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RAGens: Mega Drive/Genesis Emulator

Download RAGens (0.054 for Windows)

RASnes9x: SNES Emulator

Download RASnes9x (0.019 for Windows)

RAVBA: Gameboy/GBA Emulator

Download RAVBA (0.051 for Windows)

RANes: NES Emulator

Download RANes (0.011 for Windows)

RAPCEngine: PC Engine Emulator

Download RAPCEngine (0.002 for Windows)

RAMeka: Master System Emulator

RAProject64: N64 Emulator

Free Genesis ROMs

RAGens is designed for use with all valid Mega Drive ROMs. This includes public domain ('free') ROMs. Here are a few that can be freely used with RAGens, which also have achievements associated to demonstrate the functionality:

A very well written Doom clone by Technopop that has fortunately been released to the public!
A public domain clone of Chu Chu Rocket for the Mega Drive.

Source Code

The vast majority of the code for these emulators is GPL protected, and as such all source code for these emulators is GPL alike, and publically available at the following URL:

Legal does not condone or supply any copyright-protected ROMs to be used in conjunction with the emulator supplied within. There are no copyright-protected ROMs available for download on It is illegal to possess any ROMs that you did not yourself make the backup copy of. RAGens is only for use with backup Mega Drive/Genesis ROMs that you legally own. RetroAchievements recommends the use of a Retrode to legitimately obtain backup ROM files of games you own. For more information, please see GameFAQs explanation or search the web to learn more.

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