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History - 17 Oct 2020

IanimodoIanimodo (110371 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
03:20Clear Stage 4 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:22Score 200,000 Points (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:22Clear Stage 5 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:27Clear Stage 6 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:27Complete the Game Without Losing a Life (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
03:32Beat Area 5 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:34Get the item at final stage (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
03:54Beat Area 1 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:57Beat Area 2 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:59Beat Area 4 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:00Beat Area 3 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:12Get the first half of pizza (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:14Get 32000 points! (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:19Defeat the Shredder (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:19Finish the game (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
04:19Finish the game with all the turtles on the team (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
04:24Get your first slice of pizza (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:25Defeat the Bebop (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:25Get your first pizza in area 1 (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:27Defeat the Rocksteady (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:33Use the vehicle and shoot (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:35Get 100000 points! (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:35Get the item (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
04:43Get 200000 points (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
04:53Get the item in Stage 4 (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
05:36Clear the Ancient Ruins mission [any difficulty]3
05:36Defeat the Pinky Roader in the Ancient Ruins without taking damage [Normal or higher]10
05:46Win the fourth fight in Running Battle mode [Default difficulty or above] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
05:47Win the eighth fight in Running Battle mode [Default difficulty or above] (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
05:49Win all fights in Running Battle mode [Default difficulty or above] (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
06:57Beat Round 19 in Round Game mode. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
07:00Gain a 1-Up in Round Game mode with 50 coins. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
08:29Beat Round 39 in Round Game mode. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
08:59Rack up nine lives! (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
09:13Defeat PTERODACTYL at the end of Jungle Land. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
09:15Become a well-dressed caveman by getting 50,000 points! (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
09:19Get the best weapon upgrade! (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
09:19Defeat TYRANNOSAURUS REX at the end of Desert Land. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
09:20Get the maximum speed of three wing-boots! (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
09:23In Swamp Land, get Macho Riki to the end of the level! (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
09:24Defeat SPITTING COBRA at the end of Swamp Land. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
09:26Defeat PTERODACTYL at the end of SUPER Jungle Land! (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
09:31Defeat TYRANNOSAURUS REX at the end of SUPER Desert Land! (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
09:31Get 500,000 points. I have no idea what this is. (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
09:35Defeat SPITTING COBRA at the end of SUPER Swamp Land! (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
09:37Defeat MAD HORNET at the end of ULTRA Desert Land! (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
09:40Beat Jungle Land without getting ANY wings! (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
09:49Get a whopping 1,000,000 points! Who's on the title screen now?? (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
10:05Clear Stage 1 (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:06Upgrade your health to the max (Hardcore!)3 (+3)
10:16Win in Can Can mini-game (Hardcore!)3 (+3)
10:16Have 9 lives or more (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:53As Buster stay on same floor with Elmyra for 20 seconds and then exit (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:55Defeat the Wolverine staying on the right platform (counting from 1st hit) (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
10:58As Buster stay on same floor with Elmyra for 20 seconds and then exit (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
10:59Defeat Kong staying on the right ramp (counting from 1st hit) (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:03Defeat Duck Vader without jumping on the troppas (counting from 1st hit) (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:06As Buster keep avoiding Elmyra for 20 seconds and then exit (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
11:06Defeat Montana Max without breaking any coins (counting from 1st hit) (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:10Finish Hills 1 with Buster and Dizzy defeating 12 enemies and not turning back (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:10As Dizzy, defeat 6 enemies with a single Tornado Spin. [Stage Select OK] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:32Defeat the Cobra Condor Z-25 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:34Defeat Raptor (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:35Defeat Range Viper (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:35Complete the Amazon [Quest 1] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:37Defeat the Cobra Sea Ray (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:42Get more than 250,000 points (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:42Defeat the Cobra Buzz Boars (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:43Defeat Metal-Head (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:43Complete the Arctic [Quest 1] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:45Defeat the Cobra Fang II (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:48Get more than 500,000 points (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:48Use the Cobra Buzz Boar (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
11:54Defeat the AI Comp (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:55Fully upgrade Blizzard's weapon skill (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
11:57Defeat Overlord (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:57Complete the Sewers [Quest 1] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
11:59Defeat the A.G.P. (Anti Gravity Pod) (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
12:09Defeat Roadpig (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
12:10Defeat Voltar (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
12:10Complete a mission without losing a team member or time running out (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
12:10Complete the Black Hills [Quest 1] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
12:12Defeat the Cobra Bugg (Hardcore!)10 (+10)


Total earned on 17 Oct 2020: 2035 points, 164 achievements.

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