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Sonic CD (Sega CD)

Developer:Sonic Team
First released:November 19, 1993
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
30 Apr 18:32 2017
Is this something anyone is currently working on or is this left over from when someone tried to add Sega CD support way back when?
22 Jul 5:14 2017
Who knows XD
30 Sep 2:12 2019
achivements please! :)
3 Nov 18:13 2019
No need, we already have Sonic CD from 2011, with achievements, better graphics and even Tails as an unlockable character
5 Nov 5:41 2019
The achievements for Sonic CD (2011) are too few and poor (only 12, 200 score). This game deserves a better set than the XBOX LIVE version. I'm not going to make this set because I don't know this game so well.
10 Nov 15:32 2019
14 Nov 22:55 2019
The problem with it is that Sega CD emulators fail on emulating sound (at least that happens to me)
15 Nov 1:06 2019
"no need" was too bold. 2011 game have input latency too high, that brings down the experience, for people that grown up playing the original (i imagine the majority of players here are old school gamers, right?).
28 Jan 15:50 2020
The 2011 remake was garbage anyway. It doesn't let you use the sound test codes until after you finish the game and it doesn't reset time back to 5:00:00 once you time travel past the 5:00:00 mark like the original let you. Plus many other flaws.
28 Jan 15:51 2020
The only thing I like about the remake/rebuild is that Tails was added. Everything else is janky. I own the original and unfortunately my CDX doesn't play CDs anymore so I'm forced to use emulators.
28 Jan 15:52 2020
With this being my favorite Sonic game, I would like to take a look at it in the future if nobody else does since I have a bunch of stuff I'm working on now.

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