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Atari Lynx games with achievements:

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TitleNum Achieve-mentsPoints AvailableLeader-boards Available
36400 (1151)2
30400 (61)-
Totals:66800 (1212)

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RetroAchievements provides emulators for your PC where you can earn achievements while you play games!

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Global Leaderboard

1DonCosmo363544 (955213)
2MaxMilyin329967 (730747)
3sigma62293288 (589588)
4HippopotamusRex242222 (744409)
5tmfpl206262 (615948)
6FernandoFFS198624 (381650)
7BerserkerBR179906 (410879)
8tencerjeddy163564 (385212)
9ImpliedKappa152641 (355290)
10oakley151262 (277290)

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