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Gunstar Heroes (Mega Drive)

Genre:Run and gun
First released:September 9, 1993


There are 20 achievements worth 400 (2386) points.
Forced Ancient Ruins
won by 191 (113) of 398 (47.99%)
Use a Double-Force Weapon in the Ancient Ruins
Lighting Strike
won by 75 (54) of 398 (18.84%)
Use a Double-Lighting Weapon in the Underground Mine
On The Chase
won by 99 (66) of 398 (24.87%)
Use a Double-Chaser Weapon on The Flying Battleship
Fire Starter
won by 63 (48) of 398 (15.83%)
Use a Double-Fire Weapon in Black's Base
Pinky Roader
won by 19 (15) of 398 (4.77%)
Defeat Pink without taking damage in any Difficulty except Easy
won by 43 (33) of 398 (10.80%)
Defeat 2 of the Seven Force's forms in a row without taking damage(Not on Easy)
won by 28 (23) of 398 (7.04%)
Defeat Orange without taking damage in any Difficulty except Easy
Bad Luck
won by 99 (58) of 398 (24.87%)
Take the long road back in Blacks Base
You Made It!
won by 128 (75) of 398 (32.16%)
Defeat Black at his own game!
Black Beat Stepper
won by 56 (39) of 398 (14.07%)
Defeat Black without taking damage in any Difficulty except Easy
Save Yellow
won by 9 (7) of 398 (2.26%)
Defeat Smash Daisaku without taking damage in any Difficulty except Easy
Intergalactic Adventurer
won by 110 (69) of 398 (27.64%)
Continue your battle amongst the stars
Space Timeron Challenge
won by 18 (15) of 398 (4.52%)
Last for 10 minutes against Timeron in Space
won by 84 (55) of 398 (21.11%)
Complete the Game
Gunstar Professional
won by 15 (12) of 398 (3.77%)
Collect all the Gems on Expert Difficulty
won by 11 (9) of 398 (2.76%)
Complete the Game on Expert Difficulty
won by 332 (163) of 398 (83.42%)
Earn over 100,000 points
High Score
won by 137 (64) of 398 (34.42%)
Earn over 500,000 points
Killer Score
won by 117 (52) of 398 (29.40%)
Earn over 1,000,000 points
Fire Away
won by 12 (12) of 398 (3.02%)
Beat the game by using only the Fire weapon in one slot
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Recent comment(s):
10 Apr 02:06
That's an odd one... will add this one to the list. You're doing fantastic work paypaklip!!
10 Apr 02:39
Thanks, I did make a save state with my score so I can just reload it when it gets fixed.
10 Apr 12:43
Good spot! I've fixed this one too, the value it was checking for was completely wrong - also I've fixed the 'Blacks Base' achievements above, they were checking the wrong values. If you have any more trouble, please drop me a message and I'll help sort i
10 Apr 12:43
*sort it! Note to self, fix comment length issue lol
11 Apr 14:58
Thanks, I'll try it out!
12 Apr 18:10
Still can't get it to work. Might I have to start a new game?
17 Apr 22:54
Shouldn't have to... let me check once more...
17 Apr 23:03
Fixed, and posted your achievement for you. Thanks for being patient while we fix this!
09 Oct 00:29
I got an issue with "Save Yellow", I've tried three times and nothing...
09 Oct 10:17
Noted I will look into it. Thanks for the report !
09 Oct 17:18
11 Oct 00:47
Weird, I tested the achievement and it worked fine can you give me more details of your case ?
13 Oct 21:00
I simply kill him (he doesn't hits me in this process) but nothing happens; no trophy.
14 Oct 00:51
I don't know why, but i could only do it when i play without the hardcore mode... sad. ;/
14 Oct 04:49
Finally!! I changed my version for Gunstar Heroes (E)[!] and it works! (:
15 Oct 01:08
Well that's weird it works with the european version and not the US version, because I use the USA one.
30 Oct 03:33
Idk as well...
28 Mar 02:06
I've done Fire Away and the Cheevo don't unlocked, does anyone knows why?
03 Apr 06:48
yes actually you have to play on European version to unlock Save Yellow,Thanks for the tip Roger MDR, I'll try Fire Away next since didn't popped for me as well.
29 Jul 12:46
I am interested in making a revision for this game at some point. You would like to make one for it by yourself? Contact me before please!

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