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~Demo~ Official UK PlayStation Magazine 03 | Euro Demo 03 (PlayStation)

Publisher:SCEE, Future Publishing
Genre:Demo Disc
First released:1996
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 120 (204) points.
Authors: (15).

[MK3] Kano Wins
won by 20 (19) of 33 (60.61%)
Win the demo match with Kano
[MK3] You Kano-t Defeat Me!
won by 17 (16) of 33 (51.52%)
Win the demo match with Kano without losing a round (And yes, that pun is pretty dumb)
[MK3] Sonya Wins
won by 14 (12) of 33 (42.42%)
Win the demo match with Sonya Blade
[MK3] Son-ya
won by 14 (12) of 33 (42.42%)
Win the demo match with Sonya Blade without losing a round (And fire the writers behind that pun)
[MK3] Life Insurance Ain
won by 9 (7) of 33 (27.27%)
Perform a Fatality, either as Kano or Sonya. Let's just say your opponent is gonna look rather rough in the afterlife.
[MK3] Can
won by 8 (7) of 33 (24.24%)
Perform a Friendship, either as Kano or Sonya. We can be best buddies, right?
[MK3] Kid
won by 11 (10) of 33 (33.33%)
Perform a Babytality, either as Kano or Sonya. D'aaawwwww.....
[Ridge Racer] Showcasing The Speed
won by 33 (32) of 33 (100.00%)
Watch the whole Ridge Racer rolling demo. See you in the full game!
[Evolva X] Computer Generated Eye Candy
won by 32 (31) of 33 (96.97%)
Watch the whole 'Evolva X' FMV. Marvel at what CGI we achieved in 1995!
[Hi Octane] This One
won by 16 (15) of 33 (48.48%)
Win a race with KD-1 Speeder. Simple as that.
[Hi Octane] Bezerker Gone Bezerk
won by 8 (7) of 33 (24.24%)
Win a race with Bezerker with at least 3 kills (And we'd like to apologise for such a redundant title)
[Hi Octane] Face-Off
won by 10 (9) of 33 (30.30%)
Win a race with Jugga with only 1 AI player. One versus One. Pojazd kontra Pojazd.
[Hi Octane] Bloodsucker
won by 8 (7) of 33 (24.24%)
Destroy at least 5 opponents with Vampyr. Prove the competition that you live up to the vehicle's name!
[Hi Octane] Gotta Go Fast!
won by 14 (13) of 33 (42.42%)
Finish a Clone Race with Outrider. Feel free to brag about your best time.
[Hi Octane] Bullets Over Missiles
won by 10 (9) of 33 (30.30%)
Win a race with Flexiwing without using missiles. Sometimes, simple weapons are the most practical.
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Recent comment(s):
29 Oct 20:41 2019
I will need to try and find this. didn't think demo discs would get achievements but its a good idea!
30 Oct 0:45 2019
Can anyone fix the link or share the game,because i do not found in anywhre.
30 Oct 2:42 2019
Same here please
30 Oct 2:50 2019
You'll have to keep looking. The site has a rule where we can't link sites with ROMs or ISOs.
30 Oct 13:47 2019
This one hard to hunt down rom/iso damn
30 Oct 15:47 2019
I have this demo in fysical original form still hehe. A great demo actually!
3 Nov 14:35 2019
Any tip how to find this iso?
7 Nov 14:10 2019
Really cool, didn't expect to see this
23 Nov 13:04 2019
Never learned finishers in Mortal Kombat and was having lots of trouble doing the Babality and Friendship. Then I realized I could use non-hardcore and savestates to learn/practice the moves instead of repeating the whole match every failed attempt.
9 Dec 3:36 2019
I don't get this magazine's achievement, doesn't make sense, isn't it better create achievements for each game individually?
9 Dec 17:16 2019
I just think the same... lol
9 Dec 20:03 2019
Now you can't blame me for thinking outside the box for what can get a set, right?
14 Jan 11:42 2020
That's nice. Can we expect that Interatcive Discs that came with the console?

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