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Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium (Mega Drive)

First released:December 17, 1993
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 93 achievements worth 812 (9662) points.
Authors: Tybis (64), Pereira006 (29).

won by 653 (366) of 673 (97.03%)
Recruit Hahn.
Academy Infestation
won by 551 (324) of 673 (81.87%)
Solve the monster situation in the academy's basement.
won by 423 (271) of 673 (62.85%)
Recruit Rune.
won by 398 (257) of 673 (59.14%)
Recruit Gryz.
Petrified People
won by 349 (226) of 673 (51.86%)
Save the people of Zema.
won by 344 (224) of 673 (51.11%)
Recruit Rika.
A Doomed Vessel
won by 41 (27) of 673 (6.09%)
Inspect the computer system in Wreckage.
HG: The Ranch Owner [m]
won by 36 (25) of 673 (5.35%)
Complete 'The Ranch Owner' in the Hunter's Guild. (Missed upon finding Elsydeon.)
Zealous Village
won by 285 (195) of 673 (42.35%)
Reach the town of Kadary.
won by 283 (195) of 673 (42.05%)
Recruit Demi.
This Luster! This Massiveness!
won by 287 (196) of 673 (42.64%)
Discover the Land Rover.
HG: Tinkerbell's Dog
won by 31 (23) of 673 (4.61%)
Complete 'Tinkerbell's Dog' in the Hunter's Guild.
Initiate: Phononmezer
won by 29 (19) of 673 (4.31%)
Recover the Phononmezer parts in Plate System.
Tectonic Tech
won by 28 (19) of 673 (4.16%)
Solve Plate System's earthquake malfunction.
Rune's Reunion
won by 250 (182) of 673 (37.15%)
Find Rune again.
Psychic Nullification
won by 250 (182) of 673 (37.15%)
Recover the Psycho Wand.
The Dark Sorcerer
won by 206 (150) of 673 (30.61%)
Defeat Zio.
HG: The Missing Student
won by 28 (21) of 673 (4.16%)
Complete 'The Missing Student' in the Hunter's Guild.
HG: Fissure of Fear
won by 29 (22) of 673 (4.31%)
Complete 'Fissure of Fear' in the Hunter's Guild.
won by 223 (157) of 673 (33.14%)
Recruit Wren.
won by 219 (157) of 673 (32.54%)
Recruit Raja.
Space Sledding
won by 207 (148) of 673 (30.76%)
Discover the Landale.
Initiate: Hyper-Jammer
won by 27 (20) of 673 (4.01%)
Recover the Hyper-Jammer parts in Kuran.
Dark Satellite
won by 193 (140) of 673 (28.68%)
Resolve Kuran's communications problem.
Glacier Grinder
won by 204 (144) of 673 (30.31%)
Use the Ice Digger for the first time.
Musk Cat, Tusk Cat
won by 24 (19) of 673 (3.57%)
Receive the Silver Tusk.
Weather Watch
won by 177 (126) of 673 (26.30%)
Investigate Climate Control for any weather malfunctions.
I Guess... I'm Out Cold! Ha ha!
won by 196 (138) of 673 (29.12%)
Investigate the town of Meese.
won by 196 (138) of 673 (29.12%)
Recruit Kyra.
The Millennium Man
won by 191 (138) of 673 (28.38%)
Initiate: Burst Rockets
won by 28 (21) of 673 (4.16%)
Recover the Burst Roc parts in Weapons Plant.
Dezolian Flame
won by 166 (121) of 673 (24.67%)
Retrieve the Eclipse Torch.
Purified Planet
won by 163 (121) of 673 (24.22%)
Dispel the evil of Garuberk Tower.
Hyper Hovercraft
won by 166 (121) of 673 (24.67%)
Use the HydroFoil for the first time.
HG: The Stain in Life
won by 24 (19) of 673 (3.57%)
Complete 'The Stain in Life' in the Hunter's Guild.
HG: The Dying Boy
won by 24 (19) of 673 (3.57%)
Complete 'The Dying Boy' in the Hunter's Guild.
HG: Man with a Twist
won by 24 (19) of 673 (3.57%)
Complete 'Man with a Twist' in the Hunter's Guild.
HG: Silver Soldier [m]
won by 23 (18) of 673 (3.42%)
Complete 'Silver Soldier' in the Hunter's Guild. (Missed upon finding Elsydeon.)
Initiate: Positron Bolt [m]
won by 22 (18) of 673 (3.27%)
Recover the Positron Bolt parts in Vahal Fort. (Missed upon finding Elsydeon.)
won by 159 (118) of 673 (23.63%)
Recruit Seth.
A Path to the Stars
won by 158 (118) of 673 (23.48%)
Recover the Aero-Prism and escape the Soldier's Temple.
Towering Silence
won by 163 (119) of 673 (24.22%)
Investigate the Tower of Silence.
Towering Strength
won by 150 (113) of 673 (22.29%)
Prove yourself in the Tower of Strength.
Towering Courage
won by 150 (114) of 673 (22.29%)
Prove yourself in the Tower of Courage.
A Hero's Sword
won by 152 (115) of 673 (22.59%)
Find Elsydeon.
Towering Anger
won by 152 (114) of 673 (22.59%)
Prove yourself in the Tower of Anger.
The End of the Millennium
won by 149 (111) of 673 (22.14%)
Defeat the Profound Darkness.
Profound Courage
won by 18 (14) of 673 (2.67%)
Take Hahn and defeat the Profound Darkness.
Profound Strength
won by 18 (14) of 673 (2.67%)
Take Gryz and defeat the Profound Darkness.
Profound Will
won by 20 (15) of 673 (2.97%)
Take Demi and defeat the Profound Darkness.
Profound Wit
won by 24 (17) of 673 (3.57%)
Take Raja and defeat the Profound Darkness.
Profound Spirit
won by 20 (16) of 673 (2.97%)
Take Kyra and defeat the Profound Darkness.
Four Bells, Four Torches [m]
won by 18 (15) of 673 (2.67%)
Defeat the Profound Darkness with only the main 4 characters. (Missed if anyone else is taken.)
won by 19 (14) of 673 (2.82%)
Unlock the hidden Sound Test.
Welcome To The Phantasy Zone
won by 40 (29) of 673 (5.94%)
A Memento of our Trip
won by 25 (21) of 673 (3.71%)
Place a particular triangular flag in your house and admire it.
The Romance of Travel
won by 25 (22) of 673 (3.71%)
Place a particular wood doll in your house and admire it.
Algo Legend
won by 246 (177) of 673 (36.55%)
Inspect the Alis Landale statue.
Pengo Land
won by 28 (22) of 673 (4.16%)
Take a walk with a penguin.
Penguin Power
won by 25 (19) of 673 (3.71%)
Summon a penguin.
A Library for the AGES
won by 32 (26) of 673 (4.75%)
Read 3 certain books in a school.
Beyond the Sand Sea
won by 21 (17) of 673 (3.12%)
Defeat a wild Sand Worm in east Motavia.
Kuran's Charge Cannon
won by 26 (21) of 673 (3.86%)
Defeat C-Ray Tube + Sat. Minions in Kuran.
won by 21 (17) of 673 (3.12%)
Defeat a Lifedeletr that combines from Wiredine + Arthropod in Weapons Plant.
Fused Shadows
won by 24 (18) of 673 (3.57%)
Defeat a Twinarms that fuses from Bladeright + Hakenleft in the Rykros towers.
Falz into Darkness
won by 19 (16) of 673 (2.82%)
Defeat a rare enemy at The Edge.
The Cursed Blade
won by 26 (20) of 673 (3.86%)
Equip Chaz with a rare sword from a Shadow Saber.
Victory Through Defeat
won by 17 (15) of 673 (2.53%)
Equip Gryz with a rare axe from a Chaos Bringer.
Our Powers, Combined!
won by 46 (33) of 673 (6.84%)
Execute any Combo.
Elemental Weaknesses
won by 33 (26) of 673 (4.90%)
Execute Combo: Blizzard on Motavia, or Fire Storm on Dezolis.
Sudden Death
won by 29 (23) of 673 (4.31%)
Execute any instant-death Combo.
Triple Threat
won by 36 (27) of 673 (5.35%)
Execute Combo: TriBlaster.
Ultimate Destruction
won by 19 (16) of 673 (2.82%)
Execute Combo: Destruct.
Just As Planned!
won by 42 (32) of 673 (6.24%)
Execute a Combo in a Macro.
Combo Strategist
won by 21 (16) of 673 (3.12%)
Execute 3 different Combos in a single battle, and win.
Macro Strategist
won by 27 (23) of 673 (4.01%)
Execute 4 different Macros in a single battle, and win.
Inventory, Attack!
won by 21 (18) of 673 (3.12%)
Use a non-consumable item in battle to affect your enemies, except Psycho Wand.
Inventory, Assist!
won by 24 (22) of 673 (3.57%)
Use a non-consumable item in battle to support your allies.
Limit: Mile Sand Worm [m]
won by 17 (15) of 673 (2.53%)
Defeat the Sand Worm in 'The Ranch Owner' before finding Demi. Combined level limit: 35, party of 5.
Limit: Juza [m]
won by 15 (13) of 673 (2.23%)
Defeat Juza. Combined level limit: 45, party of 5.
Limit: Gy-Laguiah [m]
won by 14 (12) of 673 (2.08%)
Defeat the Gy-Laguiah in Ladea Tower. Combined level limit: 65, party of 5.
Limit: Zio [m]
won by 15 (13) of 673 (2.23%)
Defeat Zio. Combined level limit: 75, party of 5.
Limit: Fissure Fract Ooze [m]
won by 14 (13) of 673 (2.08%)
Defeat the Fract Ooze in 'Fissure of Fear' before finding Wren. Combined level limit: 55, party of 3.
Limit: Dark Force I [m]
won by 17 (13) of 673 (2.53%)
Defeat Dark Force I. Combined level limit: 113, party of 5.
Limit: Carnivorous Trees [m]
won by 14 (12) of 673 (2.08%)
Defeat 50 Carnivorous Trees without Raja or Kyra. Combined level limit: 95, party of 4.
Limit: Xe-A-Thouls [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat the Xe-A-Thouls in Air Castle. Combined level limit: 125, party of 5.
Limit: Lashiec [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat Lashiec. Combined level limit: 133, party of 5.
Limit: Dark Force II [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat Dark Force II. Combined level limit: 140, party of 5.
Limit: King Rappy [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat King Rappy in 'Man with a Twist' with no 5th party member. Combined level limit: 110, party of 4.
Limit: Dark Force III [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat Dark Force III. Combined level limit: 115, party of 4.
Limit: De-Vars [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat De-Vars. Combined level limit: 125, party of 4.
Limit: Sa-Lews [m]
won by 11 (10) of 673 (1.63%)
Defeat Sa-Lews. Combined level limit: 125, party of 4.
Limit: Profound Darkness [m]
won by 12 (11) of 673 (1.78%)
Defeat the Profound Darkness. Combined level limit: 170 with a party of 5, or 155 with a party of 4.
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Recent comment(s):
30 Jul 2021
most of the low level cheevos are based off of speed run strat levels, and are very much doable with a bit of strategy. the RNG is gonna suck at times with encounters and turn orders, but you'll also have to go with some less conventional tactics, like funneling EXP by killing off members before a boss fight ends (which means counting HP for some enemies), setting macros that focus healing/rezzing first, running a lot, and learning what enemies are weak to instead of just buying the best weapons. there are some speed run text guides available at that give great insight on what to do that meet all the level requirements, and this game is built to make you reset a lot anyway, even playing casually. If you don't wanna look up the guides to get them, I am down to give some hints on what to do to get them cheevos without too much hassle.
30 Jul 2021
It is all well and nice and I have no problems with a difficult set. I just think these kinds of cheevos still suits a bonus set more than a standard set. But that is just me, as the majority seems to think the opposite :)
30 Jul 2021
It's not about difficulty. This approach jeopardize the retropoints and the retro ratio and also dishonest in relation to previous players. I support the idea to move to the bonus set or reset all previous statistics.
30 Jul 2021
I have nothing against new achivements! That is the way to improve the sets and that how it is at RA and I support that. I just object to the speed run cheevos and similar ones in general in standard sets. I have nothing against doing a new run and most of the other new cheevos seems Fine I think.The set was very bland before so I approve of the improvement.
30 Jul 2021
for any of the cheevos that have "win" in the description (i.e. 3 combos in one fight and win) they will not pop on PD, since the trigger for the cheevo is the post battle rewards screen, which doesn't show up for PD. Recommend Sandworms or Prophallus for the combination one.
31 Jul 2021
^This has been fixed, Combo Strategist and Macro Strategist should both work on the final boss now, if you choose to do them there.
31 Jul 2021
Finally re-mastered, thank you @Tybis for this awesome set, An amazing game that marked my childhood, never played as a child, but had a game magazine.
4 Sep 2021
Sei l, achei meio merda essas conquistas de rap lv. Concordo que o ser antigo tava muito simples e fcil. Mas conquistas que mais dependem de voc ter a sorte de pegar um rng favorvel dos inimigos do que necessariamente a sua habilidade eu acho meio sem graa. Sinceramente por mais que ame esse jogo n sei se vou ficar l horas e horas repetindo o mesmo boss pq ele ta aloprando dando ataques em rea td hr e eu preciso jogar conta do com a sorte de isso n acontecer.
14 Sep 2021
so i saved the people of zema from turning into stone before the revision do i have to reset to get the achievement?
19 Sep 2021
I can understand revising the achievements to include things like the Hunter's Guild side quests, finding the 'hidden' items, fighting the more unique enemies, running the later bosses with a party of four, and even the macros, but basically having to follow a guide to do a low level run is a bit much. I feel it will lead to frustration of having to repeat fights and/or re-grind parts of the game just to make sure you're not over the leveled from the experience gain at the end of a boss fight. I personally don't have a problem with re-running the game for the previously mentioned achievements since it's a really solid game with a nice story that ties up the other three games, but that being said, I support either the level caps being removed or moved to a bonus set.
19 Sep 2021
I fullu agree with the above poste. There is a place for cheevos like that and that is in a bonus set.
26 Sep 2021
look Im hardly a speedrunner, and even then, overall the Limit achievements weren't that difficult to pull off. In many cases, it literally took like a try or two to get the strategy down. The only one I'd say was perhaps the tightest was Juza after fighting the Sandworm. Otherwise, was a decent challenge. Low-level runs aren't by themselves bonus set material in my opinion. Again, if someone like myself can pull them off, anyone can.
12 Oct 2021
The thread was asking for opinions, so I was merely offering mine, not trying to turn this into a 'if I can do it anyone can' contest.
18 Oct 2021
For the "Library for the Ages" do i go back to the starting school?
18 Oct 2021
It's in Krup. The 3 books reference Sega games.
22 Oct 2021
Was about to play this one. Then I seen the achievement list. Hopefully this one gets a revision soonish. Some of these cheeves definitely belong in a bonus list.
23 Oct 2021
As someone who mastered this ages ago, I'm also going to add in my support for the low level run stuff being a bonus set. Speedruns and low level runs are definitely interesting challenges, but not the sort that everyone really enjoys. I personally feel such achievements are more of a chore than a fun challenge myself. Please make those into a bonus set for those who like such challenges to enjoy and those who don't can stick with just the main set.
24 Oct 2021
@JimShoes good for you, but with all due respect, your intention does not get in the way of others voicing their opinions. This is a comment section about the set, and Im responding to a conversation that doesn't just involve you. If that bothers you, that is frankly your problem.
24 Oct 2021
I'm here to have fun and I see no problem with myself being able to do a low level run given the amount of times I've beaten it over the last 20-ish years and the depth I know of the mechanics of it. However, for casual players, I feel it is out of place and will only deter people from wanting to run the game. RPG's in general are a huge time sink, and no one wants to restart a grind of a dungeon dive multiple times because they happened to over-level right before or during a boss fight. I also feel that having to follow a guide to explicitly hunt down achievements takes away from the fun of playing the game and accomplishing it. Again, I cite the fact I was offering my opinion about the set. Clearly from the last few comments before this most recent one of yours, I'm not alone in my thoughts about the low level run being out of place. Having a few edge things to hunt out to get the whole story, sure. Or even like grinding out a Golden Chocobo in FF7, because it extends the lore of the game when you hunt out the things it grants you access to. But there is nothing offered by doing a low level run of this game other than frustrate people.Am I bothered by your comment? Not in the slightest. Clearly you have some issue with me though, so I'm not going to sit here while you try to start some kind of argument with me about it which is uncalled for. Are you going to provoke a fight with everyone else who disagreed with you? I can offer my thoughts on the set just like you can. Whether or not you agree isn't my problem.I enjoy the game and the lore of the series and honestly couldn't care less about your skill level being the bar to set for everyone else. If you have difficulty accepting someone else having a different opinion than you, then that's on you and I wish you the best with your achievements and, quite frankly, have nothing else to say to you.
12 Nov 2021
Move this low level shit to a bonus set.

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