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NES Open Tournament Golf (NES)

Developer:HAL Laboratory
Genre:Sports (Golf)
First released:1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 8 achievements worth 200 (1097) points.
Authors: (8).

You Must Practice Harder
won by 23 (18) of 25 (92.00%)
Finish a hole at least 3 shots over par
First Bogey
won by 23 (17) of 25 (92.00%)
Get your first bogey on any hole
First Double Bogey
won by 22 (18) of 25 (88.00%)
Get your first double bogey on any hole
First Par
won by 20 (16) of 25 (80.00%)
Get your first par on any hole
First Birdie
won by 18 (13) of 25 (72.00%)
Get your first birdie on any hole
First Eagle
won by 5 (4) of 25 (20.00%)
Get your first eagle on any hole
First Albatross
won by 1 (1) of 25 (4.00%)
Get your first albatross on any hole
First Hole-In-One
won by 2 (1) of 25 (8.00%)
Get your first hole-in-one
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Recent comment(s):
10 Feb 1:56 2019
12 Jul 5:19 2019
seriously, when
10 Dec 4:40 2019
this isn't a joke, I need this set
15 Feb 3:51 2020
somebody had better make this one day, otherwise imma slap a bitch
17 Mar 4:01 2020
When is right!
4 May 23:05 2020
I have released a very simple set for this game. I wasn't able to correctly establish when the tournament/match ends, so it would be great if another more experienced dev wants to extend this set in any way.
5 May 12:20 2020
Thx for the effort. RESPECT ! U can always ask for other members help on the discord channel.
5 May 13:05 2020
thank you. I am defo gonna mention this set on Discord to see if anyone wants to add to it. Just haven't gotten round to that yet :D
5 May 18:36 2020
plz more cheevosI feel so empty insideI waited so long just for 8 basic cheevos
5 May 21:05 2020
Very nice.

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