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~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat (Game Boy Advance)

First released:July 7, 2016
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 13 achievements worth 32 (32) points.
Authors: (13).

Hello World
won by 121 (117) of 129 (93.80%)
Save Bandage Girl in Level 1.
won by 121 (117) of 129 (93.80%)
Save Bandage Girl in Level 2.
The Gap
won by 121 (117) of 129 (93.80%)
Save Bandage Girl in Level 3.
The Test
won by 114 (111) of 129 (88.37%)
Save Bandage Girl for the final time and complete the Game.
Beat the Meat
won by 103 (99) of 129 (79.84%)
Beat the game without dying.
I Swear These Exist
won by 111 (109) of 129 (86.05%)
Find a 'Bandage' in Level 2.
They're Just Invisible I Promise
won by 103 (101) of 129 (79.84%)
Find a 'Bandage' in Level 3.
Level 1 ~ Rank A+
won by 108 (105) of 129 (83.72%)
Beat Level 1 within 2.40 seconds or less.
Level 2 ~ Rank A+
won by 96 (93) of 129 (74.42%)
Beat Level 2 within 2.25 seconds or less. (Reset Time on Death)
Level 3 ~ Rank A+
won by 106 (103) of 129 (82.17%)
Beat Level 3 within 1.16 seconds or less. (Reset Time on Death)
The End ~ Rank A+
won by 100 (97) of 129 (77.52%)
Beat Level 4 within 7.35 seconds or less. (Reset Time on Death)
Thinking with Level Wrap
won by 113 (110) of 129 (87.60%)
I didn't know we were playing Portal.
Platforming is Hard
won by 120 (117) of 129 (93.02%)
Die to the only bottomless pit in the game.
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Recent comment(s):
21 May 14:05 2014
The achievements for this are 'unofficial' btw, so they can still be earned but aren't worth any points.
27 Aug 8:22 2019
I didn't know about this! one of my first Indies and one of my favorites too, looking forward to this
27 Aug 20:54 2019
I haven't played the game, but I think the "beat the developer's time" achievements belong in a bonus set. Because I'm sure the developers did their best to get the shortest possible time, and if they're beatable, it's because they overlooked sth.
28 Aug 10:33 2019
The levels are about 2-5 secs short and with the developer is Blazekickn who made the set in around 1 hour so it's not that hard to beat the times. Also every level has a way to reset the timer (either SELECT or death)
28 Aug 21:05 2019
I mean the developer of the game, not the developer of the achievements
28 Aug 21:07 2019
But seeing how most of the few people who played the game earned them, maybe "developer's time" here means "an objective set by the developer", not "the shortest time it took the developer to beat the level"
28 Aug 21:18 2019
I've just started playing. I didn't do a perfect run in level 1 and still got the achievement. It's hard to believe the developer didn't try to do better.
28 Aug 21:30 2019
Or does "developer's time" in this game mean "Blazekickn's time"? I don't see developer's times in the game anywhere, so, Blazekickn, did you take longer to beat the levels on purpose?
29 Aug 2:44 2019
yes its my times at 3am + like a second due to me being lazy while testing so they're not that hard
30 Sep 21:56 2019
Uhg those A+ cheevos are hard. :P I just suck I guess.
6 Oct 14:12 2019
26 Mar 22:31 2020
Mastered yeah
10 Apr 19:14 2020

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