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History - 16 Sep 2020

CanalGameHenryflushCanalGameHenryflush (83436 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
00:47Clear stage 1 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
00:50Beat both ghost skeletons without being harmed.[No magic use, wait for them to appear] (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
00:52Knock 5 enemies off of the cliff (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
00:53Clear stage 3 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
00:53Clear stage 3 without losing a life (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
00:53Finish a stage while riding a beast or a dragon (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
00:55Kill 15 enemies while riding beasts or dragons (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
00:56Collect 20 magic potions total (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
00:57Clear stage 5 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:00Clear stage 7 (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:03Use Tyris' ultimate magic attack. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:06Beat the game as Tyris Flare (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:09Use Gilius' ultimate magic attack. (Hardcore!)3 (+3)
01:10Clear stage 1 without losing a life (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:15Clear stage 5 without losing a life (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
01:25Beat the game as Gilius Thunderhead (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:28Use Ax's ultimate magic attack. (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
01:41Kill 10 enemies with Ax's dash attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
01:49Beat the game as Ax Battler (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
01:51Kill 10 enemies with Tyris' dash attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
01:57Kill 10 enemies with Tyris' back attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
01:59Kill 30 enemies in sequence without riding beasts, dragons and using magic (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
02:20Beat the game without riding any beast or dragon (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
02:20Beat the game without using any magic potion. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
02:22Kill 10 enemies with Ax's back attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
02:25Kill 10 enemies with Gilius' dash attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
02:27Kill 10 enemies with Gilius' back attack (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
02:52Beat the game without hitting any midget. (Hardcore!)10 (+10)
03:40Clear stage 7 without losing a life (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
04:14Beat the game using only 1 credit. (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
04:44Achieve Rank A+++ class in the end of the game (Hardcore!)25 (+25)
06:01Clear stage 9 without losing a life (Hardcore!)50 (+50)
06:44Finish the opponent using Ryu's super move [Super Battle Mode] (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
06:44Perform a super move (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
06:55Perform a 5 hit combo as Ryu (Hardcore!)5 (+5)
06:55Perform a 3 hit combo (Hardcore!)5 (+5)


Total earned on 16 Sep 2020: 856 points, 72 achievements.

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