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Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (NES)

Developer:Mind's Eye Technology
Publisher:Hi Tech Expressions
First released:November 1990


There are 12 achievements worth 260 (1689) points.
Authors: ColonD

Eternal Drowning.
won by 28 (21) of 35 (80.00%)
Collect the Key from River Ride.
The living crash test dummy.
won by 24 (20) of 35 (68.57%)
Collect the Key from Car Course.
won by 6 (5) of 35 (17.14%)
Collect the Key from Space Ride.
The end is never the end.
won by 8 (7) of 35 (22.86%)
Collect the Key from Amazing Maze.
I want to get of MR BONES WILD RIDE
won by 4 (3) of 35 (11.43%)
The ride never ends. Unlock an extra level. I bet you can't wait to play it.
Please reconsider your life choices.
won by 2 (1) of 35 (5.71%)
Deathless Dingy
won by 2 (2) of 35 (5.71%)
Complete River Ride without Dying.
Driving Licence approved
won by 3 (2) of 35 (8.57%)
Complete Car Course without Dying.
Super Star
won by 1 (1) of 35 (2.86%)
Complete Space Ride without Dying.
won by 3 (3) of 35 (8.57%)
Complete Amazing Maze without Dying.
Not so Grump
won by 1 (1) of 35 (2.86%)
Complete Dr Grump without Dying.
50,000 points too many.
won by 4 (4) of 35 (11.43%)
Get a score of over 50,000 points. This time, not unlocked by opening the game.
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Recent comment(s):
3 Dec 13:13 2017
My advice: Don't play this game. If for some reason you have decided to play this, I have made achievements for it. Feel free to add your own, I for one don't want to play another minute of this game.
3 Dec 16:45 2017
Slight update (yes just 2 hours after initially making the achievements). I increased the points of the 'Complete X without Dying' achievements because after doing them I realised that some were way harder than others.
3 Dec 16:47 2017
I found Space Ride to be the hardest to complete without dying because the controls are awful and there are quite a lot of things to dodge. River Ride and Car Course are the easiest in my opinion.
3 Dec 16:48 2017
Amazing Maze is easy but it doesn't leave room for many mistakes because you can't regain health in it. Dr Grump's level is quite annoying because you can't regain health, but despite that, once you get a rhythm going it's not so bad.
3 Dec 16:49 2017
The creature before the final boss is annoying but once you know how to deal with him (go close to him, but not in range for him to hit you, as soon as he punches stand within range of him and hold down attack) it's not so bad.
3 Dec 16:51 2017
For Space Ride, even though you get health in the level I found it really hard. My advice: keep near the back, use the health packs to your advantage, move past enemy fire, destroy the weird robot dudes that appear from behind.
3 Dec 16:52 2017
The boss in Space Ride takes forever to kill, just stay as stationary as you can towards the left of him and fire at him for about 3 hours (the boss is a damage sponge).
3 Dec 16:53 2017
I'd recommend this resource if you need help:
9 Dec 18:21 2017
Apparently the Achievement "50,000 points too many" was unlocking instantly, that should be fixed now.

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