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~Z~ Pokemon - Blue Version (Game Boy)

Developer:GameFreak Inc.
Genre:Role-Playing Game
First released:September 28, 1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
4 May 2020
meleu I still would prefer separate sets, but still <3
4 May 2020
Thank you meleu, that does help quite a bit :). There is some cool stuff in the new set, just the feeling of losing all past unlocks was painful!
10 May 2020
I prefer it to be, separate the achievements, per game since they are two different games
11 May 2020
No, they are not
11 May 2020
They are more or less the exact same game. It's hard to justify 2 sets even if I personally didnt mind it, and preferred the old sets.
11 May 2020
Even so, merging the sets is a very inside-the-box, not interesting way of dealing with Pokemon having split entries.Ruby and Sapphire's sets should really be the standard on the site for Pokemon games.
12 May 2020
15 May 2020
A vote for FRLG is happening right now. Get on Discord and vote against Blazekickn's revision plan to merge the sets.
15 May 2020
Also, they've created two versions of a "no" vote against a "yes" vote to ensure the "no" vote is split and "yes" will win. Don't let them get away with this.
18 May 2020
lost time playing 2 games
4 Jul 2020
If this got accpeted, what going happened with mine Red/Blue together achievements if Red and Blue getting separated??
22 Jul 2020
This is bull, c'mon i worked for those separate achievements. Blue > red anyways
25 Jul 2020
I only just noticed this got merged together. I had completed all of pokemon blue but took a break before finishing red. All the points from blue gone and only partial retained from red :/
22 Aug 2020
This site award is so legacy now =D
16 Sep 2020
They merged two different games for whatever reason (and my time mastering both lost), great
28 Dec 2020
The legend of "Greyface Blastoise"...
28 Jan 2021
Whoever merged these is dumb... You have to be another kind of stupid not know they are 2 different games. Might as well fuse Yellow in too because it is a triple game set... Oh nooe, forgot Green too. 4 games in 1 set, sounds boring
10 Feb 2021
he merged them and then quit the website, leaving all the other pokemon sets unmerged and totally inconsistent system
10 Feb 2021
Blaze didn't quit. He just got dev ban until WebvV2 for unrelated reasons. He just plays on his alt but is still an active community member on discord. I'm against merge but blaze is a good guy and made a great well-needed revision despite merge
10 Feb 2021
@SnowingMilk666 Actually Japanese Green is pretty much International Blue. Jp Blue is the different one.

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