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Captain Planet (NES)

Developer:Chris Gray Enterprises
Genre:Shooter, Platformer
First released:September 1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 395 (674) points.
Authors: (10), (5).

Rigs in Ruin
won by 9 (6) of 11 (81.82%)
Pilot the Geo-Cruiser to hamper drilling operations and reach the refinery
Hog Smog
won by 6 (4) of 11 (54.55%)
Defeat Hoggish Greedly and shut down the refinery
Park Protector
won by 2 (1) of 11 (18.18%)
Pilot the Eco-Copter to stop Sly Sludge from dumping in Yellowstone Park and reach the secret lab
Dispatch Dr. Blight
won by 2 (1) of 11 (18.18%)
Defeat Dr. Blight and short circuit M.A.L. in the secret lab
Savior of the Seas
won by 1 (1) of 11 (9.09%)
Pilot the Eco-Sub to save the dolphins and reach the cannery
Hog Tide Greedly
won by 1 (1) of 11 (9.09%)
Vanquish Hoggish Greedly for good and shutdown the dolphin cannery
Reservation Rescue
won by 1 (1) of 11 (9.09%)
Pilot the Eco-Copter across the desert to save the elephants and reach the ivory factory
Punish the Poachers
won by 0 of 11 (0.00%)
Take down Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak in the ivory factory
Cavern Cruisin
won by 0 of 11 (0.00%)
Pilot the Eco-Cruiser through the ice caverns to reach the CFC factory
Nuke the Duke
won by 0 of 11 (0.00%)
Force Duke Nukem to surrender his toxic CFC factory and save the planet
Get Your Damn Claws Off Me!
won by 4 (3) of 11 (36.36%)
Level 2 - Defeat Hoggish Greedly without being captured by the claws
Exotic Pet
won by 0 of 11 (0.00%)
Level 7 - Carry the elephant all the way to the exit without dropping him or being shot down.
won by 2 (2) of 11 (18.18%)
Collect all types of weapon upgrades in one level without losing a life
Hurry Up!
won by 2 (2) of 11 (18.18%)
Have two speed upgrades at one time.
Temporary Invincibility
won by 2 (1) of 11 (18.18%)
Collect enough shields to remain invincible for at least 30 seconds
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