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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Atari 2600)

Developer:Wizard Video Games
Publisher:Wizard Video Games
First released:1983


There are 9 achievements worth 100 (112) points.
Authors: televandalist

First Kill
won by 25 (23) of 25 (100.00%)
You have reached 1000 points!
Everything in Threes
won by 25 (23) of 25 (100.00%)
You have reached 3000 points!
Five for One!
won by 19 (18) of 25 (76.00%)
Get 5 kills on one tank of gas
Unlucky Seven
won by 22 (21) of 25 (88.00%)
You have reached 7000 points!
You Must Deal in Meat
won by 22 (21) of 25 (88.00%)
You have reached 10,000 points!
Texas Chainsaw Master
won by 16 (15) of 25 (64.00%)
You have reached 15,000 points!
Bloodthirst and Precision
won by 15 (15) of 25 (60.00%)
Get to 10,000 points without getting stuck on an object
Pixel Imperfect
won by 16 (16) of 25 (64.00%)
Get stuck on objects at least 40 times on your first tank of gas
Texas Chainsaw Marathon
won by 15 (15) of 25 (60.00%)
Move to the left for 30 consecutive seconds without stopping.
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Recent comment(s):
22 Sep 9:37 2018
can you explain the marathon achievement better? do you reset if you touch something or can keep running .. i assume killing is considered stopping, is it really 30 seconds ? you must be able to duck and weave long as ur going 'left'
22 Sep 16:45 2018
@BenevolentDick You can actually move in any direction to dodge, but it pauses the timer. The timer is only active when you're going straight left. It resets if you're not moving at all.
22 Sep 16:53 2018
It's also best to go for it immediately so you don't run out of fuel. The cheevo was originally for 60 seconds, but I was getting so pissed that I ended up lowering it. It's a pain, but look what I'm working with!
22 Sep 17:27 2018
I tried making it so the timer was based on the x-axis constantly decreasing, but the value for that resets every few seconds when you're moving.
22 Sep 17:30 2018
thanks for the info.. i appreciate the set and its cool to see atari on RA
22 Sep 17:39 2018
Okay guys, I made it so the timer won't pause if you're moving diagonally, but still moving to the left. It will only pause if you're moving up, down, or to the right at all.
23 Sep 2:13 2018
pause? dont u have to not stop? should one reset the game if hit something i dunno this still isnt working for me or xash yet..
24 Sep 20:37 2018
did not work for me either
24 Sep 20:49 2018
I walked to the left without stopping until my fuel ran out and nothing.
6 Oct 0:02 2018
Walked for two "fuels" and nothing...
7 Oct 2:46 2018
The timer reset shouldn't be as sensitive now. Let me know if you're still having issues.
12 Oct 15:15 2018
Turns out that RetroArch doesn't like pauseif conditions if the version is earlier than 1.7.4. So updating RetroArch could solve this. It might also explain why some people get it and some people don't.

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