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Illusion of Gaia (SNES)

First released:1994


There are 46 achievements worth 400 (1617) points.
Authors: DamsProfile

Through time and space
won by 615 (312) of 648 (94.91%)
Discover the first Dark Space
Run into the Adventure
won by 407 (234) of 648 (62.81%)
Run with Will in all directions
The Warrior
won by 366 (205) of 648 (56.48%)
Become Freedan
won by 529 (278) of 648 (81.64%)
Show your psycho ability
won by 208 (125) of 648 (32.10%)
Defeat Castoth and find the Gold Ship
Pluck the Harpy
won by 146 (93) of 648 (22.53%)
Defeat Viper and jump into the void
Vampire Killer
won by 129 (87) of 648 (19.91%)
Defeat Vampires and save Erik
won by 114 (76) of 648 (17.59%)
Defeat Sand Fanger and leave the Great Wall of China
The Shadow
won by 103 (68) of 648 (15.90%)
Become Shadow
Egyptian goddess
won by 89 (61) of 648 (13.73%)
Defeat Mummy Queen and find the Tower of Babel
Restore the Myth
won by 88 (60) of 648 (13.58%)
Collect all 6 Statues
Into darkness
won by 66 (48) of 648 (10.19%)
Defeat Dark Gaia and finish the game
won by 120 (78) of 648 (18.52%)
Obtain all Will's powers
Dark Ritual
won by 108 (71) of 648 (16.67%)
Obtain all Freedan's powers
Grass spliff
won by 301 (179) of 648 (46.45%)
Receive a herb from the Jeweler Gem
Pumping Iron
won by 236 (142) of 648 (36.42%)
Receive some defense from the Jeweler Gem
Level Up!
won by 188 (119) of 648 (29.01%)
Receive some strength from the Jeweler Gem
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
won by 171 (109) of 648 (26.39%)
Receive attack power from the Jeweler Gem
Psycho Power
won by 144 (94) of 648 (22.22%)
Receive more Psycho power from the Jeweler Gem
Dark Omen
won by 109 (74) of 648 (16.82%)
Receive more Dark power from the Jeweler Gem
won by 58 (48) of 648 (8.95%)
Discover the secret of the Jeweler Gem
Heart of Darkness
won by 181 (111) of 648 (27.93%)
Gain a Dark Heart Gem
won by 292 (168) of 648 (45.06%)
Gain a life
Like a Cat
won by 104 (69) of 648 (16.05%)
Have 9 lives
A full stomach
won by 91 (62) of 648 (14.04%)
Reach maximum health
Tower Defense
won by 106 (70) of 648 (16.36%)
Reach maximum defense value
won by 59 (48) of 648 (9.10%)
Reach maximum attack value
For the princess!
won by 51 (45) of 648 (7.87%)
Finish Edward castle without getting hit
Man on the moon
won by 45 (41) of 648 (6.94%)
Finish Incan Ruins without getting hit
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
won by 37 (32) of 648 (5.71%)
Finish Diamond Mine without getting hit
Gardening outdoors
won by 146 (93) of 648 (22.53%)
Finish Sky Garden without getting hit
Beneath the ocean
won by 32 (30) of 648 (4.94%)
Finish Mu without getting hit
won by 75 (57) of 648 (11.57%)
Finish Angel Village without getting hit
Ming era
won by 112 (74) of 648 (17.28%)
Finish China's Great Wall without getting hit
Heart of the mountain
won by 73 (51) of 648 (11.27%)
Finish Mountain Temple without getting hit
City of Temples
won by 78 (58) of 648 (12.04%)
Finish Ankor Wat without getting hit
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
won by 22 (21) of 648 (3.40%)
Defeat Mummy Queen in Pyramid without getting hit
won by 450 (250) of 648 (69.44%)
Lied to a king
Blazer was strong...
won by 47 (40) of 648 (7.25%)
Find and defeat Solid Arm
won by 201 (123) of 648 (31.02%)
Thanks Turbo
won by 201 (123) of 648 (31.02%)
Observe a man really on fire...
False bomb
won by 90 (65) of 648 (13.89%)
Vampires are real jokers
The Raft of the Medusa
won by 203 (124) of 648 (31.33%)
Eat, if you do not want to die
Kill off queues
won by 110 (76) of 648 (16.98%)
I hope it was worth it
Snake Hunter
won by 35 (32) of 648 (5.40%)
Decimate an entire specie
In the name of God
won by 89 (65) of 648 (13.73%)
Does God really want that?
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Recent comment(s):
28 Apr 3:43 2016
100% agree with Del here. Going without damage in the entire dungeon is beyond frustrating. And I had a few instances where I got hit by the final enemy in a dungeon. I literally wanted to pull my hair out.
28 Apr 3:44 2016
Him and I have discussed killing all enemies in an area and that seems a lot more fair and manageable.
29 Apr 13:32 2016
I'm not sure how to program that in, unfortunately. I could in theory check your stats if you got all the stat boosts so far, but the achievement won't trigger then if you miss any stat boost. The game might re-use the same parts for enemies (1/2)
29 Apr 13:34 2016
(2/2) if you advance to a different place in the story. If I check that all are defeated and where you are, you might still get it wrongly if you defeated everything at the previous arena. The other method would need to clear the dungeon in one run.
29 Apr 13:36 2016
(That means, you would be fine to take damage, but reloading would break the achievement.)If I figure it out, I can make it as unofficial achievements, as it would be unfair otherwise to those who gained the other cheevos. That is, unless nobody...
29 Apr 13:37 2016
...complains, then I could just rewrite the old ones to be the dungeon cleaning achievements, so everyone keeps them.
30 Apr 2:54 2016
If it were the case to only be able to do it in one run, thats not that big of a deal, we already have to do the damageless ones in a single run. As far as how people would be to changing it, you'd have to post on the forums about that one.
30 Apr 6:56 2016
As difficult as the achievements were to do, I really wouldn't mind the change. I just want to 100% the game.
3 May 9:10 2016
In fact, I know a method now that should be able to fix all the no damage achievements. Unfortunately the forum seems dead? I had the idea of providing a more or less unique challenge to each location instead.
3 May 9:12 2016
If anyone can reply on the forum, please do so. I use the Request/Ideas thread. But no replies yet.
27 Mar 0:09 2017
I just finished the first dungeon/castle and judging by the code all you have to do is walk from the first room to the last. you can clear the dungeon then go back to the first room to reset the achievement and then go to the end while everything is
27 Mar 0:12 2017
dead. If the rest of the no damage achieves coded the same way they are pointless. Because each monster stay dead when you leave a room unless you die i believe there have to be a flag for each one of them if you want to create a kill all monsters
27 Mar 0:16 2017
These flags usually can be found near the event flags. (every cutscene or unique conversation have a flag usually in 1 bit) if you change that value back to the previous, leave and re-enter the room the event will be repeated.
29 Mar 20:21 2017
I fixed "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" and change it to something more realistic but still challenging. Now you have to defeat Mummy Queen without getting hit.
30 Mar 1:56 2017
Yes, I did not fix the first achievement. The mines achievement was fixed by me, so it DOES require enemies, but - as the flags are really hard to find - it can be exploited by destroying all enemies except any in the first room first.
30 Mar 1:57 2017
It was thought for the first achievement to be also best to defeat the boss without getting hit. Please see the forum discussion. While the original creator had best intentions, his code was horrible.
30 Mar 2:25 2017
I dont blame him. it was his first attemp. If you can fix them or change them to something better then go for it. I just fixed a few achieves that triggered at the wrong time and the challenge at the pyramid.
30 Mar 2:52 2017
Protoblubb - see here for the ideas
18 Mar 21:32 2018
Hi Evereyone....I asked meleu to link the hash b2a35f6f99d0cd44b5ca3fa71bd3145c to this game. It's a MSU1 patch for better sound effects.
10 Oct 3:15 2018

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