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~Homebrew~ Snakes (Game Boy Advance)

Developer:Neal Hunt
First released:Unknown


There are 5 achievements worth 40 (48) points.
Authors: BadMrFrostyXXX

1st Of My 5 A Day
won by 126 (114) of 126 (100.00%)
Munched your first apple
GDA Achieved!
won by 126 (114) of 126 (100.00%)
As a healthy eater you chomped 5 apples
Tired of apples?
won by 122 (111) of 126 (96.83%)
10 apples down. Maybe share some with others?
No cider this year
won by 119 (110) of 126 (94.44%)
You ate 15 apples. You little snakepig
All The Apples
won by 61 (52) of 126 (48.41%)
20 raw apples chomped? Really? Make a pie next time!
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Recent comment(s):
19 Feb 17:51 2015
Freeware game - download here:
12 Sep 17:27 2015
This game is bugged. The achievement dev has to be also the author of the game, no one would advertise something like this. The speed change is too intensive. Every time I eat an apple all sprites flash. Sometimes apples don't appear. 2/10.
23 Sep 22:19 2015
Yes I wrote the game, maybe 15 years ago. And yes I used it as a way of learning how to create achievements on this site. The game is basic but plenty of people have gotten the achievements so, Jendrej try a bit harder mate :)
24 Sep 19:26 2015
Look at the right, plz...
13 Dec 19:33 2015
Update Screenshots and info, Thanks for the achievements set
13 Jun 18:14 2016
Dont give me the achievement at the 20!!!!WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????:(((((((((((((((((((((((((
6 Nov 6:59 2016
20 Jun 12:31 2017
Where is my site award for this game? Fix it, please.
9 Oct 12:24 2017
This is not a bug, games that have 5 or fewer achievements like this are considered incomplete sets, so that is why it doesn't appear on your site awards.
25 Jan 3:11 2018
>get at least 3 segments>press two directions at once against momentum (e.g. down-right when moving left)>die next frame>lol
18 Apr 8:02 2018
Fun little game, but sometimes there wouldn't spawn an apple so I had to restart the game.
10 Jun 1:58 2018
dat last apple lol
20 Sep 9:40 2018
Please add one more cheevo like 25 raw apples for 200% perfect game award. It would be cool. :P
17 Oct 19:05 2018
brilliant game; especially love it when i die just because i pressed down and right too fast, when the game becomes impossibly fast by apple 17, and when the sprites pixelate and un-pixelate on a regular basis. 1.3/10
24 Dec 21:22 2018
What a rewarding experience <3
20 Jan 21:52 2019

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