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Final Fantasy (NES)

First released:1987
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There are 26 achievements worth 336 (806) points.
Authors: (20), (6).

won by 1423 (944) of 1443 (98.61%)
Win your first battle.
A Seemingly Useless Trinket
won by 867 (654) of 1443 (60.08%)
Acquire a gift from Princess Sara.
Pirate Bay
won by 675 (528) of 1443 (46.78%)
Sail for first time after acquiring your ship by defeating the Pirates.
Sleeping Prince
won by 467 (383) of 1443 (32.36%)
Receive the Mystic Key after awaking the Prince
Blood Ruby
won by 382 (318) of 1443 (26.47%)
Defeat the Vampire of Melmond and acquire the Star Ruby.
Rotten Earth
won by 386 (320) of 1443 (26.75%)
Defeat the Lich and purify the Earth Crystal.
won by 385 (318) of 1443 (26.68%)
Acquire a canoe from the circle of sages.
Molten Fire
won by 346 (291) of 1443 (23.98%)
Defeat Kary and purify the Fire Crystal.
won by 336 (279) of 1443 (23.28%)
Resurrect the airship from the desert.
Class Upgrade
won by 343 (287) of 1443 (23.77%)
Receive praise and reward from King Bahamut.
won by 327 (275) of 1443 (22.66%)
Acquire Oxyhale from a freed friend.
The Lost City
won by 322 (270) of 1443 (22.31%)
Defeat the Kraken and purify the Water Crystal.
won by 306 (258) of 1443 (21.21%)
Learn the language of the Lefenians.
Floating Fortress
won by 311 (261) of 1443 (21.55%)
Defeat Tiamat and purify the Wind Crystal.
Heroes That Never Were
won by 284 (237) of 1443 (19.68%)
Defeat Chaos and end the cycle of destruction.
Holy Power Over the Dead
won by 271 (249) of 1443 (18.78%)
Defeat the Lich with an attack from a White Mage-White Wizard. [Earth Cave]
Meditation Under the Extremes
won by 256 (234) of 1443 (17.74%)
Defeat Kary with an attack from a Monk-Master. [Mt. Gulg]
Fried Kalamari
won by 245 (223) of 1443 (16.98%)
Defeat the Kraken with an attack from a Black Mage-Black Wizard. [Sunken Ruins]
Classic Hero
won by 270 (235) of 1443 (18.71%)
Defeat Tiamat with an attack from a Warrior-Knight. [Air Fortress]
Epic Finale
won by 265 (228) of 1443 (18.36%)
Defeat Chaos without anyone going down.
Rage Against The Machine
won by 245 (221) of 1443 (16.98%)
Defeat a WarMECH in the Floating Castle.
Of Mighty Magic
won by 272 (243) of 1443 (18.85%)
Have a character with full magic slots. [Black or White]
Mjolnir Cometh
won by 279 (241) of 1443 (19.33%)
Obtain Thor's Hammer.
The True King
won by 273 (237) of 1443 (18.92%)
Obtain Excalibur.
Light Within The Chaos
won by 265 (228) of 1443 (18.36%)
Obtain Masamune.
Puzzle Fantasy
won by 327 (300) of 1443 (22.66%)
Complete the secret slider puzzle.
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Recent comment(s):
15 Aug 21:00 2017
@KevinCarbonara It should be called "Four white mages? That'll never work!"
15 Aug 21:36 2017
No, I'm perfectly happy to play a game without gimmick achievements
15 Aug 23:27 2017
Personally, I'm always a bit disappointed when you can get every achievement just by playing the game normally. The achievements I like best tend to be ones that make me do something I've never done before.
15 Aug 23:29 2017
That being said, I don't like the idea of an achievement that requires replaying the entire game just for it. I feel that the four white mage thing can keep its place as a leaderboard because of that.
16 Aug 3:21 2017
I don't think RPGs should require multiple playthroughs unless the game actually encourages it, like Chrono Trigger
27 Sep 15:51 2017
Missing the obvious one: Defeat Chaos with a party of all White Mages
27 Sep 16:12 2017
SHH! We can't have that because it's gimmicky!
25 Oct 6:07 2017
Still great 30 years later
22 Nov 18:50 2017
I'm fine with achievements encouraging multiple playthroughs. They encourage replay value.
22 Nov 18:52 2017
Anybody else getting an error every time you load the rom where it tries to unlock all earned achievements for the game?
12 Jun 22:03 2018
We're already forced into a specific party for the achievements there if we want them all in one run. That's already shaky ground.
28 Oct 19:27 2018
Specific character achievements in these kind of games are already intrusive in a playthrough, That said, you can bet I would be all over a bonus set with the aforementioned 4 white mages, or 8-bit theater party cheevos.
11 Feb 16:03 2019
I think some games need a extra set of achievements for players who mastered or already played the game. In this new sets shoud be the crazy runs like 4 White mages and all that. This should not scare new players, and a new fun to pros.
12 Aug 4:58 2019
There isn't really anything challenging about 4 White Mages, or any party composition really, thanks to certain equipment used to cast spells. If anything I found 4 Thief or Fighter more tedious due to how long it takes to heal up with potions.
21 Aug 13:20 2019
Just as a tip, for mastering this one in only one run, use Fighter-Black Belt (Monk)-White Mage-Black Mage. ;)
10 Sep 20:12 2019
I am just loving this game, but the 2 transportation achievements ('Pirate Bay' and 'Flotation') didn't triggered for me. I am using retroarch (bnes) and opened tickets for the 2 issues. Any suggestions?
1 Nov 0:44 2019
This is a great set for one of the best games of all time
2 Dec 19:26 2019
Still waiting for an "Beat the game with 4 Red Mages/Red Wizards" achievement.The name could be "Crimson Journey" or something like that, I would gladly do it :D
11 May 7:05 2020
Why are people seeking a "beat the game with 4 white mages" achievement?It should be "Beat the game with a solo white mage (have all other characters killed in the first battle you encounter)".
22 Jun 12:26 2020
Solo runs chivos would be most welcome indeed like for example finish chaos with warrior and etc...

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Beat the game with the least amount of experience points with having four separate classes.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Warriors at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Black Belts at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four White Mages at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Knights at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Masters at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four White Wizards at the end of the game.