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SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The (Game Boy Advance)

First released:October 27, 2004
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 145 (320) points.
Authors: (15).

Managerial Material!
won by 17 (14) of 22 (77.27%)
Complete World 1
....And Don't Think We Don't Know How To Weed Them Out!
won by 12 (10) of 22 (54.55%)
Spongebob!!!.......Make Mine A Chocolate!
won by 12 (10) of 22 (54.55%)
Bigger Boot!!
won by 9 (7) of 22 (40.91%)
Complete World 4
It's The Cyclopes!
won by 8 (6) of 22 (36.36%)
Complete World 5
So, Yeah, I'm A Kid. And I'm Also A Goofball. And A Wing Nut.
won by 7 (5) of 22 (31.82%)
Don't Worry. This'll Only Hurt A Lot!
won by 5 (4) of 22 (22.73%)
Defeat Dennis On Hard Difficulty
I'm A Goofy Goober!!!
won by 5 (4) of 22 (22.73%)
Defeat King Neptune On Hard Difficulty
Did You See My Underwear?
won by 14 (11) of 22 (63.64%)
Visit Mindy's Shop
Alright! Enough Gag.
won by 2 (2) of 22 (9.09%)
Complete All Bikini Booty Levels
I Rode The Hasselhoff, And I Brought The Crown Back!
won by 7 (5) of 22 (31.82%)
Defeat Dennis For The Second Time
Now That We're Men!
won by 21 (17) of 22 (95.45%)
Find Your First Mustache Powerup!
Holy Fish Paste!
won by 14 (11) of 22 (63.64%)
Collect 500 Golden Clams
Don't Need A License To Drive A Sandwich
won by 17 (14) of 22 (77.27%)
Shell City, Here We Come!
won by 20 (17) of 22 (90.91%)
Take A Total Of 500 Steps Toward Your Goal!
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Recent comment(s):
10 Sep 22:25 2018
16 Sep 3:40 2018
Achievements?! <3
24 Oct 3:25 2018
please never make achievements.
23 Nov 21:46 2019
The movie is cool, I dunno about the game.
4 May 1:39 2020
Sorry in advance for the extreme lack of creativity in this game's achievements. This game has little to no content so not much I could do with it lol
4 May 14:26 2020
Maybe, beat a level in certain time, or defeat bosses without damage, etc. BTW its not a bad set :D
4 May 20:33 2020
Probably won't go back to this set tbh lol Currently working on Spider-Man for GBA which should have plenty of achievements/creativity :)
6 May 0:32 2020
I think it would be better to allow passwords, but then have an achievement for beating the game in one sitting worth more points. Otherwise, it feels like we're playing the game in a way it's not meant to for no reward.
6 May 5:35 2020
I will only be resolving any possible tickets. I do not have any plans to go back to this game, at least not any time soon. Wanting to at least give the game something while at the same time giving myself practice at achievement development.
12 May 18:27 2020
*PASSWORDS ARE NOW ALLOWED*Be warned if you use the level select or 100% completion password it will void most of the achievements

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