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~Unlicensed~ Solitaire (NES)

Developer:American Video Entertainment
Publisher:Odyssey Software Inc
Genre:Board Game (Cards)
First released:1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 4 achievements worth 20 (20) points.
Authors: (4).

won by 139 (121) of 166 (83.73%)
Win a game.
You were close...
won by 122 (109) of 166 (73.49%)
Lose a game.
Change of Scenery
won by 160 (136) of 166 (96.39%)
Change the colour of the cards.
won by 125 (115) of 166 (75.30%)
Win a game with the Sound and music off.
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Recent comment(s):
21 Jun 22:19 2016
The achievements of winning don't work ? I tried (and won) in two colors (red and blue) and nothing happens ...
21 Jun 22:20 2016
Dont work the achievements of winining!!
21 Jun 23:21 2016
The achievements are being worked on, sorry for the inconvenience
21 Jun 23:24 2016
okii check in righ know!
13 May 5:45 2017
Get all achievements, but they don't give me site award for this game. Site award didn't work. Fix it, please.
23 Jul 20:21 2017
I wish this did give site award haha
15 Aug 23:18 2017
Did not appear my "site award"
15 Feb 18:49 2018
I believe there's a minimum number of achievements a game has to have in order for a site award to be added to your profile. I believe I've got one for as few as 6, so I'd imagine the cut-off is 5-6. This game is below that.
5 Mar 21:37 2018
To make it to six, I would suggest an achievement to play a game with each color at least once or try all card backs at least once.

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