23
Earned 80 of 80 achievements, 750/750 points.
We Waive Divine Interventions
Starlight Sonata
Living And Dying - Time For Change
Current Local Time - Late
Desert Striker - Lunar Jump
Ghosts Of My Past
Chinese Fafnir Debits
Our Friendship Will Burn Brightly Forever!
Drawing Strength From Courage
Seasoning Of Life
Back In The Day
Inflamed Hearts
DG-Cell Infused Gundarium Alloy
Money, Like Power, Corrupts
Llumu Qhimil Wishes
Bring It On, Punks!
By My Badge, You Will Be Defeated!
Character Is Like A Tree And Reputation Like A Shadow
Justice Must Prevail
Guns, Galvestones And Money
Mohal... I've Finally Avenged You...
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Laughter
Rich But Humble
Bad Wolf God Breath
The Weak Don't Deserve My Attention
Ultra-Atomic Laser
Portrait of Authority
Outlaw Cowboy
The Right Side Is Moving Forward
Give Me More! I Will Not Back Down Now!
Mohal, I Swear... I WILL Get You Some Payback!
You Should Be Haunting Some Mountain
Calling Attention
Reward For What? Where Is Mohai ...?
Enter RX! - My Rider Kick Is Ready To Got!
The Strong Do Not Look Down
Master... Why Things Have To Be This Way?
Incoerent Master
Send More! Training Shooting on Mobile Target
An Untold Love Story
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel May Be You
You Own It, You Better Never Let It Go
See You After 16-Bits - Goodbye!
Public Enemy No 1
Angel's Boneyard
Night Of Nightmares
Fighting In The Moonlight
Don't Be Late For The Climax!
Roots Of Evil - Back To The Chaotic Reality
Power Transition
So Broken
From The Wind To The Fire
Hill Of Regrets - Lamentations
Farewell To The Sun
Sometimes Relaxing May Be The Answer
Heart Of Texas
The Same Feelings In Another Dimension
Atmospheric Pressure
Over The Hills And Far Away
Stars Of Justice
We Have No Time To Take A Nap?
The Hunting Season Is Open
My Dear Little Sister
Reserved Wagon
Suicidal Tendencies
Be My Guiding Star
I'm Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train
Is It Too Early For A Drink?
No Chance For Evil
Snake Blood To Quench Thirst
One Shot At Glory
Ready, Fire, Aim! ...?
Just Take My heart When You Go
Enter God! - This Hand Of Mine Is Burning Red!
Cutting Sword Of Justice
Explosion Proof
The Righteous Tread A Lonely Trail
Enter Man! - Nobory Escapes From My Slash Beam

27% complete
Magical Taruruuto-kun (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-06-28 22:15:46
Earned 6 of 22 achievements, 85/255 points.
Jabao Stop Playing Football
Vampire Kiss
Let's go home Iyona
Fairy Tale
You're Gonna Regret It...Pal!
Master Magician
Is it Your Magic or are You a Harpy?
Geez... Stay Away From Me Little Witch
Dancing With My Devil
Bye Bye Harako-chan
Knock-Knock-Knockin on Hell's Door
Bullying Art
Wizards of Time
Caravan to Hell
Family Tree
Living In the Hills
My Little Fairy
Temperamental Teacher
Is Enough for some Takoyakis?

8% complete
Monster World IV (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-06-28 22:15:40
Earned 7 of 85 achievements, 51/1050 points.
The Arrival of the End
Facing The Abyss
The Worst Nightmare
Even Death Flow
Bam Baba Bam! ... BaBaBaBaba Baba Bam!
In Difficult Times, Embrace Your Life!
I Will Save The Whole Wooooooor ... WHAT?
Pure Heart Warrior's Oath
Welcome To This World, Little Friend!
Maybe... It's Time... The Legend Repeats Itself
You Are So Cute!
Practicing Detachment
The Darkness Must Not Spread Any Further
It Looks Like You're Eating Too Much, Dear
We Must Help The Queen Before Is Too Late!
Arabian Nights
It Cannot Be Tolerated!
Faith - Love - Fraternity
Last Sacrifice
The Peace That We Deserve
Breaking The Silence
Absolut Hot
Be Like The River, Adapt To The Flow And Move On
When The Life Giver Dies, All Around Is Laid To Waste
Panic At 30,000 Feet
... Dark Nights l Bad Dreams ...
Heart Beats
A Cold Hand, A Warm Heart
Nothing Can Hurt A Heart Of The Ocean
Current Isis Incarnation
Heavens Takes Over
Helpless Heart I - The Silence Of Innocent
Helpless Heart II - Incandescent Passion
Helpless Heart III - Purity Owner
Helpless Heart IV - Unraveling The Mystery Of Hieroglyphs
Helpless Heart V -  Walking Blind And Revealing The Hidden
Helpless Heart VI - Eternal Rose
Helpless Heart VII - Stairway To Heaven
Helpless Heart VIII - Nothing's Worth If You're Not Here
Don't Take Yourself So Seriously
Be Careful Not To Burn Your Fingers, My Dear
Pirates Left The Treasures Here To Be Found By Me!
Ancient Egypt Artifacts
The Gifts Never Given From Heavens
Hidden Treasures Of Ancestors
How Much Is The Risk Worth?
Do You Remember The Coins You Throwed In The Wishing Well?
The Wealth Of Pharaoh
Requiem For The Fallen
Deadly Sin
Estefan Will Prosper When I Return ...
Saria's Handicrafts
Thousand Legs To Running Better
Phineus Banquet
Pyroclastic Flow
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!
Stream Capture
You'd Better Stay In Crete, Right?
Return To Limbo!
The Fall Of Ymir
Keep It On Family Tree
Failure Of Kirchhoff's Law
Code Of Conduct
Lucid Nightmare
Knowledge Is The Only Thing That Can Never Be Taken From You
What Has Changed, Your Highness?
Riddle Of The Sphinx
Remember Me When You Feel Lost, Somewhere
Dreams Ridden With Pain
The Hardest Part Of Letting Go
Life Itself Is Only A Vision ... A Dream ...
What A Peculiar Way To Help Someone
... Horus Is Not Here ... I Mean ...
Supposedly You Should Help Me, Right?
Value Of Life
My Lucky Day!
Advertising Is Everything!
Pure Soul And Heart
I May Have Found You, But I Do Not Need You!
Cut! Slash! Thrust! Slice!
... Protecting The Future ...
~ Lioness Heart ~
The Legend Becomes Reality
~ Tears On Your Cheek ~
~ Refreshing My Soul ~

0% complete
Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES)
Last played 2020-06-25 23:10:58
Earned 0 of 47 achievements, 0/400 points.
Well Done
Jim's Free Time
Weapons Testing
They Call Him 'Iron Jim'
Mashed Worm
Soiled Your Suit
Marshmallow O' Lard
Marshmallow O' Lead
Marshmallow O' Love
Full of Hot Air
Grandpa Jim's Wild Ride
You May Be Insane, But So Am I
Jimball Wizard
Strongest Worm Alive
Anything But Chip Butty?
Lorenzen's Sandwich
Lorenzen's Feast
Udderly Delicious
Chip Floaty
Tax Delectable
Welfare Support
Everything But Tangerines
Lorenzen Foiled
Peter Puppy Packed A Punch
Blind Sally's Flight of Fancy
The Big Kaboom
With Packs of Puppies
Invaders From Mooter Space
Circus of the Scars
Planet of Paperwork
Preaching Prudence
Dine And Dash
Party's Over, Bob!
Master of Disguise
Keep Your Nose Clean
The Brahman Brahma
Inflated Ego
Renewed Your Class 'C' License
Good Egging, And Have A Pleasant Tamale
What Happens In The Lost Vegas System...
...Stays In The Lost Vegas System
Earthcow Jim

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