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Mega Drive/Genesis Emulator

SNES Emulator

Gameboy/GBA Emulator

NES Emulator

Master System/Game Gear Emulator

N64 Emulator

RALibretro Multi Emulator - achievement creation

RetroArch - only for playing

The official emulators are all Windows-based. For other operating systems - such as Linux (which includes RetroPie, Recalbox and lakka), Mac, Android, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and, of course, even Windows - you can use RetroArch:

You can also find more info about RetroArch on our FAQ.

Note: although we have some members contributing in the RetroArch front, keep in mind that RetroArch is maintained by another team.

Source Code

The vast majority of the code for these emulators is GPL protected, and as such all source code for these emulators is GPL alike, and publically available.
Standalone Emulators repository:
RALibretro repository:

Legal does not condone or supply any copyright-protected ROMs to be used in conjunction with the emulator supplied within. There are no copyright-protected ROMs available for download on

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