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~Meme~ Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship (Events)

Genre:Gravity-based Shoot em up
First released:1990
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 0 achievements worth 0 (0) points.
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Recent comment(s):
5 Apr 18:16 2017
This was probably the easiest 100% I've got on this site. I got all achievements without trying.
11 Apr 7:47 2017
Also, I've totally been waiting for a legit list for this game for a while. It's a gem.
19 Aug 0:27 2017
8 Sep 7:39 2017
Its title screen music is great.
25 Nov 0:43 2017
Hardest set from the entire website.
1 Feb 6:30 2018
Nothing would make me happier than having a full list appear on April 1st of this year as an anti-April Fool's joke.
20 Sep 10:42 2018
14 Oct 14:23 2018
This was hard
20 Oct 4:00 2018
This is worthy to be sent to the center of our solar system, the Sun, as the most respectably desecrated relic utterly de-atomized as a dulcet, silent queef of a gigantic black hole beyond the Andromeda galaxy.
28 Jan 1:41 2019
Mastered, really hard to beat
6 Mar 19:19 2019
Mastered! ;)
8 Mar 16:56 2019
How would someone go about submitting REAL achievements to be used for this game? I like this game and I would be willing to make real achievements for it, not a "Mastery" on the first planet.
14 Mar 4:37 2019
It would be better if this game did not take 5 seconds to master
29 Apr 16:11 2019
Mastered /o
18 May 19:27 2019
"Mastered" in 17 seconds
3 Aug 3:03 2019
Mastered...Thanks to the author...
23 Nov 9:18 2019
thanks to author i was able to learn new gamez
24 Dec 22:48 2019
Entertaining. Not sure how I feel about joke achievements though lol
29 Feb 8:07 2020
was an april fools joke. real set wen?
16 Aug 6:33 2020
Masterizado! 2019

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