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Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (PlayStation)

Developer:Incog Inc
Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment America
Genre:Vehicular Combat
First released:Nov 27, 2001
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 0 achievements worth 0 (0) points.
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Recent Players:
Nesty2k52022-01-16 01:04:51Playing None in level Menu with 0 opponents and 0 kills.
eacochran2021-12-14 04:22:19Playing Tournament in level Minigolf with 1 opponents and 0 kills.
AzazelT4C02021-10-22 00:29:07Playing None in level Meat Maker with 0 opponents and 0 kills.
Sanarguz2020-09-26 18:28:56Playing Endurance in level Gridiron Gorge with 1 opponents and 0 kills.
GILLHUHN2020-08-24 17:09:21Playing Tournament in level Playground with 1 opponents and 2 kills.
zaydrok2020-07-05 18:22:00Playing None in level Menu with 0 opponents and 0 kills.
Recent comment(s):
23 Mar 2020
Espero que no esqueam desse jogo! muito bom!
24 May 2020
Jogo foda! Precisa de conquistas
30 May 2020
Set is added with usa version
1 Jun 2020
What are the requirements to win the tournament achievements? I completed tournament with Twister but did not trigger.
1 Jun 2020
I did Thumper, and it did not pop, so chances are the achievements may not be working properly at the moment (except for the Challenge Mode achievements).
4 Jun 2020
Remedy: Report the achievements to toteman so he can fix them. That is the only way to get them to work.
4 Jun 2020
Try only with beetle psx core
27 Jun 2020
I wanted to report the achievements that are not working, but just look at everyone that nobody did, they are not activated, and all challenges are being met in the endurance. I will not report because it will seem like spam with so many errors.
27 Jun 2020
the conquests are appearing out of time for me.
28 Jun 2020
Twister achievement still doesn't trigger for me. I tried like 10 times.
2 Jul 2020
Okay, people, listen, if achievements are not popping for you, send a report. That's the only way toteman will fix it.
15 Apr 2021
Cheevos for this game still broken? :(
15 Apr 2021
Other than the Level Endurance ones, I think they are still broken, as I just beat the game as Thumper again, and never got the achievement for it (and I even reported it in the past, and got a message saying it was fixed, only to find out it wasn't)
16 Apr 2021
I see... thanks for the info! That's too bad tho. Without trying to sound rude to Toteman, I wish someone would take over this game and do a complete overhaul, fixing the broken ones and maybe adding cheevos for secret levels like Holiday Havoc
18 Apr 2021
all achievements are broken. Leaderboards record a maximum of 4 deaths. I completed the game via manual unlock (it was quite tedious). there are tickets for this game opened by me for several months that have never been fixed.
18 Apr 2021
I had the same problem with another Toteman Set (Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown) many broken achievements that I only achieved with manual unlocking.
27 Dec 2021
I see that was already existed an achievement set for this game. What happened? Got removed?
27 Dec 2021
That's right. Most achievements didn't work properly. Same thing with the leaderboards. So the set got removed.
27 Dec 2021
Thanks for the reply. I'm studying to become a developer and i'll try my best to do something for this game. It deserves a proper set.

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