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Final Fantasy II (SNES)

First released:November 23, 1991
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There are 21 achievements worth 400 (545) points.
Authors: (21).

Unexpected Consequences
won by 492 (386) of 500 (98.40%)
Deliver the package to the Village of Mist
New Leader
won by 381 (313) of 500 (76.20%)
Find out who the new leader is for the Red Wings
Ruby Rose
won by 355 (294) of 500 (71.00%)
Save Rosa from Desert Fever
Wind Defense
won by 336 (277) of 500 (67.20%)
Attempt to defend the Air Crsytal
Rotting Earth
won by 314 (264) of 500 (62.80%)
Defeat the Fiend of Earth, Milon
True Power
won by 314 (263) of 500 (62.80%)
Attain the power of the Paladin
Water Imposter
won by 294 (245) of 500 (58.80%)
Defeat the fiend of water, Kainazzo, and obtain your first airship
Metal Impaired
won by 275 (230) of 500 (55.00%)
Defeat the Dark Elf and get the Crystal of Earth back
Unnecessary Sacrifice
won by 271 (227) of 500 (54.20%)
Defeat Valvalis and escape the Tower of Zot
Summoning a Surprise
won by 263 (221) of 500 (52.60%)
Defend the Dwarves Crystal from Golbez
More Sacrifice
won by 253 (213) of 500 (50.60%)
Escape the pursuit of the Red Wings
won by 245 (205) of 500 (49.00%)
Fail on the mission to acquire the seven crystals
Biding His Time
won by 236 (201) of 500 (47.20%)
Have the eighth crystal lost by a friend
Moon People
won by 233 (200) of 500 (46.60%)
Gain access to the moon
The Harder They Fall
won by 223 (193) of 500 (44.60%)
Defeat the Giant of Bab-il
King and Queen of Baron
won by 214 (183) of 500 (42.80%)
Defeat Zeromus and bring peace to the world.
won by 233 (199) of 500 (46.60%)
Gain Asura's approval for Rydia
Sea Serpent
won by 229 (196) of 500 (45.80%)
Gain Leviathan's approval for Rydia.
won by 215 (189) of 500 (43.00%)
Prove to Odin that you are worthy of his power.
King on the Moon
won by 218 (189) of 500 (43.60%)
Prove your worth to Bahamut.
Outstanding Knight
won by 204 (179) of 500 (40.80%)
Defeat all the forms of Zemus without Cecil getting KO'd.
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Recent comment(s):
26 Aug 16:05 2015
I say we have achievements for the following: Battling Pink Puffs, Obtaining Adamant Armor, Obtaining Glass Helmet, Obtaining Gragon Whisker (whip), This way the rare drops give us players something to keep shooting for.
3 Nov 14:08 2015
We need more achievements here! ;/
31 May 18:41 2016
Tried moving him around, tried renaming back to Cecil, still can't get the Outstanding Knight achievement... anybody else had issues?
17 Oct 3:18 2016
I think the number of achievements seems fine. FF4 Advance is the "modern" re-interpretation of the game, and has a lot of the "weird" achievements. Leave the original FFII "old school", when the goal of a game was to play through it and beat it.
11 Feb 1:47 2017
So this just happened. I'm inside the Giant of Babil in the room before the 4 Fiends fight. I'm attacked from behind and flee the battle. By doing so I unlock the Unexpected Consequences achievement.
30 Apr 20:04 2017
two achievement ideas:Pan handled: learn the summon SylphA tale of two blades: Trade in your legend sword for the LEGENDary Excalibur.*not sorry for puns
12 Jun 13:16 2017
Great set! I thought it was nice to have a final fantasy set that doesn't take 50hrs and multiple plays. Especially with the GBA set available.
30 Jul 16:39 2017
I had a version downloaded that didn't sync up with these achievements. It says versionj 1.1, but when I was trying to get these to load, it kept saying version 1.0. I found the newer version, but I think a lot of other games may be having this probl
30 Jul 16:41 2017
em. Is there some way I can set the game to work with another version, like when the game asks what game to use when it can't find the right name?
30 Jan 0:24 2018
my roms dont works the achivments?
30 Jan 9:26 2018
You need the second release, often referred to as v1.1 or Rev 1. The original version doesn't link. If you have a ROM that says 1.1 or Rev 1 but doesn't work, then the ROM is mislabeled, which is a common problem.
8 Feb 0:02 2018
How about a trophy for landing all your ships at baron castle? This is something I've always challenged my friends to do when they played this game.
8 Mar 3:40 2018
Can you make this work with the Final Fantasy IV 10th anniversary edition translation by J2E?
1 May 12:18 2018
I love the way you did the achievements. Just working through the story, and fewer bigger-point achievements rather than make 80 of them. Well done, thank you.
4 Aug 6:55 2018
I disagree with the above user... I know FF2 is basically "Easy Type" but these achievements are basically just "play the game -> get RetroScore" instead of challenging the player with some creative obstacles... they don't have to be extreme
4 Aug 6:59 2018
Maybe something as simple as "Vengeance is mine!" -> Defeat Rubicante without Edge dying in the underground tower of babilor"White Matter Spoon" --> Throw the spoon at Zeromus in the final battleAdd a bit more challenge and are not hard toget
25 Jan 1:18 2019
I like "RetroScore". It gives me a reason to play RPGs, including these FF games I've never played before.
6 Jul 19:49 2019
Definitely got every achievement on hardcore, but the Betrayed by Kain achievement never popped. Ticket created!
2 Dec 22:38 2019
I agree with Jeftah here. This set is a good start and it's better than nothing, but it's not very interesting.
2 Dec 22:47 2019
Dancing Mad - Equip 5 Dancing Daggers in the same party.

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