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History - 17 Oct 2020

mascaranerdmascaranerd (1588 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
15:21Eat 5 Chili Peppers in Duckburg (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
15:24Get the Hero Key and use it (Hardcore!)7 (+7)
15:26Acquire the Red Plunger (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:28Go out of Mexico after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:29Get the Bubblegum Shooter (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:30Go out of Duckburg after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:37Defeat Count Duckula (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:37Go out of Transylvania after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:37Eat 5 Chili Peppers in Maharajah (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
15:41Defeat the Tiger Shere Khan (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:42Go out of Maharajah after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:43Eat 5 Chili Peppers in Egypt (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
15:43Get Sphinx Tear and use it (Hardcore!)7 (+7)
15:47Solve the Riddle in Egypt's Pyramid (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:48Go out of Egypt after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)15 (+15)
15:49Get Scepter of Ra and use it (Hardcore!)7 (+7)
15:51Get Viking Key and use it (Hardcore!)7 (+7)
15:52Defeat the Viking Ghost (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:52Defeat Viking Ghost without taking damage (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
15:53Acquire the Green Plunger (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:53Go out of Viking Ship after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
15:56Find the ancient Viking Diary (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
15:56Go out of South Pole after collecting all mandatory items (Hardcore!)15 (+15)
16:02Defeat Big Bad Pete (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:03Finish the Hideout stage (Hardcore!)15 (+15)
16:09Defeat the final boss and beat the game (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:09Beat the game with no continues (Hardcore!)41 (+41)
16:12Obtain a steed the dragon as Gilius Thunderhead (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:14Clear Stage 1 (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:16Clear Stage 2 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:20Clear Stage 3 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:23Clear Stage 4 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:25Clear Stage 5 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:28Defeat Death Adder (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:30Defeat The Golden Knights (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:34Defeat Death Bringer (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:34Beat game without losing continue (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
16:36defeat - A silver Longmoan on a Chicken Leg (Hardcore!)1 (+1)
16:37defeat - 2 silver Heningers (Hardcore!)1 (+1)
16:37defeat - A silver Heninger on a Red Dragon (Hardcore!)2 (+2)
16:38defeat - 2 Skeletons (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:38defeat - 2 Red Longmoan (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:39defeat - 2 Lemanaya each on a Red Dragon (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:40defeat - 2 dark Heninger and a dark Longmoan (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:40defeat - 2 Purple Skeletons (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:41defeat - The Bad Brothers (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:43defeat - Lt. Bitter (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:44defeat - 2 Gen. Heartland (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:46defeat - 2 Gen. Bitter (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:48Collect 6 potions as the barbarian Ax Battler (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:50Obtain a steed as the Amazon fighter Tyris Flare (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:58Finish 1st in Redwood Forest in less than 2.50, using Shuriken 400 (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
16:58Win a race without falling off your bike. If you fall, you must reset (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
16:58Win a race in Redwood Forest (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:58Finish 1st in Sierra Nevada in less than 2.53, using Shuriken 400 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
16:58Finish 1st in Palm Desert in less than 2.58, using Shuriken 400 (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
17:01Win a race in the Pacific Coast (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
17:16This is a secret achievement (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
17:37Win a race in Palm Desert (Hardcore!)10 (+10)


Total earned on 17 Oct 2020: 1338 points, 118 achievements.

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