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Member Since: 12 Feb 2020, 15:02
Last Activity: 19 Feb 2021, 13:24
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Retro Ratio: 2.79
Average Completion: 46.99%
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Fulfilling the prophecy as the Warriors of Light

Last 5 games played:

6% complete
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-11-13 23:23:48
Earned 2 of 70 achievements, 10/800 points.
We Were The Fearless Pirates
Get Knocked Down, Don't Get Up Again [m]
A Fake King
Dracula, You Are Not
Quaking In His Boots
Hot Under The Collar
A Dirty Look
Off To Davy Jones' Locker
Blown Away
Crumpled to Dust
Ashes to Ashes
All Washed Up
Fallen From Grace
Break The Time Loop
Flying Purple-People Eater
Four Heads Are Better Than Two
Opened The Gates To Hell
Knuckles, Defeated
Fell Flat Into The Deep Ravine!
Wave of Failure
Kain's Jump Not Required
We Fought Like Gentlemen
Battle On The Big Bridge
A Supermachine Destroyed
A Space Portal Closed
X Y Up Down
A Deadly Glance
Master Grinder
One Percenter
Monster Enthusiast
Slaying Around The World
Bonus Beat 'Em Up
Brave Prince of Kashuan
Prisoners of Mine
Hatching A Plot
Animal Be Guy Friend
Wise Northern Explorer
Ruins of Kashuan
Frying The 'Nought
A Rebel I Was Meant To Be
Preservation of Life
To The Victors Go The Royals
Take That Back
Unmask The Mask
Exotic Jungle Expedition
Mazeidia Cave
From Stern to Stem
Mysidian Power
The Emperor's New Grave
That's 'LEND', You Hear?
Usurping The Usurper
Satan's Fortress
To Heck With You!
The Weak Serve The Strong
Everybody's Gonna Wanna Ride Your Chocobo
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badge! [m]
Greatest Crook in the World [m]
Card Games? Here?
Mouthpiece [m]
Honorary Treasurer
Gotta Fight 'Em All [m]
Strange Obssession [m]
Extended Knowledge
Grudge To End All Grudges
To Arubboth With You!
Power! Infinite Power!

58% complete
Crusader of Centy (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-11-02 18:24:45
Earned 17 of 59 achievements, 95/415 points.
Get the Silver Medal
Lost during the training
This is not an egg
Salty bags
Salty apple
Harder better faster stronger
Get Kitty
Welcome to Anemone Beach
Hidden money bags
Get 100 malins
A hidden apple
You can jump ?
Get Mac
Welcome to Dahlia Valley
Get sword Throw
Get the Bronze Medal
Welcome to Rafflesia School
Get the Golden Medal
Get the Holy Sword
An expensive apple
The tree that hid the apple
Bath toy
Abandoned apple
An apple out of reach
Grilled apple
Baked apple
The squirrel's apple
Yellow on yellow tones
Golden reflections
The dancing flowers
A flying apple
A Crusader full of life
Between the fiery serpents
Boiling coins
In the shade of trees
Behind the cactus
Icy coins
Wet money
At the foot of the tower
One of the cardinal sins
Wealth of the desert
Greedy boy
Get Edgar
Get Batty
Get Wong
Noah's ark
Welcome to Hot Daisy
Welcome to Burn Daisy
Welcome to Iris
Welcome to Camellia Desert
Welcome to Tower of Babel
Welcome to Freesia
Welcome to Root Temple
Welcome to Heaven
Welcome to the past
Welcome to Black Night
Welcome to a New World
Super Crusader Kart
A Vicious Golden Apple

200% complete
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Last played 2020-11-02 09:05:31
Earned 150 of 150 achievements, 1070/1070 points.
Faithful Companions
Hard Its Me
Edge Of Insanity
Why Are You So Sad?
Sandcastles In The Sand
Heaven Came Down
We, Who Cannot See Into Tomorrow
The Usurper King
Alexander, King Of The Holy Dragons
How Many Years Have We Waited For This ...
In God We Trust!
Fury From Heaven
Eternal Travelers
Do You Give Life To Others And Cannot Take Care Of Yourself?
To The Homeland ...
Always Three Steps Ahead
Evil Erasers
Loyalty And Willpower
Transcendental Nature
Dissolving Bodies
Nexus Of Hate
Unique Powers
Sacred Treasures Of The Kahna Kingdom
Mama's Boy
Don't Tear Your Soul Apart
??? - Dark Metamorphosis - ???
The Mystery Of The Strange
I Can't Resist A Closed Box
Hellfire Rhythm
To Eternal Suffering
Wife-And-Child-Protecting Salesman
The Final Battle
Courage Over Fear
The Dark Side Of Me
That Was Easier Than Taking It Off From That Stone ...
I Know How You Feel Buddy ...
The Holy Dragon
Nobody Deserves To Feel This Agony
Your Last Order
The Sky Of Sadness
Ship To Wreck
The System Has Failed
I'm A Shooting Star, Leaping Through The Sky
Orelus Freedom Force
Gift From The Skies
A Hopeless Future ... (I Can't Believe I Will Go Bald)
Byuu, The Dragon Mom
Farewell, Matelite!
Long Live The Queen!
Day To Be Generous!
I Don't Know If I Understand What You Mean
Not Even The Elite Can With Us
The Promised Land
Broken Heart
Maybe We'll Need A Bigger Ship
Protect The Church Of Memories!!!
A Door To A New Era
The Sky Is Falling
And You Say That Metalite Is Authoritarian?
The Holy Dragon Jormungand
I Don't Want To See My Dragons Hurt
Nobody Needs This More Than Me!
Showdown In The Burning Sands
Deadly Silence
Err ... Okay ... Thanks
How Do You Know So Much About Us?
When Water Is Scarce Try Not To Waste Time
Uncontrollable Itch
The Miracle Of Friendship
Hello Cute
When The Bird-Dragon Awakens ...
Sweeping Evil Under The Rug
Did You Think I Would Forget Them?
Maybe I Should Leave A Note
There Will Always Be A Place For You At Knights Of Kahna
No More Dancing Alone
Goodnight Moonlight
The Magic Of Godland
Genetically modified
The Spy Operation
Confessions To A Stranger ...
The Lords Of Strategy
I Envy Your Happiness
Chameleon Operation
It's Better Not To Take A Deep Breath
Brave As They Should Be
Lukia And Gunso Don't Care ... (I Hope)
I Wasn't Thinking About Eating You ... (Hunger)
He's Silly, She's Tomboy
Rainbow Bridge
Celine ...
Curiosity Killed The Cat
These Things Are Scary ...
At The End Of The Rainbow
Mahal, The Continent Of Miracles
The Reckoning
Have You No Mercy?
We Also Know How To Fight Dirty
Dry And Wet Operation
Lethal Decisions - No Unnecessary Deaths
Mid-Air Dragon Battle
Spread Your Wings To The Future
Death Is A Relative Thing
W-What Is This Place?
Declared emergency
Guaranteeing My Dragon's Lunch
Hit Me With Everything You've Got!
The Legend Of The Holy Dragons
Dragon Squad Unification
I Think No One Needs It More Than We Do
Everyone Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt
I'm Starting To Think About Eating These Escargots
Youth Gone Wild
What Valitora Hides ...?
I Think Salmando Will Like This
Cheap Tricks Won't Work!
It's Not A Dream, Is It ...
Cruelty To Snails
Why Do They Hide The Loot?
Darkest Wing
An Ordinary Dream
Anything In Excess Is Harmful
The Flavor Of Chaos
I Really Would Like To Be A Navigator ...
What's Your Wish?
Emperor Sauzer
Like Poison For The Soul
Nothing Is Intractable!
My Little Friend Is Growing Up
Full Of Regret
The Worst Scars Are In The Mind
The Green Continent Of Campbell
Pickled Radish - Kahna Resistance
I Still Think About What Happened To Biggs And Wedge ...
Head Crushers - Take No Prisoners!
Nature Is Very Important ... Just Kidding! Burn Everything!
The Legend We Dreamed Of ...
Somebody Like You
Hey, Don't Look At Me Like That ... Metelite Is To Blame!
You're Kind Of Weird ...
Steps To The Future
Guess Who's Back?
Waltz Of The Dark Winds
Opaque Memories
Believe In Your Senses
The Downfall Of Kahna Castle
We Need to Buy Some Time

20% complete
Castlevania (NES)
Last played 2020-10-23 20:37:40
Earned 4 of 40 achievements, 25/425 points.
Wicked Child
Mighty Crusader III (Wicked Child)
Vampire Killer
Walking On the Edge
Heart of Fire
Nothing to Lose
Vampire Hunter Arsenal
Excellent Score
Vir Fortis Integellus I (The Bat)
Vir Fortis Integellus II (Medusa)
Vir Fortis Integellus III (The Mummies)
Vir Fortis Integellus IV (The Monster and Igor)
Vir Fortis Integellus V (The Grim Reaper)
Vir Fortis Integellus VI (Dracula)
Mighty Crusader I (Vampire Killer)
Mighty Crusader II (Stalker)
Mighty Crusader IV (Walking on the Edge)
Mighty Crusader V (Heart of Fire)
Mighty Crusader VI (Nothing to Lose)
Belmont Excavator I (Vampire Killer 1)
Belmont Excavator II (Vampire Killer 2)
Belmont Excavator III (Vampire Killer 3)
Belmont Excavator IV (Vampire Killer 4)
Belmont Excavator V (Stalker 1)
Belmont Excavator VI (Stalker 2)
Belmont Excavator VII (Stalker 3)
Belmont Excavator VIII (Wicked Child 1)
Belmont Excavator IX (Wicked Child 2)
Belmont Excavator X (Wicked Child 3)
Belmont Excavator XI (Walking on the Edge)
Belmont Excavator XII (Walking on the Edge)
Belmont Excavator XIII (Heart of Fire)
Belmont Excavator XIV (Heart of Fire)
Belmont Excavator XV (Heart of Fire)
Belmont Excavator XVI (Out of Time)
Belmont Excavator XVII (Out of Time)
Belmont Excavator XVIII (Nothing to Lose)
Unbeatable Vampire Slayer
Belmont's Destiny

58% complete
Hexen (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-10-23 14:00:59
Earned 19 of 66 achievements, 76/400 points.
Skilled Darkmere
Another new weapon*
Skilled Wastelands
Caves of Circe
Skilled Caves of Circe
Shadow Wood
Skilled Shadow Wood
Bright Crucible*
Skilled Bright Crucible*
Guardian of Fire
Skilled Guardian of Fire
Guardian of Steel
Skilled Guardian of Steel
Guardian of Ice
Skilled Guardian of Ice
A new weapon*
Test the Fighter
Test the Cleric
Test the Mage
Sacred Grove*
Skilled Sacred Grove*
Skilled Hypostyle
Skilled Seminary
Now I am slaying with power*
Orchard of Lamentations
Skilled Orchard of Lamentations
Silent Refectory
Skilled Silent Refectory
Wolf Chapel
Skilled Wolf Chapel
Dragon Chapel
Skilled Dragon Chapel
Griffin Chapel
Skilled Griffin Chapel
Deathwind Chapel*
Skilled Deathwind Chapel*
Castle of Grief
Skilled Castle of Grief
Skilled Gibbet
Skilled Effluvium
Skilled Dungeons
Forsaken Outpost
Skilled Forsaken Outpost
Desolate Garden*
Skilled Desolate Garden*
Skilled Necropolis
Skilled Vivarium*
Memento Mori Zedek
Morituri te salutant Zedek
Memento Mori Menelkir
Morituri te salutant Menelkir
Memento Mori Traductus
Morituri te salutant Traductus
The final battle
The end of the slaughter
The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall

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Tecmo Secret of the Stars (SNES)Tecmo Secret of the Stars
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