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Loom (CD) (PC Engine)

Developer:Realtime Associates
Publisher:Lucasfilm Games, NEC
Genre:Adventure, Point & Click
First released:1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 9 achievements worth 66 (91) points.
Authors: guindev (9).

Cursed forever be the name of Cygna\
won by 7 (7) of 7 (100.00%)
Acquire a distaff from the elders.
But why should anyone be afraid of me?
won by 4 (4) of 7 (57.14%)
Master four weaves in Loom Island and learn a new note.
Whew! Listen to that twisty wind!
won by 4 (4) of 7 (57.14%)
Reach the beach and learn a new note.
Not much of a wizard, eh?
won by 4 (4) of 7 (57.14%)
Get past the shepherds and reach the prairie.
I haven\
won by 4 (4) of 7 (57.14%)
Play a trick on a dragon and learn a new note.
And look! He\
won by 4 (4) of 7 (57.14%)
Get past the guard and enter the Forge.
We fought with courage and chose death with clarity.
won by 3 (3) of 7 (42.86%)
Close all the rifts and learn a new note.
Fly away while you can. One day we will meet again!
won by 3 (3) of 7 (42.86%)
Learn the last note and use it to transcend.
It is time for us to weave our destinies anew.
won by 3 (3) of 7 (42.86%)
Learn the last note and use it to transcend, on Expert difficulty.
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Recent comment(s):
15 Jan 2022
You mean the latest masterpiece of fantasy storytelling from Lucasfilm's Brian Moriarty?Why it's an extraordinary adventure with an interface of magic, stunning, high-resolution, 3D landscapes, sophisticated score and musical effects. Not to mention the detailed animation and special effects, elegant point 'n' click control of characters, objects, and magic spells.Beat the rush! Go out and buy Loom today!
15 Jan 2022
Thanks for this.
24 Jan 2022
Well done! This is one of the first computer games I have ever played. It will be a pleasure to master this. Thank you.

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