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Mario Paint (SNES)

First released:July 14, 1992


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30 Sep 21:59 2014
Well, what else could you make an achievement out of? It's Mario Paint. I can't think of anything else in this game worthy of an achievement. Also the RAM is a nightmare for this game.
1 Oct 20:47 2014
achievements don't have to be hard, but they should relate to all aspect of the game, not just one mini-game. i got Prestige 2 while saving my game (at the robot), and definitely killed over 300 and didn't get Bug Killer.
1 Oct 20:49 2014
how about these: of course they can be renamed or requirements adjusted, i know sometime the rom data is hard to work with. let me know what you think? [see also: ]
5 Oct 19:43 2014
Those are basic functions of the game, not achievements. Exploring the start screen is arguable, but there's hidden stuff there so I made a cheev for it. The bug swatting game is the only part of this game that requires any skill
5 Oct 19:45 2014
I'd rather have a lack of achievements than ruin the set with achievements such as "Press X."
5 Oct 21:17 2014
however, not everyone will try out every basic function. achievements aren't always about skill. you can beat a game and still not have completed it. getting all these achievements means fully exploring and "completing" this game
5 Oct 21:20 2014
again this is called mario paint, not bug swat game. "press x" is not something i have on my list. many xbox games have an achievement for "starting the game". clearly we have opposing views, how can we get some community feedback on this?
5 Oct 21:22 2014
ridiculous grinds and repetitive task can also ruin an achievement list. i agree the bug game deserves a piece of the action here, but really 15 times in a row, with an achievement for each one?
9 Oct 19:36 2014
It's only because the game has a specific 'badge' you earn for 15 of them. Otherwise I would've never done that.
9 Oct 19:37 2014
The badges are the cheev badges too.
5 Aug 2:48 2015
This game's achievements need an overhaul. I'm not sure what direction to take it as besides the minigame this is a very cool creative tool. Besides 'write a song!' I'm not really sure what value RA can add to this game.
5 Aug 15:45 2015
well, iggy, what do you think of the ones i suggested at ?
20 Apr 3:39 2016
If there needs to be achievements on other sections, what about predetermined stuff? Write a song could be a basic one like SMB stage 1 for instance, with predetermined pieces (note types) to gauge when someone has it
20 Apr 3:40 2016
Or color in yoshi for instance, using memory addresses for the correct fill in colors of yoshi according to a specific (SMW) scheme
18 Jul 23:20 2016
aff x times i a row is awful, explore the game engine, c'mon, paintings, animation, music, stamps.... 2x time in a row already is not fun at all. Nor challenging.
24 Oct 1:52 2016
13 Mar 1:06 2017
There--I deleted the set, conditions and RAM notes. You're welcome to make a better set.
13 Mar 21:06 2017
I think this game could be worth something, there is the fly minigame.. there are secrets if I recall. Maybe composing a track of a certain length. Overall I think there could be a 50-100 point set in here. Maybe more
27 Mar 2:48 2018
Added Rich Presence. Set is being worked on. Hopefully coming soonish maybe.
19 May 6:25 2018
I'll return the old game icon.

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