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Forum: Mega Drive / Genesis (RAGens)

Discussion about Mega Drive/Genesis games and the RAGens app itself.
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Have you got an amazing idea for an achievement, and want help making it happen? Share it here!
30 Oct, 2020 18:28
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Did something weird happen in RAGens? Crash? Unexpected behaviour? Please let me know with as much detail as possible!

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on Today 18:28 in Metal Slug 3
Any chance to see this fixed in future? Or anyone found a solution to get this working?...
on Today 17:45 in Power Soukoban
Official Topic Post for discussion about [game=3389] Created 30 Oct, 2020 17:45 by [user=Kayesay] ...
on Today 17:22 in Hardcore Mode Speedup Abuse
If the only challenge to an achievement is "waste a lot of time doing something tedious and boring",...
on Today 17:08 in Lego Rock Band
I can confirm that this is an issue. Everything but 5 non-gold stars works toward the leaderboards....
on Today 16:37 in Hardcore Mode Speedup Abuse
^agreed. Fast forwarding is not an unfair advantage at all. It definitely saves a lot of time. If yo...
on Today 16:13 in Hook
Set is now live! Help Peter Pan and the lost boys! To master this set you will be required to fin...
on Today 15:31 in Hardcore Mode Speedup Abuse
Do not remove. I don't see it as an unfair advantage. It's a time saver. It doesn't actually decreas...
on Today 15:25 in Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Is it possible to have like Altered beast the easy and normal achievements when you play hard ? Beca...