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Oh Shit! (MSX)

Developer:The ByteBusters
First released:1985
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 17 achievements worth 69 (197) points.
Authors: (17).

won by 11 (10) of 11 (100.00%)
Lose a life and hear the famous voice line.
Wait I've Done this Before?
won by 10 (9) of 11 (90.91%)
Beat the first level of the game
Watch out Joey
won by 10 (9) of 11 (90.91%)
You watched the first cutscene! Watch out Joey he found a power pellet! Oh...
Uh Oh Joey
won by 5 (5) of 11 (45.45%)
You watched Joey's epic chace until he got stuck. Oh...
Cherry Picker
won by 9 (9) of 11 (81.82%)
Collect 2 cherries in 1 game. US President Zachary Taylor died eating cherries... Oh...
Strawberry Snatcher
won by 9 (8) of 11 (81.82%)
Collect 2 strawberries in 1 game. These strawberries aren't poisonous too are they? Oh...
Peach Poacher
won by 5 (5) of 11 (45.45%)
Collect 4 peaches in 1 game. There isn't a ghost hiding behind one of them is there? Oh...
Apple Assaulter
won by 1 (1) of 11 (9.09%)
Collect 4 apples in 1 game. You don't happen to be a dentist, are you? Oh...
Grape Grabber
won by 1 of 11 (9.09%)
Did you collect 4 grapes in one game? That's Grape! Wait those were marbles not grapes! Oh...
Bell Buster
won by 1 of 11 (9.09%)
Collect 4 bells in one game. Those ghosts really are bell ends aren't they? I think one of them heard that! Oh...
Key Kollecter
won by 1 of 11 (9.09%)
Collect 4 keys in one game. I guess you'll need four keys to *unlock* this achievement.
A Score Achievement #1
won by 10 (9) of 11 (90.91%)
Collect 10,000 points. You get a free life to go with it. Better not lose it! Oh...
A Score Achievement #1 (copy)
won by 9 (8) of 11 (81.82%)
Collect 20,000 points. You don't get a free life to go with it. Oh...
A Score Achievement #3
won by 8 (8) of 11 (72.73%)
Collect 30,000 points. If you got this far you should really be playing real Pac-Man.
Ghost Gobbler
won by 11 (10) of 11 (100.00%)
Eat 4 ghosts in a row without a power pellet running out or grabbing a new one.Show that Joey,Paul,Willy,and Frankie who's boss
Ghost Grinder
won by 7 (7) of 11 (63.64%)
Eat a total of 50 ghosts across multiple games (One sessions). That can't be healthy...
Master of Oh...
won by 3 (2) of 11 (27.27%)
Go from level 1 to level 6 without losing a single life. Make sure you shout the famous line if you fail this achievement.
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