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Nintendo World Cup (NES)

Genre:Sports (Football / Soccer)
First released:December 1990
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31 Oct 2015
I've been working on a list of suggested achievements to post in the forum since Mickyt was interested in making achievements for this game.
31 Oct 2015
Many of the achievements that were submitted today are extremely easy to get so they will likely be severely downgraded in point values in the future if the ones I suggest end up getting made & submitted. I do appreciate these achievements though.
31 Oct 2015
By the way feifabricio, if you would like to work on the ones I will be suggesting, you are more than welcome. I'm guessing Mickyt won't mind, but just let him know you are doing them so we don't have 2 people working on the same thing. Thanks :)
3 Jul 2016
I absolutely love the idea of the classic World Cup matches as achievements but... the implementation is awful. England Germany 4/2 and Cameroon/Argentina are two that stick out as way, way, way too hard to be on par with the rest of the 10 pters
3 Jul 2016
That said, thanks for some awesome achievements for one of my favorite games ever. Great work :)
10 Nov 2016
Cameroon/Argentina is like the ultimate test of mastery at this game, I think that one is fine as it should be extremely hard and it's cool how it lines up
10 Nov 2016
Well I got them all so I don't think any are too hard per say. Just think those few might deserve a big points premium.
16 Nov 2016
I see what you mean. England/Germany was a nightmare, I thought Argentina/Cameroon was the hardest I was way wrong. And the sadistic thing is W. Germany has two for some reason up here
15 Jan 2018
An achievement when an other player(CPU) in your team goals !! It is very difficult to score with their.
13 Aug 2018
Got the Achievement on the super godspeed third try England vs. W. Germany 4:2 AFTER like maybe 50 tries Italy vs. W. Germany and another 30 tries of Cameroon vs. Argentina. The problem with England is their super attack can be easily blocked.
18 Sep 2018
I will be adding more achievements to this set in the near future based on ideas I suggested before I knew how to make achievements to complete it as a 400 point set.

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