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Venetian Blinds Demo (Atari 2600)

First released:1982


There are 10 achievements worth 10 (10) points.
Authors: Celeryyy

Let There Be Light!
won by 72 (64) of 72 (100.00%)
Raise the Venetian blinds.
Curtain Call
won by 70 (64) of 72 (97.22%)
Close the Venetian blinds.
The Venetian Peek
won by 65 (61) of 72 (90.28%)
Open the blinds as minimally as you can and leave them there.
Half Open or Half Closed?
won by 65 (61) of 72 (90.28%)
Open the blinds to the center of the window and ponder this question.
won by 57 (54) of 72 (79.17%)
Raise the Venetian blinds in black and white mode.
Blind Run
won by 66 (60) of 72 (91.67%)
Use a shortcut to lower the blinds quickly after raising them.
won by 66 (62) of 72 (91.67%)
Raise and lower the blinds 10 times.
50 Shades
won by 56 (54) of 72 (77.78%)
Raise and lower the blinds 50 times.
Blinds Over Matter
won by 56 (54) of 72 (77.78%)
Raise and lower the blinds 100 times.
Admire the View
won by 54 (52) of 72 (75.00%)
Gaze upon the lovely sunset for one hour.
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Recent comment(s):
5 Mar 1:43 2018
How can activate "black and white mode"?
5 Mar 4:25 2018
Click rightstick
5 Mar 4:26 2018
Thats how i did it in retroarch anyway. Should be a button
5 Mar 7:32 2018
This is exactly the kind of old school action I was hoping for when I heard 2600 support was coming. Thanks, Celeryyy.
5 Mar 21:57 2018
I am using keyboard and pressed ALL buttons and the "BLACK AND WHITE MODE" doesn`t happens...HELP;)
5 Mar 22:06 2018
Check what "User 1 R3 button (thumb)" is bound to in Settings -> Input -> Input User 1 Binds. I think it does not have a default keyboard bind, which would be why nothing is working.
5 Mar 22:14 2018
Whelkman you saved my life!!! TKS A LOT PAL!!!;)
9 Mar 3:11 2018
retroachievements i am mayo tbh
13 May 1:02 2018
Looks like a difficult game.
13 May 23:59 2018
it's always good to have more badges in your profile!
14 May 13:58 2018
This game was the most hardcore game I have ever battled through. 9001/10.
7 Aug 23:45 2018
I left the game on for an hour with the blind open and did not unlock "Admire The View." Am I misinterpreting this achievement?

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