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Inspect Ticket

IDStateAchievementGameDeveloperReporterReported At
16 Sep 2017, 09:04
Notes: This achievement doesn't work on all 4 quests!
MD5: b167c3d23b3bd2f0759e5901d6ec7ebb
Report Type: Doesn't Trigger
Found 5 closed tickets for this achievement: 10199, 10165, 9387, 5247, 4902,
This achievement has been earned 20 (19) times since this ticket was created.
Gr1nya earned this achievement at 20 Sep 2017, 04:27 (after the report).


Recent comment(s):
20 Sep 4:24 2017
I've manually awarded this to Gr1nya
17 Dec 22:20 2017
The logic added to this achievement to prevent triggering when using the "power passwords" was incorrectly requiring the user to be at the main menu to trigger.
17 Dec 22:21 2017
By looking at other achievements in the set, it's clear that the intent was for the user to have once been at the main menu. I have updated the achievement accordingly (made the last two conditions have a HitCount=1).
17 Dec 22:21 2017
Resolved as fixed by Jamiras