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History - 18 Oct 2020

0kti0kti (2299 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
08:19Kill 15 Enemies with any gun upgrade without switching back to the normal weapon5
08:19Beat stage 1-1 without dying10
08:19Get through a stage without rolling5
08:20Finish Stage 1-21
08:20Beat stage 1-2 without dying10
08:22Finish Stage 1-31
08:22Beat stage 1-3 without dying10
08:23Finish Stage 1-41
08:24Beat stage 1-4 and Helicopter without dying10
08:24Beat the first boss5
08:24Score 50,000 pts5
08:24Have at least 50 Grenades10
08:25Finish stage 2-11
08:25Beat stage 2-1 without dying10
08:26Finish Stage 2-21
08:26Beat stage 2-2 without dying10
08:26Kill 200 enemies without getting Game Over10
08:28Finish Stage 2-31
08:28Beat stage 2-3 without dying10
08:28Finish Stage 2-41
08:29Beat stage 2-4 and Submarine without dying10
08:29Beat the second boss5
08:30Score 100,000 pts25
08:30Finish Stage 3-11
08:30Beat stage 3-1 without dying10
08:31Finish Stage 3-21
08:31Beat stage 3-2 without dying10
08:33Finish Stage 3-31
08:33Beat stage 3-3 without dying10
08:34Finish Stage 3-41
08:35Beat stage 3-4 and Big Rig without dying10
08:35Beat the third boss5
08:36Finish Stage 4-11
08:36Beat stage 4-1 without dying10
08:36Finish Stage 4-21
08:36Beat stage 4-2 without dying10
08:37Kill 500 enemies without getting Game Over25
08:37Beat stage 4-3 without dying10
08:37Finish Stage 4-31
08:38Finish Stage 4-41
08:39Beat stage 4-4 and Cannons without dying10
08:39Beat the fourth boss10
08:40Finish Stage 5-11
08:40Beat stage 5-1 without dying10
08:41Finish Stage 5-21
08:41Beat stage 5-2 without dying10
08:42Score 200,000 pts50
08:42Finish Stage 5-31
08:42Beat stage 5-3 without dying10
08:43Finish Stage 5-41
08:44Beat the game without using a continue50
08:44Beat stage 5-4 and... that boss thingy without dying25
08:44Beat the fifth boss10
08:51Beat the 2nd Floor on Game A10
08:52Reach 50000 Score on Game A5
08:52Beat the 3rd Floor on Game A10
08:53Beat the 4th Floor on Game A10
08:54Beat the 5th Floor on Game A25
08:54Beat the Game Without Losing a Life on Game A25
08:55Reach 150000 Score on Game A10
08:57Beat the 1st Floor on Game B10
08:58Beat the 2nd Floor on Game B10
11:24Find Hudson Bee in First Stage10
11:30Reach Area 2-110
11:33Complete any stage with a Skateboard.10
11:36Reach Area 3-110
11:42Reach Area 4-110
11:42Reach Area 4-1 Without Using Infinite Continues Trick25
11:48Complete Stage 45
11:49Complete Stage 55
11:58Reach Phase 1010
12:02Score 100,000 points10
12:07Reach Phase 2010
12:11Score 200,000 points10
12:15Reach the end of the Training Course and be horrified.2
12:15Finish the day with at least one successful delivery2
12:17Gain a new subscriber on Tuesday's report10
12:18Finish the day with at least one successful delivery3
12:18Score 10,000 Points10
12:20Finish the day with at least one successful delivery5
12:22Keep at top speed for 60 seconds2
12:22Gain a new subscriber on Thursday's report25
12:22Finish the day with at least one successful delivery5
12:25Gain a new subscriber on Friday's report25
12:25Finish the day with at least one successful delivery5
12:27Gain a new subscriber on Saturday's report25
12:27Finish the day with at least one successful delivery5
12:30Gain a new subscriber on Sunday's report50
12:30Finish the Week and Retire25
12:35Defeat your first opponent!3
12:35Beat Stage 1 without taking damage!10
12:36Beat Stage 2 without taking damage!10
12:36Gain a Extra Life.10
12:36Beat Stage 3 without taking damage!15
12:37Beat Stage 4 without taking damage!10
12:38Beat Stage 5 without taking damage!15
12:39Beat stage 5!15
16:44Create 15 Klaxes without a game over5
16:46Create 25 Klaxes without a game over5
16:47Complete 5 waves in a row on medium difficulty or higher without a game over5
16:49Create 15 Diagonal Klaxes without a game over5
16:51Create 50 Klaxes without a game over10
17:25Get a Mushroom by hitting a Coin Block enough times before it deactivates. (Hardcore!)3 (+3)
17:27Finish a Level with 11, 22 or 33 as the last digits on the Timer to spawn a Red Mushroom House. (Hardcore!)3 (+3)


Total earned on 18 Oct 2020: 1023 points, 106 achievements.

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