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engmarco82Upcoming changes to softcore achievements
Ffaddic I agree… I’m demotivated too. It’s impossible to play non stop hours because...
15 Aug 2022, 16:23
WanderingHeihoRetroAchievements Roulette (RAWR)
Week 29: Feels so great to finally get that gambler role again. Can't wait to lose it nex...
15 Aug 2022, 16:21
GorgarWhy do half the games have to be Dark Souls difficult?
[user=DoomYoshi] “I can't think of any game that disables password usage for damageless...
15 Aug 2022, 16:10
JazmatazUpcoming changes to softcore achievements
Most RPGs have a Save Feature....
15 Aug 2022, 16:07
bizarfPokemon - FireRed Version
For anyone looking for the QoL enhancement patch, it's on the [url=
15 Aug 2022, 15:33
AzuchiAkeshiCongo's Caper
In case anyone is interested in doing a revision, there are two videos where they show the...
15 Aug 2022, 15:32
LordAndrewWhy is hardcore mode off by default?
Hardcore is enabled by default, but it was a recent change, made after you joined RetroAch...
15 Aug 2022, 15:19
ladynadiadWhy is hardcore mode off by default?
It is outside their control. The only emulators made by programmers on this site are the ...
15 Aug 2022, 14:46
GregHouse007Why do half the games have to be Dark Souls difficult?
[user=DoomYoshi] [code]I can't think of any game that disables password usage for damagel...
15 Aug 2022, 14:33
FFaddicUpcoming changes to softcore achievements
These changes have almost completely demotivated me from using the site. I'm an old man no...
15 Aug 2022, 14:29
RetrokaiserThe Unwanted Month 26: 08/15 - 09/15
[code] πŸ₯‰ 1/9 [Bronze] πŸ₯ˆ 0/6 [Silver] πŸ₯‡ 0/3 [Gold] Beaten: Kamen Rider...
15 Aug 2022, 13:57
BerserkerBRWhy is hardcore mode off by default?
15 Aug 2022, 13:56
WavergrayWhy is hardcore mode off by default?
So I'm pretty new to this site and I don't know how much control the site devs have over r...
15 Aug 2022, 13:49
DoomYoshiWhy do half the games have to be Dark Souls difficult?
I can't think of any game that disables password usage for damageless boss achievements....
15 Aug 2022, 12:44
FlamingDoom🎊 🐯 🎊Achievement of the Week 2022!🎊 🐯 🎊
πŸ’Ÿ Lifeline Refill: Now that I on my way to completing the swap, I want to use the past ...
15 Aug 2022, 12:10
obakemon🎊 🐯 🎊Achievement of the Week 2022!🎊 🐯 🎊
15 Aug 2022, 12:04
xnaivxNew Game Page Requests
[user=AleKing31] requested: 1)[game=4145] that was already in the database 2) [game=2034...
15 Aug 2022, 10:51
CylInvalid user/password combination when launching RetroArch games from Launchbox
I had the same issue with my GPD XD when I used it again after several years. I tried v...
15 Aug 2022, 10:50
OrphVirtua Racing Deluxe
Probably the hardest racing set i attempted on the site so far, significantly harder then ...
15 Aug 2022, 10:14
heintsiRetroAchievements Roulette (RAWR)
[ach=196359] [ach=130368] [ach=178626] Such a fun week. I was about to give up on Seg...
15 Aug 2022, 10:13
ZupeixZupeix's topic
Does anyone out there know if the SwanStation core can run any 3d PS1 game smoothly on a 3...
15 Aug 2022, 10:00
dengProject Juice Machine
15 Aug 2022, 09:50
GrungustChallenge League 2022
[u][b]WAVE 1 (0/3)[/b][/u] [b][u]GRAND TOUR[/u] (02/45)[/b] Game Boy Advance: [game=66...
15 Aug 2022, 09:04
BreadDragon Quest III
I see, thanks for the link. That's unfortunate as this is the only NES/SNES Dragon Quest g...
15 Aug 2022, 08:04
RetrokaiserKamen Rider Ryuki
Anyone know how to save in this game?...
15 Aug 2022, 08:03