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~Hack~ Super Metroid - Green Peace (SNES)

Publisher:Hack - Super Metroid
First released:2014


There are 8 achievements worth 20 (26) points.

What a twist! [m]
won by 8 (7) of 8 (100.00%)
Escape Ceres Station in 2 minutes without taking damage
Premature evacuation
won by 6 (5) of 8 (75.00%)
Evacuating already? Try to hold on a little bit longer
Testicle Shrinker
won by 4 (4) of 8 (50.00%)
Get the best torture item
Green peace
won by 4 (4) of 8 (50.00%)
Accomplish the business left after professional escape
You need a yellow key to open this door
won by 4 (4) of 8 (50.00%)
Find any locked exit you can reach
Mission Complete
won by 4 (4) of 8 (50.00%)
Escape planet Zebes
Be faster!
won by 3 (3) of 8 (37.50%)
See the good enging or better
A speedrunner is you!
won by 3 (3) of 8 (37.50%)
See the best ending
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Recent comment(s):
2 Apr 23:16 2019
Mastered! Finally!!!
5 Apr 15:10 2019
Rebalanced score a bit. Hack became harder then I thought for other players.

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