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Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

Developer:Nintendo EAD
First released:February 10, 1997
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 38 achievements worth 625 (1998) points.
Authors: (38).

I'm-a Luigi, Number One!
won by 505 (422) of 1741 (29.01%)
As Luigi, get 36 points in any speed Mushroom Cup.
I'm The Best!
won by 393 (336) of 1741 (22.57%)
As Toad, get 36 points in any speed Flower Cup.
Yeah, Peach Has Got It!
won by 316 (273) of 1741 (18.15%)
As Peach, get 36 points in any speed Star Cup.
won by 292 (251) of 1741 (16.77%)
As Yoshi, get 36 points in any speed Special Cup.
I'm-a Wario, I'm-a Gonna Win!
won by 275 (241) of 1741 (15.80%)
As Wario, get 36 points in 100cc or higher Mushroom Cup.
Hee Hee! I Got It!
won by 232 (195) of 1741 (13.33%)
As Mario, get 36 points in 100cc or higher Flower Cup.
won by 195 (169) of 1741 (11.20%)
As Bowser, get 36 points in 100cc or higher Star Cup.
won by 183 (163) of 1741 (10.51%)
As DK, get 36 points in 100cc or higher Special Cup.
Vacation on Koopa Troopa Beach
won by 467 (345) of 1741 (26.82%)
Get a gold trophy in 150cc Mushroom Cup.
Snowy Mountain Ski Lodge
won by 283 (240) of 1741 (16.26%)
Get a gold trophy in 150cc Flower Cup.
Tropical Lava Castle Resort
won by 262 (220) of 1741 (15.05%)
Get a gold trophy in 150cc Star Cup.
Free Forest Mansion Retreat
won by 244 (206) of 1741 (14.01%)
Get a gold trophy in 150cc Special Cup.
Rewind the Runaway Train
won by 199 (175) of 1741 (11.43%)
Get a gold trophy in EXTRA Mushroom Cup.
Tricky Turnpike Traffic Troubles
won by 180 (160) of 1741 (10.34%)
Get a gold trophy in EXTRA Flower Cup.
Reverse Royal Rochambeau
won by 180 (160) of 1741 (10.34%)
Get a gold trophy in EXTRA Star Cup.
Wrong Way Rainbow Woe'd
won by 177 (157) of 1741 (10.17%)
Get a gold trophy in EXTRA Special Cup.
The Eternal Six-Feet-Under Study
won by 216 (200) of 1741 (12.41%)
Unlock Luigi's Time Trial Ghost, less than 1'52'.
Ludicrous Speed Luigi
won by 166 (155) of 1741 (9.53%)
Beat Luigi's Time Trial Ghost!
Danse Mini-Turbo Macabre
won by 167 (159) of 1741 (9.59%)
Unlock Mario's Time Trial Ghost, less than 1'30'.
Mach Speed Mario
won by 136 (129) of 1741 (7.81%)
Beat Mario's Time Trial Ghost!
Back From The Pits Of Peach
won by 144 (136) of 1741 (8.27%)
Unlock Peach's Time Trial Ghost, less than 2'40'.
Gone-to-Plaid Peach
won by 134 (128) of 1741 (7.70%)
Beat Peach's Time Trial Ghost!
EEEEat My Orange Dust
won by 1287 (765) of 1741 (73.92%)
Use a Mini-Turbo Boost during Grand Prix.
Too Many Turbos
won by 318 (264) of 1741 (18.27%)
Use 20 Mini-Turbo boosts and get 1st in a single Grand Prix race.
Nitrous Oxide Is Illegal You Know
won by 497 (353) of 1741 (28.55%)
Finish a race in 150cc without using Mini-Turbos.
Blue Light Means Go
won by 1104 (696) of 1741 (63.41%)
Get the starting boost during a Grand Prix race.
Here's Looking At You, Paisano
won by 248 (222) of 1741 (14.24%)
While holding A and B, stare into the camera for about a complete second. (No Time Trials)
The Musical Fruit
won by 523 (380) of 1741 (30.04%)
Save yourself from spinning out from a banana or stone.
Jungle Parkway's Coconut Gun
won by 144 (133) of 1741 (8.27%)
Using DK on 150cc Jungle Parkway, prevent one spinout and win without spinning out.
Fashionably Early To The Ceremony
won by 230 (201) of 1741 (13.21%)
Touch the bridge to Peach's Castle, then win first place! (Not in EXTRA Class)
You Got Learner's Permit
won by 501 (396) of 1741 (28.78%)
In Toad's Turnpike, win first-place, but never hit a car or fake item block.
Get Equipped With Driver's License
won by 225 (199) of 1741 (12.92%)
In 150cc or EXTRA Toad's Turnpike, get first place, but never hit a car or fake item block.
Mario Kart 8th
won by 492 (378) of 1741 (28.26%)
After the first lap, dip down to 8th place, finish in 1st. Shortcuts are fine.
Super Mario Kart 8th Circuit
won by 289 (243) of 1741 (16.60%)
After the first lap in 150cc, dip down to 8th place, finish in 1st.
Hard Drivin'
won by 288 (235) of 1741 (16.54%)
Obtain a perfect 36 points in 150cc or EXTRA.
Drive Hard
won by 173 (158) of 1741 (9.94%)
Obtain a perfect 36 points in EXTRA.
We're Number One, But It's Every Cup
won by 156 (144) of 1741 (8.96%)
Obtain a gold trophy for every cup in every class.
See You Next Game!
won by 191 (168) of 1741 (10.97%)
Get the hidden 4th Place or worse ending!
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Recent comment(s):
3 Mar 17:31 2020
Nice dog MrmrBear, well it's part of the challenge!, and i'm already used to challenging ghosts in mk... but i can understand that not of these tracks are a winner :p
8 Mar 21:36 2020
I think I'm pretty good at this game so I should be justified in saying that the AI cheats like crazy, and its mechanics have major flaws, sometimes is really frustrating(time trials is fun tho)
15 Mar 23:33 2020
Can anybody specify where to get a ROM with functional achievements? I would be grateful.
16 Mar 11:43 2020
That is not allowed, you're supposed to find these yourself.
16 Mar 14:00 2020
Thanks genius, if I ever wanted to know something I didnt ask for, your now the first on my list to call.
16 Mar 16:05 2020
@codemonkey what's the problem with your rom ? I see on your profile that you were logged with the good one. And with 5 rom linked in this game, I don't think it is so hard to find one who is compatible... What is exactly your issue ?
17 Mar 18:55 2020
sorry for my english, i use parrallel and mupen and NO achievement available? why? thank you
18 Mar 19:56 2020
if help, i found the problem, to have achievements you must to play with EUR rom. i hope will be available for USA rom soon. thank you
18 Mar 21:48 2020
little precision the achevements don't works for me even with eur rom...
18 Mar 22:20 2020 to this page and make sure your rom md5 is the same as one of the ones on that page, if it's still not working, you may try all these hashes, if there's still a problem try running rap64
19 Mar 13:00 2020
thank you, in this hashes there are USA rom of the game?
19 Mar 13:11 2020
i think i found the good one, i try and i will come back
19 Mar 14:09 2020
perfect everything ok the U [!] works fine. thanks again
19 Mar 19:25 2020
Glad I could help, yes there is a USA rom as that's the one I use
25 Mar 21:40 2020
I have problems related to the achievements, I do them in the game(Mario Kart 64 USA) but they are not uploading to the site
26 Mar 18:10 2020
Do'em again, check that you have proper internet connection when they pop, check you're properly logged to the site from the emulator, if all fails change roms following my indications from a couple comments ago. If that fails too, take it to discord
7 May 17:48 2020
finally finished that game. boy, the cpu really do be pulling that bs card sometimes but it was worth it
30 May 20:27 2020
Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A) Essa fucional
2 Jul 0:52 2020
Muito massa esse jogo, velhos tempos de garoto
5 Jul 21:40 2020
Consegui o Master! Finalmente

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