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Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)

Developer:SEGA Sonic Team
First released:June 23, 1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 24 achievements worth 255 (1062) points.
Authors: Scott (23), Bob (1).

That Was Easy
won by 12051 (5016) of 13346 (90.30%)
Complete the first act in Green Hill Zone
The Floor is Lava
won by 6959 (3383) of 13346 (52.14%)
Get to Marble Zone!
Love Those Springs
won by 3348 (1755) of 13346 (25.09%)
Get to Spring Yard Zone!
Don't Get Lost
won by 2691 (1411) of 13346 (20.16%)
Get to Labyrinth Zone!
Shooting Star
won by 1960 (1021) of 13346 (14.69%)
Get to Star Light Zone!
Watch Your Back
won by 1872 (982) of 13346 (14.03%)
Get to Scrap Brain Zone!
The Final Encounter
won by 1701 (899) of 13346 (12.75%)
Reach the Final Zone!
Take Out The Trash
won by 1682 (881) of 13346 (12.60%)
Defeat Dr Robotnik in the Final Zone
Amateur Collector
won by 13209 (5309) of 13346 (98.97%)
Collect 20 Rings
Ring Collector
won by 5921 (2941) of 13346 (44.37%)
Collect 100 Rings!
Pro Collector
won by 1221 (813) of 13346 (9.15%)
Collect 200 Rings!!
Alright! High Score!
won by 3104 (1649) of 13346 (23.26%)
Get 100000 points!
Super Speed!
won by 3537 (2043) of 13346 (26.50%)
Get 50 rings in the first 25 seconds of a level
Zee Almighty Box Smasher
won by 2061 (1274) of 13346 (15.44%)
Obtain Speed Shoes, a Shield and Invincibility all at once
Very Close Shave!
won by 957 (728) of 13346 (7.17%)
Finish a level with no time to spare!
Green Life
won by 2888 (1715) of 13346 (21.64%)
Get an extra life on Green Hill Zone Act 2
Pit Stop
won by 2336 (1311) of 13346 (17.50%)
Reach 4 unique checkpoints in one level
won by 669 (517) of 13346 (5.01%)
Complete Green Hill Zone with no more than 1000 points
Lava Speed
won by 1022 (731) of 13346 (7.66%)
Complete Act 1 of Marble Zone in 90 seconds
Bouncing Combo Master
won by 1374 (960) of 13346 (10.30%)
Chain bounces and earn 10000 per impact in Marble Zone Act 2
Oxygenated Hedgehog
won by 1462 (867) of 13346 (10.95%)
Catch your breath at the last possible second in Labyrinth Zone!
Star Spangled
won by 1003 (708) of 13346 (7.52%)
Start Star Light Zone Act 1 With a Sparkle...
Got Them All
won by 1418 (701) of 13346 (10.62%)
Collect 6 Chaos Emeralds!
Complete Victory
won by 1225 (647) of 13346 (9.18%)
Complete the game with all 6 Emeralds
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Recent comment(s):
27 May 2020
First game ever to be mastered as it was the first set available on Retro Achievements website! "Under-achiever" was a challenging achievement back in my quest days xD
8 Jul 2020
platinado!! quando eu era criana, joguei esse classico mas eu nao era muito bom. com os desafios propostos, eu me superei e fechei todos. ate zerar o jogo com as 6 esmeraldas do caos eu fiz, algo q eu nao conseguia na infancia.
27 Jul 2020
This game is legendary. This was the first RA set.
27 Aug 2020
No megadrive games are running on the emulator n i know its emulator i tested the roms on a separate emulator that dosent connect to retro achievements n they run fine there.
27 Aug 2020
Friend, go to the game official forum topic (you can see the link right above the comments section) and look at which rom files are linked to the set. Each rom file have an individual and unique code called MD5. Download the ones with the correct MD5
28 Aug 2020
Looks like i got the game running now.
13 Oct 2020
It was my first game back in 1991 and this year my first RA Mastered.
28 Oct 2020
Mastered. Under-achiever has to be one of the hardest I have done so far.
6 Dec 2020
Mastered! Thanks for the awesome set!
8 Dec 2020
Recien completado al 200%, muy buena eleccion de logros, fue muy entretenido hacerlo.Recordatorio de usar la rom de Japan/Korean para el logro de los 1000 puntos en Green Hill.
8 Dec 2020
Tambien puedes usar la version (World), amigo. Pero si la seleccion de nivel se usa para hacer otro cheevo, debera reiniciar el juego mediante un Hard Reset (Abre el juego de nuevo), de lo contrario, lo cheevo no aparecera.
18 Dec 2020
4 Jan 2021
Finally mastered! Under-achiever made me work hard to get, totally worth it!
23 Jan 2021
finally, my first mastered game here, the Under-achiever one was hard lol
5 Feb 2021
17 Feb 2021
Estou quase patinando esse jogo
21 Feb 2021
It was Satan who made this game.
28 Feb 2021
Mastered! First game I ever played :)
28 Feb 2021
No foi a sega que fez o jgoo ele nem to difcil zerei em 3 horas
4 Mar 2021
I have mastered but not appear in site awards

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