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For general discussion about developing achievements.
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Stuck on something? Need more info about the toolset? Post here!
15 Jan, 2020 05:36
Need to understand something more about RAGens or RASnes9x? Creating or improving achievements? What RAM is there to use? What challenges can I create?
23 Oct, 2019 07:22

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on Today 14:03 in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
I Think it's not a good idea to marry all the possible girls, only "get married" achievement will be...
on Today 13:22 in Nes Mario Kart
Official Topic Post for discussion about [game=15647] Created 29 Jan, 2020 13:22 by [user=Bl4h8L4hB...
on Today 13:13 in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
Man I am missing a gem somewhere and no idea where.. also missing 1 hp up... I already got the ones ...
on Today 12:55 in RetroArch Lag Reduction
That's the one! Ah awesome! Will be great to be able to use it. Thank you for the information. ...
on Today 12:23 in Chrono Tirigger Black Screen in Game
ok, thanks, try it....
on Today 10:31 in Gran Turismo
Sorry for late license test addition. I originally did not make them because I didn't want to make a...
on Today 08:45 in Leapfrog 4
Sign me up as well...
on Today 08:02 in RetroArch Lag Reduction
I take it you're referring to the 'runahead' method, which is not that recent anymore? https://www.l...