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For general discussion about developing achievements.
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Stuck on something? Need more info about the toolset? Post here!
11 Aug, 2020 04:39
Need to understand something more about RAGens or RASnes9x? Creating or improving achievements? What RAM is there to use? What challenges can I create?
09 Aug, 2020 08:49

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on Today 11:48 in Donkey Kong Country
btw smw did a perfectly fine job introducing new people to the concept of achievements before a thir...
on Today 11:15 in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Nintendo DS
Where is it? i want to require a set...
on Today 11:13 in Donkey Kong Country
smw bonus is the only good bonus set and the only achievements i dislike are the core rejects becaus...
on Today 11:05 in Donkey Kong Country
Which is not what I mean by "intro set". What I mean is a set that demonstrates to newcomers what th...
on Today 10:57 in Donkey Kong Country
its where people would look if they wanted easy points also dev trinity refers to 3 animal-themed...
on Today 10:38 in Donkey Kong Country
Atari? You and I both know that's not where people will look, nor are those capable of displaying th...
on Today 10:25 in Donkey Kong Country
[code]For the Blue Balloon, couldn’t you track that you get 3 lives quickly in that stage? There's...
on Today 09:07 in Donkey Kong Country
not saying mario 64 shouldn't have a bonus set it's one of the few games that could really thrive fr...