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~Prototype~ Marlboro Go! (Atari Lynx)

Developer:Marlboro Adventure Team
Publisher:Marlboro Adventure Team
First released:Unreleased


There are 11 achievements worth 22 (25) points.
Authors: (11).

adults only!
won by 54 (42) of 54 (100.00%)
Reach the end of the very hard tutorial
wow you did it!
won by 53 (42) of 54 (98.15%)
Reach the first checkpoint
youre almost there!
won by 48 (41) of 54 (88.89%)
Reach the second checkpoint
won by 48 (40) of 54 (88.89%)
Reach the finish
do a flip
won by 45 (39) of 54 (83.33%)
Do a sick jump and get bonus time
surplus time
won by 25 (24) of 54 (46.30%)
Get lots of bonus time
wheelie did it
won by 35 (32) of 54 (64.81%)
Wheelie for 5-6 seconds of uninterupted in-game time (no jumps)
gotta go fast
won by 34 (31) of 54 (62.96%)
Drive at full speed for 19-20 seconds of uninterupted in-game time (no jumps)
marlboro go any percent
won by 26 (25) of 54 (48.15%)
Reach the finish without letting the timer hit below 1:20
its a feature
won by 36 (32) of 54 (66.67%)
You can't pause coolness, no matter how much you try.
smoke break
won by 36 (33) of 54 (66.67%)
preferrably while smoking a Marlboro(tm) cigarrete, don't touch the controller for 20-21 ingame seconds while going slow
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Recent comment(s):
27 May 18:52 2019
Achievements that are based on time time dont work in the tutorial because time doesnt pass there
29 May 4:31 2019
made time-based lbs
30 May 0:17 2019
I don't actually smoke, but I never knew there was going to be a branded game for the Lynx.
30 May 0:59 2019
Don't do drugs kids
30 May 1:15 2019
apparently there's a glitch that keeps the timer at 2 minutes so don't use that or cheevos+lb won't work
30 May 5:37 2019
Just off work, sat down, opened my pack of Marlboro's, and was ready for the game....but the cheevs are gone?! Now gonna throw away my pack and get some Camel's instead.
30 May 22:21 2019
Camel all the way...;)
4 Jul 20:30 2019
Camel my man
11 Jul 1:16 2019
O Ministerio da Saude adverte: fumar pode causar cancer de pulmao

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